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  1. Is this something I'm supposed to understand?
  2. I'm 20/40 uncorrected, you want my old ones? Look on this very board but then again, they aren't "Africans". Most Africans do very well here and are amazed at the riches they earn!
  3. Yup, coming to a Greasy Mac's and Biggie Burger near you! Probably better in the long run, machines don't take it out on an innocent customer because they don't have bad days. (unless broken)
  4. I'm optimistic, not about Flacco but they may just surprise us. D-fence, well I can always hope. Remember Y2K.
  5. No problem, Matt has to toe the line and stick up for the Baltimore Sun's Nazi/KKK customer base. I am sure they would do the same for him. Silly racist, anyone that's NOT him must be a racist!
  6. What about it, even illegals aren't slaves here unless it's via the illegal coyotes that brought them here.
  7. Hot damn, what does Emperor get?
  8. Some types are still trying to justify the abortion they had 40 years ago. Claiming "choice" diminishes the life they took.
  9. Yeah but Putin says!!!!
  10. Unfortunately much of that is long gone, look at the beginning of a NFL game.
  11. Draft card at 18 if memory serves me right, NOW no draft card but the formality of males only registering. Now that gender confusion is an issue how does that even work???
  12. They have slaves building the V-2 1/2???
  13. Best GUESS... probably not but fortunately most ALL have outgrown it. After WW2 tho they MAY HAVE deserved it none of the axis powers were enslaved.
  14. Probably those that CONQUERED the world and shrank it with modern forms of transportation. Legacy is debatable, I like to think aviation, space travel and fast food defines the modern US legacy. It seems poor Africa is stuck in the past doomed to repeat over and over and over again.