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  1. He became famous when he was shot by the Muslims when they took over the District Bldg in the 70's.
  2. Including this girl with CP. She got her free (paid for by the taxpayers) gall bladder surgery, now send her back home to Mexico where she belongs. We are not the Mexican welfare agency. Let their social system take care of their own citizens.
  3. Whenever I watch a high school sports game, I never trust the black refs when our all white team is playing an all black team, as it's most certain they are cheating in favor of the blacks to get back at Whitey. Biased, just as you state.
  4. Not fun? Maybe not for you, but for us white people it's great! We celebrate, have a party, give free stuff as well as promotions and raises to other white people, and high-five each other on our successful operation to keep you down. Quick! There's a white person under your bed!
  5. Shia LeBeouf has been trying, desperately, to outsmart Internet sleuths since he began his "He Will Not Divide Us" project last year at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York — but months later, he still can't outsmart his opposition in what has become an international game of "Capture The Flag." What a liberal moron.
  6. Don't tell John Urschel. BS in Mathematics from Penn State Masters in Mathematics from Penn State Completing his PhD in Mathematics at MIT. Urschel has nine published or accepted research papers to his name, according to the school’s magazine MIT Technology Review. His specialties include discrete Schrödinger operators, high dimensional data compression, algebraic multigrid and Voronoi diagrams.
  7. The article clearly states she received a 2.5-5 year prison sentence already. Which is lenient IMHO. Strange how the left will always jump in and criticize religion-related crime (usually via a "raw story link) unless it involves a black religious person or Islam.
  8. Say what? The truth? OK - The truth is that young black men make up 6% of the US Population and commit the overwhelming majority of violent crime. Do you just accept as "oh well" that such a small subset of the population terrorizes the other 94%? Maybe (please!) you can take a walk through Beechview with your cell phone next week, tell us all how that works out.
  9. But she wasn't beaten by a cop. She was beaten and robbed by young black men. Black men compromise approximately 6% of the US Population yet account for over 52% of all violent crime. Do you think she deserved it?
  10. But that's exactly what Obamacare does!
  11. A Pennsylvania mother who beat her young daughter and then kicked the girl out of the house for incorrectly reciting Bible verses is heading to prison. Prison for thee.
  12. PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s a breathtaking, horrifying and jaw-dropping moment caught on surveillance video which has Pittsburgh Police investigating and deeply concerned. Animals.
  13. A brother and sister face murder charges in the deaths of three people whose bodies were found in two separate locations in a central Louisiana parish, authorities said Thursday. The family that murders together. Moms must be so proud!