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  1. Rankings are fun but never mean much. Especially in Maryland because of seperation between publics and privates. Think most years any of these top teams can beat each other depending on the day. SFA is a rare team that will pummel any team in Maryland but everyone else is toss up. Wise sneaks by Calvert Hall, CH then losses to Gilman who’s 2-5. MSJ plays out of their norm to beat strong GC team that beats Dematha. Etc, etc.
  2. Thanks GA. Gilmans JV team can get Loyola. No worries there.
  3. So who makes the final 4 playoff for MIAA? If MSJ gets hot and beats either MCD or Spalding then it gets goofy. If MSJ loses to both then what is criteria because most likely Gilman, MSJ, and CHC will all be 2-4 in league play.
  4. SFA is scary good. Literally. Man playing boys and the injuries are getting out of hand. Might be smart for MSJ and Spalding to forfeit game and keep players intact for games they could actually win.
  5. Mamba. Good point. Coaching, coaching and administrative support is always the key in MIAA. Feeder programs and coaching is key in publics.
  6. Thanks. So highest rank was GC at #5. Appreciate info.
  7. Latest poll has SFA ranked #8 in United States. Question for my football fan posters. Has there ever been a Maryland team ranked #1? My guess is no. What was highest ranked MD team at seasons end?
  8. Yeah right. You aren’t impressed that you got beat by 30 points by a 9th grade QB, 3rd string RB, and they subbed in many #2s, 3s in the second half. We all know LB is an awful team but your tough too impress DisappointedDon. MSJ has more underclassman starting on varsity then any team in MIAA and they are 5-2. Should be 6-1. But it’s OK....we will be happy beating you by 30 points for the next 3 years as well.
  9. I left with 5 minutes left and score was 35-7 MSJ.
  10. Eagleinsider is soft and ran after that a$$ whopping. Relax buddy. SFA kicks everyone’s arse and will probably finish as top 10 team in the nation. Stop crying.
  11. Would be good game. I’d like to see SFA play SJC or Gonzaga.
  12. Agreed. Shaw kid is not only big time D1 prospect. He has all the tools to play on Sunday’s. He has very special athletic gifts.
  13. Only team I’d guarantee a win with this year is SFA but I think SJC has got something special happening. I like their QB and running game. Defense is coming together.
  14. Some upsets last night but surprised no one has posted the absolute blowout by SJC over Good Counsel. I still take SJC over Gonzaga and Dematha.
  15. Ha GA. Don’t be so fast....after the MSJ debacle last week Loyola might have a chance. It is amazing to watch how most of these teams can be completely different from week to week. Injuries have a lot to do with it but I also think many of these coaches don’t stick with what works. Try to get to creative. Also no depth with most teams.