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  1. SFA withdrew from the league. There are no forfeits because SFA is no longer part of the MIAA in football.
  2. Sorry to here I lost credibility with you. That really breaks me up inside considering your a sheep. Keep following the masses without an original thought in your brain. It’s clear your an SFA groupie and that’s cool. We all support our teams for different reasons. But please stop painting SFA as a victim. They cheated and turned a lot more then just the MIAA against them. But please tell everyone again that IMG, Dematha, MIAA and about 10 other nationally ranked teams don’t want to deal with SFA because they are racist. That makes total sense.
  3. SFA

    You think these kids need SFA. Just like you thought the MIAA needed. This arrogance is why SFA is getting dropped across the country. There’s been lots of great football teams around this country and in DMV. SFA represents themselves so poorly in such a short period of time. It’s bad enough that they pay $1 million a year for team but then fools try to brag like they offer something special. Pay attention. Just heard MSJ freshman has 4 D1 offers including Penn State, Virginia, Rutgers, and ND. Have 5-6 other 9-10 graders with D1s all over them and I’d bet in 2 years see 6-8 kids with big offers. I know CHC, McDonogh, Gilman, Spalding all have big time players as well. MIAA doesn’t need SFA. Poggi has big money and may be able to maintain independent schedule for few years but will need UA money or partner to make it last.
  4. SFA

    Gilman drops SFA.
  5. SFA

    Most recent census has DC Metro area at approximately 6.3 million and Baltimore Metro at 2.2 million. That’s huge difference
  6. SFA

    I agree with on SJC. I think they have done a great job of getting local talent. DC much bigger pool of kids then Baltimore. Still think SJC would give SFA great game and could beat. They are super talented
  7. SFA

    Don’t think any MIAA team will ever claim they are better then SFA in the near future. They were kicked from league for a reason. Poggi pulled the team before he was exposed on a broader scale then he already was. They are national power for a reason. If they play GC I expect they will demonstrate how dominant they really are. This will be further proof that unlimited $ and abusing transfer rules leads to radical imbalance. Would love to see SJC vs SFA. They are built from same mold.
  8. SFA

    I’m sorry MB. Now we all understand the baggage u carry from being such an underachiever in your family. It’s ok that u aren’t athletic and your good with useless numbers. Stay strong young buck.
  9. SFA

    Gilman will drop soon.
  10. SFA

    Wow Mommas Boy. How did someone who never played high level high school or college ball get all these connections with so many coaches across the country. Is your nose growing as much as your BS posts. Go back to your PlayStation and Madden so u can talk to all your connections.
  11. That makes total sense MB. I’m sure you believe CNN as well. Have you thought about this ding dong. Every school in MIAA is dropping SFA, IMG dropped them, Dematha is refusing to play them. It’s not coincidence that all teams are making example out of Poggi and SFA. MSJ and other schools have full schedule and more top teams calling to schedule games. You really have no clue what you are talking about. Holzer is one of the most respected coaches in the state. His character and mission is true. Not this made-up TV personality that you seem to flock too. Sheeeeepppp. Baahhhhh
  12. Yes you really are an idiot Mommas Boy. “ Lots of good recruits “ (8th graders) and first part of sentence. “ and transfers “ (2nd part of sentence). It’s been discussed thoroughly that no one has a problem with transfers. People have a problem with 20 transfers a year and poaching other high school players. Man you are dense. But you are a sheep. Just follow the herd and continue to not think for yourself. I’m sure next you will post that this is all because the MIAA are racists. That’s narrative rolling out of SFA and Baltimore Sun.
  13. SFA

    Mommas Boy. All ************ ******* in you post make u so tough. Still compensating for being JV your whole high school career. How’d college sports go for you. Sorry you didn’t play. Only clown on here acting like they understand sports is you. Keep gathering data and pushing your public school agenda on MIAA thread. Your irrelevant to this conversation.
  14. SFA

    Mommas Boy. We know your mind has difficulty with the nuances of this situation. Student athletes proactively looking at schools to transfer is much different then coaches approaching top players from other programs and trying to coerce them to leave and attend SFA through gifts, gear, tuition, college promises. You do understand the difference right?
  15. Comparing this to lax in MIAA is desperate attempt to justify the mockery that Poggi and staff made of the transfer rule. Not even close. Lax players live here. This is hotbed. 99% are in their respective schools as 9th graders. Amazing how people continue to justify the SFA debacle. SFA Football is up $hitcreek without a paddle and has lost all respect of Maryland football community. They’ve burned a lot of bridges in 2 years. I wonder if those 2 championships are worth it now.