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  1. I didn't realize Cilento and his Bullis Bulldogs are on a 4 game win streak against the Little Hoyas. 2013 - (L)35-7 2014 - (L)34-26 2015- (L)19-16 2016 -(L)14-7
  2. Tom, I don't believe Bullis's RB is the league rushing leader unless he has over 1200 yards on the season. Should be a good game though.
  3. Since it looks like Landon will win one half of the IAC championship after beating St. Albans this upcoming weekend, any early predictions for the Bullis Prep game. I think Bullis may have the edge in this one! My prediction... Bullis 14 Prep 10 Bullis wins the 2nd half of the IAC championship!!!
  4. Will be great when we're able to watch all High School games online. Thanks again everyone for adding to the list!!
  5. Listing all High School Football Games that are being streamed this weekend. Please add any I may have missed. Thanks Friday, 9/15 Wilson Vs. Friendship Collegiate Academy, 6pm - https://www.monumentalsportsnetwork.com/hs-football-live McDonogh Vs. DeMatha, 6:45pm - http://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/dematha-catholic-high-school-hyattsville-md/7def8ab5c3 Saturday, 9/16 Episcopal Vs. Gilman - 2pm - http://www.greyhoundtv.org
  6. Silverbullet, I agree with you on all but one of these. I think Gonzaga may be too much for Prep. Should be a good game but think Gonzaga will pull this one out. Prep didn't play particularly well against Gilman so the jury is still out on how good Prep really is. Gonzaga comes back home from a nice win on the road with momentum. Just my thoughts.
  7. 9/8 - Friday Paul VI vs. Flint Hill, 7pm - https://www.monumentalsportsnetwork.com 9/9 - Saturday Bullis Vs. Fork Union Military, 1:00pm - https://thecube.com/event/742425 Georgetown Prep Vs. Gilman, 3:30pm - http://www.greyhoundtv.org Any others to add?
  8. Any other Md high school football games being streamed online tonight and tomorrow? Only one I know of is Flint Hill Vs. Paul VI - https://www.monumentalsportsnetwork.com