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  1. Disappointed but not surprised by Loyola's loss to BL and Carrol. Hope we can beat Curley? May be the only chance for a win this year. Coaching still appears to be a continuing problem. Boys play hard but as in the last several years are not demonstrating the football fundamentals/schemes that should be the foundation of a competitive program. Hiring an existing coach. from last years staff is not the change needed to get Loyola back on track.
  2. LB started spring football this week. Will be interesting to see what offense they plan to run and who the skill players will be. Don’t believe they have hired an OC yet.
  3. Cole Boozer LB & Temple signed by Tampa as preferred free agent. Congrats and continued success. Have not heard anything about LB filling the open OC position?
  4. Have not heard anything.
  5. Posted recently on LB football alumni face book: Now that the AD is in place can we have a 'state of affairs' meeting for the football program? Football alumni are very concerned. Pat Muth, can we pull something together? I have a lot of questions as do many others. Will be interesting to see if this meeting takes place and resulting action items.
  6. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/baltimore-county/sports/ph-tt-loy-two-sport-koras-20180223-story.html
  7. Have read all the comments and agree that the Koras kid should have to earn a starting position rather than have it given to him. My understanding on good authority of the situation is that he was told by the coach that he would not be given a chance to compete for the qb position unless he gave up the key summer tournaments of his scholarship sport. No opportunity/compromise was offered to compete for his position on the team. This is a good kid that was forced to make a difficult decision and he did.
  8. He apparently did.
  9. By no mean sad that Stichel is leaving and view this as a positive step fot LB. History repeats itself. Suspect that a fair compromise could have been worked out as in prior years with the Koras kid practicing most days with time off for scheduled golf Bottom line is that performance on the field continued to deteriorate in 2017 and with the approaching 100th Turkey bowl concerned that LB will not reflect its proud competitive tradition.
  10. Heard that coach Z and Stichel made the kid chose between key summer golf schedule and summer football although this was OK in His prior three seasons.
  11. Interesting article to appear in the Sun. Will Koras will be playing golf and lacrosse for LB this spring. He will be a face off specialist (FOGO).as well as the #1 player on the varsity golf team. The golf and lacrosse coaches worked together to make this happen. This is in contrast to coach Z being unwilling to work things out from a football standpoint. This kid was a two year starter and recognized leader on the team. Other MIAA coaches that I have talked to were shocked by this situation. They said that Koras was the key player they game planned for and one of the best qbs at LB in a long time. Great arm and solid runner based on his sophomore season although not run as heavily in 2016. FYi Rich Stichel is no longer at LB. Good to see change.
  12. Now that the LB AD position has been filled are there any bets on how many months it will take to name the new assistant AD.
  13. Well said. He is a good man but is he the change agent who can challenge the administration to get things back on track. Yes, Time will tell!
  14. Coach Hall is the new AD. Wish him well. No suprise but not sure what took so long.
  15. Coaching update: Linebacker coach Kevin Vasile is no longer coaching at LB. He has been replaced by Scott Melville who was the DC at Manchester Valley HS. Does anyone know him?
  16. Curiouser and curioser said Alice. Not sure why the delayed AD decision other than LD way.
  17. Coach Hall. Pat Muth from the LB development office and a local area public hs AD.
  18. Understand that the choice is between two internal candidates and a local area AD.
  19. Not sure why Coach Hall has not been named the new AD. Hall has put in his time, is highly thought of by most LB constituencies and is an LB alumni. I think it is insulting to Coach Hall that they have not appointed him AD.
  20. Gene Ubriaco. Will he coach at LB this year?
  21. The new lacrosse coach is coming from BL and was a direct hire by LB principal who is a close friend. Not sure who else had input since there is no AD. Is anyone familiar with his coaching style?
  22. LB just published their 2018 football schedule on their website. Droppedl St. Francis, Spalding and MD. Thoughts. No word on the AD.
  23. Still no resolution to the AD position at LB. Not sure why the delay other than this follows the normal poor management patterns by the administration. Any idea of what is going on?
  24. It is easy to blame the kids and parents and understand that this may be part of the problem but there is no excuse for the poor fundamentals shown by this team.
  25. A good coach creates the enviroment and make the best product out of the hand he is dealt. LB kids were soft. There is currently a a losing attitude at LB and this is a challenge for any coach. Positive leadership and focus on the fundamentals are the cornerstone of any turnaround. There were some good athletes on this years team that did not necessarily buy into the new program and were not effectively motivated by the coaching staff. Lots of talk about parental interference. That is real and an issue at most schools these days that needs to be managed. All participants are frustrated by the continued lack of competitiveness. Hopefully the move to independant will get LB back on track.