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  1. Idiot Obama said Bush's addition of $4T of debt was "unpatriotic." Then he added over $Twice as much debt during his 8 years. Hypocrisy personified. But his stupid Democrat base falls for it every time so why wouldn't they believe everything Chucky S and Wobbly Nancy tells them? Perhaps because liberals are nothing but sheep.
  2. The choice that President Trump asks America to make is a simple one and one that he’s demanded since he jumped into the presidential race. Who are you going to believe, he asks: An industry of people whose jobs depend on presenting factually accurate information about what’s happening in the world — or me? And from the outset, we’ve seen how his supporters answer that question. They believe him. The DumDum liberals just don't get it. If they'd ever broaden their reading list and venture outside the leftist periodicals of LA, Chicago, and the I-95 Corridor they'd learn there's a whole new world of people who don't think as they do (aghast!) and instead choose to think for themselves rather than believe everything CNN, WaPo, and RawStory tells them to think.
  3. Who is paying for this abortion (if and when it happens)? Under no circumstances should the US taxpayer be on the hook for killing the unborn. If she wants an abortion so badly, let her pay for it herself and let it happen back in her own country. Kick her out, she has no right to remain in our country. She is here illegally.
  4. A New Jersey man was convicted Monday of planting two pressure-cooker bombs on New York City streets, including one that injured 30 people with a rain of shrapnel when it detonated in a bustling neighborhood on a weekend night last summer. A terrorist convicted for an attack in the largest city in the United States. Liberal crickets.
  5. A man left commuters shocked as he launched into an astonishing racist rant after he hurled abuse at passengers on the Victoria line. Liberals across the world embolden racist minorities by winking at their anti-white words and deeds.
  6. Travis Boys, charged with killing a New Orleans police officer in 2015, halted jury selection in his first-degree murder trial late Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 18) when he rubbed feces on his face, head and mouth in the courtroom, according to two law enforcement sources.
  7. A convicted cop killer who sued Alabama over its lethal injection method was put to death Thursday night, but not before he cursed at the state and said: "I hate you." Good riddance.
  8. This rhinestone cowboy clown congresswoman need to shut her pie hole, she doesn't care a bit about the military, her voting record tell all. Just another stupid democrat clown in a costume.
  9. A transgender Wyoming woman was convicted Thursday of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl inside a bathroom. Allowing men to use women's bathrooms? Wow, I never saw that coming.
  10. The judge declared a mistrial in the Jessica Chambers murder case Monday evening after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision over the fate of Quinton Tellis, who is charged in the 2014 burning death of the 19-year-old Mississippi woman.
  11. Illegal immigrant? Why is she not back in Mexico where she belongs? Let her get her abortion in Tijuana.
  12. In May 2014, President Obama, looking desperately for a foreign policy victory, traded five terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the Taliban in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, a sergeant suspected of desertion. Bergdahl’s alleged desertion necessitated the use of American troops to search for him; six were killed during that process. And don't forget--idiot Obama traded 5 dangerous terrorists being held at Guantanamo in exchange for this treasonous POS Bergdahl.
  13. Suspect Charged With Anti-White Hate Crime For Attack On Disabled Homeless Man Who carries around a cup of urine, honestly?
  14. Two people followed a Pittsburgh Public Schools teacher when she left a North Side school Wednesday afternoon and assaulted her near the city's West End Bridge, hitting her in the face with a brick and sending her to the hospital, police and school officials said. I remember when my son had an electronic game confiscated by his teacher during class, I never once considered 1st Degree Assault as the appropriate response. Looking at the sub-par academic performance and other deficiency factors present at this "school" it's no wonder a violent response to discipline would seen the norm.