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  1. Agree. Important game for programs future direction.
  2. If a coaching staff cannot relate to the kids, they will not be able to motivate the kids. Do not dispute that parents sometimes get too involved. The players I am talking about have hung in there for the whole disappointing season. Football is suppossed to be fun and a positive experience. It has not been for many of the players this season. It is not just about winning and losing but also about building long term memories and friendships. Changes in approach and attitude are critical to turning this unfortunate situation for the kids. With regard to the off season training I do not disagree with the benefits but there meeds to flexibilty for the kids who play other sports, have summer jobs and family commitmemts. Most kids are not going to LB to be D1 players. They play football because they love the game.
  3. Agree. There also needs to be some changes to the coaching staff/attitude who have had trouble relating to their players. The program is at risk for losing key younger players who have lost confidence in the coaching staff.
  4. Not sure what to make of CH up and down season. Some good games, close games and Gilman losses. Turkey Bowl predictions?
  5. Good win for Loyola. Very suprised that CH only beat Avalon by one.
  6. 3:00
  7. LB scheduled a game against Avalon Gaithersburg this Thursday to fill the gap from Canada Prep cancellation.
  8. Canada Prep cancelled this week’s game. Long layoff until Turkey Bowl.
  9. Great day at LB flag football game fund raiser for Van Brooks who was paralyzed playing for Loyola. Surprised the the LD coaching staff was absent and did not support this event for a former player.
  10. Does anyone know anything about Canada Prep. Crushed by SF earlier this year and 0-6 with national schedule. LB plays next week.
  11. Very competitive game. LD offense and defense showed improvement. Many younger players contributed. Hope they stay with the program.
  12. Total LD offense Friday 93 yards, 70 rushing. MCD 295 total offense, 275 rushing. The numbers say it all. Gilman this week?
  13. 35-6. Loyola scored with seconds left. McD took their foot off the gas after they went up 35-0.
  14. Army, Navy, Air Force and GT recruit talented athletes that fit their system and also meet academic requirements. They are not normal high school kids and think this comparison is incorrect. Loyola has not shown any interest in recruiting. Running the triple option requires buy in from the players and confidence in the coaches teaching it. The feedback from LB is that the boys have not bought into the program. I have been told that their is a serious communication problem and a lack respect between the players and certain coaches. Agree they need to move to the B conference. It also needs to be recognized that immediate attention needs to be payed by the administration to understanding and correcting current player/coach divisions. With kids leaving the program and others questioning whether they will play next year these issues must be addressed now before there are not enough players to field a team. At the end of the day, hs football is supposed to be fun and a positive experience for the participants to remember when it all over.
  15. More concerning news from LB. OL coach resigned immediately and another player left the JV. Not sure what is going on but I have heard that many of the players and asst coaches are not happy with the HC and OC. No confidence in new offense and general approach to the boys. Not a good situation in a losing situation and not the prescription for rebuilding the program. Many complaints falling on deaf ears