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  1. Polls are not supposed to capture who they think you can beat IF you played them. THEY ARE 4-4. That's like an SEC team being 4-4 and still ranked.
  2. Who has CH paid off to stay in the top 25 with a .500 record? LOL!!!
  3. Logan Holgorsen High School BALTIMORE, MD (ST. FRANCES ACADEMY) PRO-STYLE QUARTERBACK HT 6-1 WT 185 CLASS OF 19 Embed Player COMMITTED 10/16/2017 2 OFFERS 0 VISITS 0 COACH VISITS North Texas Committed 7 On Roster, 2 Commits
  4. I would agree
  5. 58C you are so very right. 28-0 in high school and any other level is a convincing win. PLUS SFA still made a ton of mistakes on offense. But you got it, let's develop and new metric for HS football. LOL
  6. Haaaaaaa!!!! True.
  7. I will agree that the O needs to step up. BUT "if" they recruit year in and year out, defense is always easier to gel than an offense. Most of these high schools have had players in their system for a few years. This isn't round ball where you can "one & done it" and be effective. Offense is all about timing. If they continue to bring in ONE YEAR wonders - their offense will always under perform. BUT if they are able to get underclassmen in and keep them, they are going to be unstoppable.
  8. GREAT WIN!!!!
  9. He's recognizing that they got outplayed and outmatched. He may have said those things at the beginning of the year but he was gracious in defeat. I think they will make a decent run in the playoffs.
  10. The vid from the Sun shows his receivers dropping 2 spot on passes. The Kid moves the Chains.
  11. Stinks?! They stop themselves. They could pretty much move the ball at will. Don't know if they can beat IMG simply because of depth, but no one is shutting that offense out. Most of it is play calling. Their QB and RB's can move the chains at will. They have not been manhandled by anyone.
  12. You have to look at who they lost to in order to determine that.
  13. SLOW WEEK?!
  14. You can see the game on LB Live Stream