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  1. Still no resolution to the AD position at LB. Not sure why the delay other than this follows the normal poor management patterns by the administration. Any idea of what is going on?
  2. It is easy to blame the kids and parents and understand that this may be part of the problem but there is no excuse for the poor fundamentals shown by this team.
  3. A good coach creates the enviroment and make the best product out of the hand he is dealt. LB kids were soft. There is currently a a losing attitude at LB and this is a challenge for any coach. Positive leadership and focus on the fundamentals are the cornerstone of any turnaround. There were some good athletes on this years team that did not necessarily buy into the new program and were not effectively motivated by the coaching staff. Lots of talk about parental interference. That is real and an issue at most schools these days that needs to be managed. All participants are frustrated by the continued lack of competitiveness. Hopefully the move to independant will get LB back on track.
  4. These were his kids and there is no excuse for poor technique and lack of toughness for kids that have been in the program for several years. There was some size but results were very disappointing. You can’t run an option offense with slow linemen lacking athleticism and basic blocking skills.
  5. The issue is not that he is too hard on the kids. He apparently does not relate well to the kids, is overly negative, does not hold himself accountable and has not established confidence in his offense. There are also rumors regarding conflicts with Coach Z re who is really the head coach. With regard to the offensive line, watch the film - poor technique with lots of standing up and grabbing. No real firing out. Running backs and qb getting killed on most plays.
  6. Any coaching changes at LB. is Stitchel out. Very unpopular with the boys. Similar issues to his prior schools. Several of the better kids have said they will not play for him.
  7. Agree if he wants the job,
  8. LB has been very quiet about the racial grafitti incidents several weeks ago. It appears that they hope it will just blow over. Another clear failure of the administration and board and continued embarassment to the school, students and alumni. Has any one heard any follow up after the parent’s meeting?
  9. LB AD job posting dropped from web site? Have they filled the position? Wait and see who they hire. Will tell alot about the future direction of athletics at the school.
  10. Totally argee. The competing schools must be loving this.
  11. February may be optimistic. Just like replacing coach Hall, the administration has had plenty of notice regarding the AD retirement date but has failed to coordinate an orderly transition. It will be interesting to see how they handle the search for a new lacrosse coach.
  12. With the move to independant, lacrosse coach leaving, a new AD and last week’s unfavorable racial publicity, it will be tough to recruit athletes unless they have some connection to the school. Since they are going independent does that mean that folks can transfer without penalty?
  13. LB announced today they are leaving the A conference and going independent.
  14. I will be surprised if it is not coach Hall as the new AD.
  15. Koras shifted to linebacker for Turkey Bowl because he is one of the best tacklers. He apparently did not get much practice time since he was injured on practice before the game. Just a sophomore and needs to add some weight.