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  1. I don’t know all MIAA transfer rules but do know that if you move 30 miles + then u can transfer without sitting. Probably some other loopholes in there if you look hard enough. What’s word on SFA incoming transfers. Are they going to beat last years number of 20. I’m sure all those JV kids and 2nd and 3rd string varsity kids are biting their nails wondering who Poggi is recruiting to fill their holes.
  2. I actually heard the opposite and that a bunch of Curley players are transferring out. I don’t know why any kid that takes football seriously would go to Curley. So many better options in public and private schools within 15 minutes.
  3. I’m not disagreeing with you. I think wrestling is great for football players. But the list you attached would be 5x the length for track or basketball.
  4. Most of MSJ wrestlers are year round wrestlers. Only a few play football. I guess it depends on other factors in your particular school. MSJ has over 1000 boys to choose from. I imagine Damascus has smaller numbers and see many more multiple sport athletes. Most NFL players were not wrestlers. More crossover with track and basketball.
  5. Congrats to MSJ Wrestling for putting 9 in state finals and winning back to back state championships as team.
  6. Congrats MSJ Wrestling team for winning 3rd straight MIAA title. MSJ Basketball with redemption win over JC. SFA is next. MSJ Ice Hockey for reaching MIAA finals set against Spalding.
  7. He was non existent in MSJ game. Not a single sack and watched him get pancaked by MSJ lineman that just signed with Villanova. Word was he was complete jerk after game and very poor sportsmanship. But he’s 6’5 and runs 4.6 so he’s gonna be top recruit. Time will tell if he rises to competition level at Bama and pouts and gives up because of pressure.
  8. You can argue both ways. MCD had a couple nice OOC wins. Calvert Hall nearly best a 4A 3 time state champion team in Wise. MSJ nice GC win and SMR was pretty good team. Gilman was unpredictable but beat good Episcopal team. Spalding Top OOC game was cancelled so who knows but lots of D1 & D2 commits coming out of a 7 team conference. I still think they were a deeper and better conference then most.
  9. You can’t always predict how good a team is going to be when you put them on your schedule. Boscoe was down but has strong tradition of good football. Dematha was down this year as well but still almost beat SJC in WAC semis. So you believe MIAA was down just because SFA kicked everyone’s tail? When’s the last time the MIAA had a team ranked in a Top 5 in the nation. Answer is probably never.
  10. SFA schedule could have been a little stronger but they beat up Bishop Sullivan, Don Boscoe Prep, and would have played IMG. Then tore through MIAA besides MSJ game. Then whopped Bingham. (Who was overrated but still nationally ranked). Bottom line is that SFA team was damn good and everyone in the state and around the country knows it.
  11. MIAA wasn’t down. SFA was up. They finished ranked 4 in most national rankings and have too many FBS commits to count. Very few teams in Maryland history have been as good as last years SFA team. And yes, we know they are manipulating the system and had 22 transfers, etc, etc. The rest of League was very competitive.
  12. Another MSJ boy doing big things from Holzer time is LB Connor Jangro with Penn. Honorable Mention All Ivy Team as a freshmen in 2016. Run along pussie cat. You are uninformed. My understanding is this years senior class will have 3 D1 commits with 2 more that had D1 offers but due to unfortunate circumstances were dropped and playing D2. 4 others playing D2. Not bad for senior class of 14 kids.
  13. Pansy Cat. Who’s your team? Or do you just like putting down successful coaches because your insecure in yourself, jealous because u can’t coach yourself, pissed because MSJ is best sports high school in the state. Who knows but pretty obvious you’d piss yourself and run and hide if you had opportunity to tell Holzer to his face that he’s a clown. He’s only been at MSJ for 5 years. Placed several kids in ivy teams. Has kid from this years team just committed to Villanova. Has Pitt looking at several kids, Navy looking at several kids. But I guess that’s not as big time as where u played.
  14. OBC. Don’t let forum clowns change the subject. Holzer is well respected coach and his accomplishments speak for themselves. I’m sure ***** cat has never stood in front of Holzer, shook his hand, talked to him. He is stand up guy and the furthest thing from clown. Cares about school, kids, incredibly organized and prepares those kids for next level. I hear about big time college coaches working through MSJ every week looking at their players. BH didn’t do that. Holzer created this and made MSJ football relevant in DMV.
  15. I guess MOP and all the other “know it alls” actually don’t know much at all. Holzer working hard and lots of good recruits and transfers I here coming to MSJ. Gael nation.