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  1. Read the thread headline DW. This post was about All Metro Team and why must of the spots go to kids from a 7 team conference. We tried to explain it to you public school handles and you get salty.
  2. I honestly don’t read your post most of time because way to long.
  3. Again DW with half truths. Some publics have magnets and can take kids from anywhere in the county. And yes, some publics use their system to recruit. But remember DW and mamba are public school handles. They are the defenders of all that is right and fair in Maryland football. Privates are evil empires.
  4. There goes DW with his made up facts again. Actually Spalding last public team was Annapolis this season and they beat them by 40 points. Keep making stuff up DW. I love it.
  5. Like I said Mamba. It’s not personal. I have no dog in this fight. I’m simply explaining the Suns logic and you disagree. It’s cool. You and DW are the public handles. I guess I’m the private handle with GA and SB. Still doesn’t change the Sun poll and I know that bothers the shi// out of you and the other public handles. Handle on my lil handle. I think we handled that topic
  6. I didn’t write the Sun polls but I know a lot of football contributors that do disagree with you guys. Maybe you should write a letter to the Sun with all you twisted stats.
  7. And Spalding and MSJ would beat MM like a dog. IMO.
  8. Now I’m a handle because I’m explaining Baltimore Suns logic. You da handle. Always spitting same nonsense about privates. Everyone sees through you. You should write your post in green because the envy you show is so obvious. Don’t hate the polls because you don’t like them.
  9. Sun Rankings
  10. But you can’t compare production when a player from MM or Howard etc plays 10 weak teams and Madison plays 7 highly ranked teams. Madison would have double the yards and TDs if he played Milford Mills schedule.
  11. Why would I talk about MIAA B or C. They aren’t in the MIAA A teams schedule. You make no sense.
  12. Let’s start comparing schedules as Sun does. Milford Mill: Tuscarora - Unranked Woodlawn - unranked Randalstown - unranked Perry Hall - unranked Parkville - unranked kenwod - unranked Franklin - unranked Catonsville - unranked Dundalk - unranked Dulany - unranked C.Milton Wright - unranked Edgewood - unranked Long Reach - unranked Linganore - not ranked top 15 but ranked top 25. The above is normal high school public schedule. Weak. Is that not politically correct for all the “everybody should get a trophy “ posters. Ok. Non-competitive schedule. No wonder teams are 12-2.
  13. words words words and you say the same thing over and over. My response was to why the All Metro Team is made up of primarily players from MIAA A. Again, your logic is so flawed. The reason why those MIAA A teams records aren’t 50-0 over past five years is because 7 of 10 games are against top competition. Unlike those weak public schedules. The Baltimore Sun gets it. You don’t.
  14. And last 2 points. Everyone has designated Loyola as the whipping boy this season. They aren’t at level to compete in MIAA A league but I’m confident that if they played Milford Mill or any of the above mentioned publics Loyola would have had a winning season. Second, the MIAA fans I talk with didnt think league was down. They thought it had a team that’s arguably one of the strongest teams ever in MIAA and then you had 5 very good teams that were very balanced. All teams with FBS, FCS, and Ivy League commits. 5 teams that went 3-3 because unlike the public school schedule. You can’t have an off game in MIAA and still win. You get banged up the week before, or just play a down game and you will pay. I think DW and a few others still think Maryland football is like it was 10 years ago. There wasn’t as much separation back then. But today is a whole different deal because the strong recruiting and reclassifying game that privates can play. You don’t have to like it but it has led to wider gaps in level of play between top 6-8 privates and top publics.
  15. We can agree to disagree. And The Sun sports writers and football contributors disagree with you as well. They know football in the Baltimore area. Never gonna please everyone. But there is clear reason that all metro team is comprised of mostly players from a 7 team league of the MIAA A vs 100 plus publics. Whether it’s a down year or not the MIAA A is a much tougher conference. Period. No debate. Vs a water down weak public school schedule. If you disagree please post a public school schedule from anywhere in Maryland that has played 5 plus top 25 ranked teams. Post Franklins schedule, Perry Hall, Milford Mill, Howard, Broadneck. The football contributors to the All Metro Team understand this. Not sure why it’s so hard for you to comprehend.