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    How do you figure he is better? A name would be great. The kid hasn't seen anything close to the type of talent that SFA will face. Everyone looks good in 7v7.
  2. Isn't there a moderator for this forum? Jiggaboo - Wow. Ok Sports fans!
  3. Ummmmmm But the game was on ESPNU. Great exposure for MD Football. Like it or Not!
  4. Cant be the best team until all phases of the game are elite. The defense was elite. We'll see what they do next year on offense.
  5. I don't know if Dunbar beats anyone. Loyola is still well coached. JMO
  6. And by the tone of this board it's all SFA's doing.
  7. We will never know until they let privates and publics play. BUT their conference looks very weak. 6 loss team in the Ship is a joke. AND they are going to get hammered.
  9. It's like college teams celebrating 6 wins to be bowl eligible.
  10. I agree. Get school paid for and have fun on the field.
  11. Congrats!!!!!
  12. Even the SEC has Arkansas and Vandy. LOL.
  13. I was referring to privates and publics in VA playing each other. I think our Private Schools walk the dog in VA PERIOD. My point was, many of our privates beat up on each other the way SEC teams beat up on each other. We have Publics that can beat many VA schools as well. IMO
  14. True, But in VA there are several Publics that can beat Privates. I think our Privates are really good. It's like the SEC - they beat up on each other.
  15. Not really! LOL Nephew plays for Archbishop. Nice try though.