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  1. understand, should be interesting
  2. any names??
  3. I my opinion I think the MIAA is a poorly run league that is time to go. When SFA leaves there will only be 5 decent teams and one very bad team. I Think there should be a MD/DC private/catholic school league with Spalding, MSJ, McD, Good Counsel, Dematha, Gilman, SJC, Gonzaga and maybe Georgetown prep in it (give or take a couple teams). I doubt it would ever happen but I think people would love to see some of these teams play each other.
  4. The Prep loss was a embarrassing loss, they came a long was since then
  5. they will loose a lot of seniors, some that are replaceable. Other than booker, I don't think they will loose anyone one the line and will be getting current 10th grader transfer Grinage to add to the line.
  6. is the DE ur talking about the freshman Stretch?
  7. for AD or head coach?
  8. not sure if it will be live streamed. if it is I don't think it will be done by greyhound tv
  9. agree, can someone explain to me why he doesn't have more offers?
  10. The MIAA is so bad. they refused to let greyhound TV to broadcast the game
  11. apparently he is not playing. not sure if he will get inl at WR but I don't think he will.
  12. not sure what the names are, I didn't ask. However Shane lee is questionable, if he plays he will be playing a little hurt
  13. apparently SFA has about 12 kids who cant play because they are hurt or got suspended
  14. word is Ellis is not playing vs SFA...
  15. also spalding. they had 2 kids leave to go there @terp22