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  1. is MSJ the favorite to be the #4 seed? 1,2,3 are basically already set
  2. unfortunately they will most likely make the playoffs
  3. what is SFA getting out of being in the MIAA other than sticking it to Gilman. If there goal is to be #1 in country the smart move would be to play a national scheduel
  4. CHC 27 Gilman 21 the only reason why I don't think CHC will win by more is bc it is the only Gilman home game on a Friday, should be a big turnout
  5. more importantly is there a live stream for the MSJ vs Calvert Hall game?
  6. agree depends if biff runs up the score, if spalding put 60 some on Loyola, SFA could put up a lot more
  7. I don't see Loyola getting better anytime soon, Spalding's coach in my opinion is the best in the league.
  8. good to hear
  9. SFA ranked #9 in country, they are very close to being national power
  10. yea I think he hurt his ankle but am not sure how bad it is
  11. anyone know who the starting QB for spalding is? When they played Loyola last week the freshman Tutas played, Umbarger was dressed but was not playing QB. it could be because Loyola is so bad, so spalding wanted the freshman to play. he is very good btw.
  12. not a gilman fan, I don't dislike them though
  13. McD vs Spalding will be interesting but expecting McD to win I think MSJ will beat CHC
  14. lol there was no 17 year old freshman, there was one freshman that was old but was not close to 17