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  1. When he pitched against the O's I was not a fan but against all other teams I loved him. He worked fast, threw first pitch strikes routinely (take note O's pitchers) and was a competitor.
  2. Too soon
  3. Evil, exact same thing for me...this guy has cost a lot of players time with HBP's
  4. I seriously feel the only reason he hit those pitches when he did was by pure accident....it's not in his nature to hit the other way ever
  5. And to boot....when they keep those guys listed....they will have inflated contracts because the O's will insist that other teams were coming after their guys....but in the end they are only bidding against themselves.....seen that happen before.....many times
  6. Jones has an ego and that ego will prevent any outfield move even if it is for the betterment of the team
  7. Nope not too early....I do wonder how they will handle Trumbo and Davis....their contracts are a hindrance.
  8. Yeah he did, I did a spit take, rewound and listened again....it was so stupid it was hilarious
  9. According to Bordick the O's used a lot of energy on that win streak and thus have had trouble since because they wore themselves out.....really Bordick?
  10. Move Jones to RF? You really wanna see a hissey fit from Jones doncha?
  11. It would be great to raise the non losing season banner opening day next year
  12. Ah but does DD really have an eye on any top notch FA pitchers???
  13. Finishing up at or slightly above means to me the bar is awfully low these days
  14. A legacy continues!
  15. Such a low bar this year...but it's appropriate