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  1. I remembered this article from a few years back, thought it may be a good read and relevant to what we're talking about.
  2. I believe he's been wrestling since his freshman year, its just that he was on jv and had to back up South Rivers last heavyweight state champion Brandon Woody his freshman and sophomore year
  3. Every wrestling fan in Maryland would love a duel between MSJ and Damascus.
  4. Wyoming Seminary is in Pennsylvania, not Wyoming. Powerhouse wrestling program, one of the best in the country. I don't know much about their football
  5. I mean, its not like he didn't have the talent at Curley when he came and had to build the team from the ground up. This was a very athletic Curley team, it's just poor coaching and decision making that hampered their teams success.
  6. Or if you guys want to read it for free:
  7. Physical assault? Does this impact any of the kids that Curley is allegedly supposed to acquire this year or kids who are at Curley right now? Will the new coach actually know what he is doing, or are we starting to see the demise of Curley football?
  8. for some weird reason, the schedule is not coming up. Can you post the schedule on the message board
  9. Huge hit to the wrestling program. MSJ seems to look like they will run the table in the A conference this year
  10. BL has been in the A conference for the past couple of years.
  11. as a freshman, when he went to pallotti, he could have started on varsity as a freshman and be the star of his team. His freshman year was when Palotti looked like they could compete in the A conference, which obviously changed this year If he went to any of those big schools, he may have had to play JV or be at the bottom of the bench his freshman year. And from my understanding, SilverBullet, the transfer rule between MIAA A and MIAA B is the same between two MIAA A schools. However due to where he lives(Warrenton VA), I would expect him to transfer to a WCAC school such as St Johns or Dematha
  12. And if Loyola does move down to the B conference, I will plug them into my rankings
  13. That was my initial reaction to his St. Marys ranking. I believed that even though they were a very talented team this year, the team was overall very senior heavy. Almost their entire starting offense and defense were seniors. I believe that they return one starter on the line, a sophomore. They did have a very talented sophomore who returned kicks for them this year, it'll be interesting to see them next year. St. Vincent Pallotti was very good this year, as they proved by beating the league champion St Marys and the runner up Severn. However, incompetent coaching lead them to lose against worse teams they should have beat. I've also heard that Bake Corum (number 1/24) will be transferring out to St Johns Catholic, Dematha or Saint Frances. If these rumors are true, it will be a huge hit for Pallotti as quite literally, he is their entire team. I've also heard that the Coach may be on his way out, as him and the administration don't exactly see eye to eye. If this move happens, I expect Palotti to not be as successful, even drop down to the C conference. The rest of the B conference is confusing, as there is still a huge mess with transfers, new coaches and quite simply not knowing what team is going to step up.John Carolls head coach is departing the program, leaving an assistant coach with the head coaching position. John Caroll is graduating their starting QB Qadir Ismail (son of Quadry Ismail, he's committing to Villianova) as well as a good number of starting linemen (I suspect about 2-3). John Caroll does return 6'8" right tackle Ben Blessing, who is very talented. They will be interesting to see next year. Curley was very senior heavy. They graduate almost every starter on offense and defense. I believe they will be at the bottem of the totem pole this year. They graduate a lot of playmakers such as their QB, their star linemen Stevon Brown (committed to Delaware) and another huge athelete on the team, Daekwon Hall. With not a lot of talent (but a lot of numbers), I do not see them being succesful at all next year. BL is also one of those teams where they graduate a lot of seniors who are playmakers. The starting QB Branden Crouse (air force commit for lacrosse), one of their very talented running backs Devon Brewer (cornell commit) as well as 4 starters on the line, their are a lot of holes to be filled next year. However, the coaching staff is very good at Boys Latin, and I personally have no doubt that they will be relatively successful next year. St. Pauls is one of those teams in who I personally have a lot of optimism for going into next year. They return their starting QB Leo Kelly (very talented pocket passer) as well as one of their running back Princeton Douglas (absolute dog) and another four year starter in Quizzon Tarver (very talented corner/slotback). They do lose some of their starting line, but I believe they will be very talented for next year, just based off of the people they return. Severn is going to be a team in which I cannot really figure out how good they are going to be. Although they lose their pair of 6'5" wide recievers (Joel Mandish navy commit for lacrosse, may possibly play football and Jake Lilly, Johns Hopkins commit for lacrosse), and three starting linemen, a good part of their offense returns such as their starting QB Craig Stevens and Henry Rentz(navy commit for lacrosse). Because of the schools size (and the teams size: 200 males go to Severn, fields about a 30 man varsity team every year-team;school is smaller then every B and C conference football team), most of the starters on offense start on defense, and this is what killed them in the championship game vs St. Marys. I am very exited for Severn this year, and based off of my knowledge right now, I believe that this team can make some noise, even win the championship game. Based off of what I know so far, here are my rankings: 1. St Pauls/Severn 2. St Pauls/Severn 3. Boys Latin 4. St. Marys 5. Pallotti 6. John Carroll 7. Archbishop Curley
  14. St.Marys throttles Severn 35-7, B conference championship is set as Severn vs St. Marys because of a three way tie for 1st place. The 4th place opponent determines on how the tie breaker will be sorted out, as there is no clear first place tie breaker with Boys Latin beating St Marys, St Marys beating Severn and Severn beating Boys Latin, the fourth place team in the conference will determine who will go to the championship. The 4th place team is St Pauls, and as Severn and St. Marys beat St. Pauls, and Boys Latin lost to St. Pauls last night. (St Pauls is at 4th place due to John Carroll losing to Curley today.), it takes Boys Latin out of the championship hunt.
  15. Any update on the St.Pauls BL game?