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  1. Lol yeah it was okay when Gilman was doing it. You must have missed the countless ***** fests about Gilman. Thing is even at Gilman he never went to the lengths he is now to recruit guys from all over the damn country.
  2. Lol Hank Russell. Yeah paragons of virtue over there. Not spending gobs of money recruiting the entire continent for d1 talent so that you can bend over a bunch of locals every week = failure. Ooook. Hope the entire MIAA takes a lesson from this and the arms races stop. Doubt it though!
  3. The op is referring to the fact that it was previously reported Alford is black. Case search no longer shows the file and the story that reported his ethnicity has been pulled. It was originally reported by DC Fox-5 TV. Here's the link but it no longer works: http://www.fox5dc.com/news/local-news/court-records-man-who-spray-painted-swastika-at-university-of-maryland-is-african-american
  4. GOOCH dogs everyone. Don't be so sensitive
  5. CHC must have looked at the state AP poll this week and got the impression that they were good.
  6. Might be low if they're actually buying textbooks these days (they were having classes with like 8 shared textbooks and no teachers edition three years ago).
  7. LOL that's hilarious bro.
  8. I don't think you miss Boh Hatter that much. I think it's Tommy Stuart you miss. That kid and the two Williams' would have made anyone look good.
  9. Everything but Gilman. Thread proceeds to be about Gilman.
  10. I know but that doesn't make it less lame.
  11. So is this of those 4:00PM Gilman specials? Nothing screams FOOTBALL like a late afternoon lunch in Roland Park.
  12. Concordia 20 SJCP 7 final