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  1. Disappointed but not surprised by Loyola's loss to BL and Carrol. Hope we can beat Curley? May be the only chance for a win this year. Coaching still appears to be a continuing problem. Boys play hard but as in the last several years are not demonstrating the football fundamentals/schemes that should be the foundation of a competitive program. Hiring an existing coach. from last years staff is not the change needed to get Loyola back on track.
  2. The key to LB football success in the not to distant past was to attract, support and encourage multi-sport athletes. More important than ever to offset heavy football recruiting by other A conference schools.
  3. Interesting comments. I agree that the triple option needs to be phased in and there was an opportunity to combine with a passing attack that had kept LD competitive the last several years. The rumor is that Koras wanted to play his senior year but the coach was not willing to accomodate his summer golf tournement schedule. Koras has a division 1 golf scholorship.
  4. Just watched the Curley game tape. Fortunate win for Loyola. Interception and blocked field goal run backs were the winning plays. No passing attack from either team. LB needs to find some offense as they head into their A conference schedule.
  5. Well said. Let's see how the season progresses.
  6. Have been watching Loyola for many years since the eighties. Agree the offense performed much better than the defense although not a high bar. It seems to make sense that as a new coach you would fix the defense and build on the existing offensive scheme rather than change it.
  7. Watch all the games the past two years and was hard pressed to see the improvement. No consistent running game or pass protection. Team crushed by A conference opponents. I hope coach Z is successful but have doubts that the triple option is the answer.