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  1. Disappointed but not surprised by Loyola's loss to BL and Carrol. Hope we can beat Curley? May be the only chance for a win this year. Coaching still appears to be a continuing problem. Boys play hard but as in the last several years are not demonstrating the football fundamentals/schemes that should be the foundation of a competitive program. Hiring an existing coach. from last years staff is not the change needed to get Loyola back on track.
  2. Not sure what to make of CH up and down season. Some good games, close games and Gilman losses. Turkey Bowl predictions?
  3. Good win for Loyola. Very suprised that CH only beat Avalon by one.
  4. 3:00
  5. LB scheduled a game against Avalon Gaithersburg this Thursday to fill the gap from Canada Prep cancellation.
  6. Canada Prep cancelled this week’s game. Long layoff until Turkey Bowl.
  7. Great day at LB flag football game fund raiser for Van Brooks who was paralyzed playing for Loyola. Surprised the the LD coaching staff was absent and did not support this event for a former player.
  8. Does anyone know anything about Canada Prep. Crushed by SF earlier this year and 0-6 with national schedule. LB plays next week.
  9. Very competitive game. LD offense and defense showed improvement. Many younger players contributed. Hope they stay with the program.
  10. Total LD offense Friday 93 yards, 70 rushing. MCD 295 total offense, 275 rushing. The numbers say it all. Gilman this week?
  11. 35-6. Loyola scored with seconds left. McD took their foot off the gas after they went up 35-0.
  12. Army, Navy, Air Force and GT recruit talented athletes that fit their system and also meet academic requirements. They are not normal high school kids and think this comparison is incorrect. Loyola has not shown any interest in recruiting. Running the triple option requires buy in from the players and confidence in the coaches teaching it. The feedback from LB is that the boys have not bought into the program. I have been told that their is a serious communication problem and a lack respect between the players and certain coaches. Agree they need to move to the B conference. It also needs to be recognized that immediate attention needs to be payed by the administration to understanding and correcting current player/coach divisions. With kids leaving the program and others questioning whether they will play next year these issues must be addressed now before there are not enough players to field a team. At the end of the day, hs football is supposed to be fun and a positive experience for the participants to remember when it all over.
  13. More concerning news from LB. OL coach resigned immediately and another player left the JV. Not sure what is going on but I have heard that many of the players and asst coaches are not happy with the HC and OC. No confidence in new offense and general approach to the boys. Not a good situation in a losing situation and not the prescription for rebuilding the program. Many complaints falling on deaf ears
  14. Appreciate the dialoque regarding the sad state of LB football. Not fair to the participants, opponents and supporters. Solutions are clear and decisions need to be made by the administration. It is clear they are not in the right conference and have heard many key younger players have said they are not playing next year.
  15. Just look at the tape. Glad Evan Boozer signed with Temple. Well deserved. College coaches will not be looking closely at LB based on this years performance.
  16. Tough to say with a 35-7 score but was not impressed by MSJ and thought LB played hard but made too many errors. The jury is still out on the triple option mid way through the season.
  17. How good is MSJ? They were rolling along before last week's blowout to CH.
  18. Expect MSJ to be ready to play after loss to CH. it will be interesting to see if the coaches modify their offensive and defensive schemes and can motivate their players to compete. Agree last years team played tough, did not give up and was hurt by injuries. Hope to see improvement this week.
  19. Watched the SFA tape and verified that part of LB continuing problem is poor fundamentals - blocking, tackling, play calling and even some stances are incorrect. Also have not seen any in season or in game coaching adjustments. The kids may be overmatched talent wise but need to be taught/learn the basics to more effectively compete at any level A or B. Understand the logic behind using the triple option but if it is not working or you do not have the players to run it, you need to modify your approach until you do. Joe Brunes teams did not always have the best players but they always were sound fundamentally and therefore, competitive.
  20. Yesterday's game unfortunately speaks for itself. It was not fun to watch nor was it fun for the players. The solutions are known and decisions need to be made by the administration regarding the future direction of the program. Was looking forward to the 100th Turkey Bowl but not unless there are positive changes.
  21. Do not disagree with the comments about what is troubling youth and hs sports. However, to clarify the LB situation as explained to me, one student has tranfered to CH this week. Five have left the football program to preserve their ability to tranfer and play next year elsewhere. The issue at LB is poor communication between the coaches and the players and a lack of confidence in the direction the program is heading. Coach Z and his new staff have not related well with the boys and have not been able to show them a way forward. Recognize that it is tough to turn around a losing program but it starts with mutual respect between the coaches and their players and the adult leadership to pull together all particiants to agree on the best solution for the kids.
  22. SFA this week. Any thoughts?
  23. Had hoped to see some progress last night in LB fourth game. Fortunately Spalding took their foot off the gas in the second half.
  24. Excellent description of the current football issues at LB and potential solutions. Program is at a concerning tipping point. There is a rumor spreading that several of the better younger " all in football" players have refused to play on the varsity and/or quit to preserve their ability to transfer. Can someone clarify. Hope that is not the case.
  25. The key to LB football success in the not to distant past was to attract, support and encourage multi-sport athletes. More important than ever to offset heavy football recruiting by other A conference schools.