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  1. And if Towson loses to Woodlawn, and they both win week 10, Woodlawn and Towson get in as the 3 and 4 seed and will get proceed to get crushed by Franklin and Milford in the first round
  2. I can't believe it looks like Woodlawn and Towson will steal the 3 and 4 seeds in the 3A north this year after playing in the division 3. Milford and Franklin will basically have bye weeks in the first round of the playoffs and then meet in the regional final
  3. If Woodlawn wins their last two games, would that put them in at 7-3 over a 7-3 Towson?
  4. I agree more teams should be competitive. But unless you’re an established power like Franklin, Milford and P-Hall, a lot of these schools have to hope the community gives them a special player like, Sample at Dundalk. The middle of the road teams who don’t attract(recruit) those next level players struggle to compete with the well established programs who have the players find their way to their programs.
  5. Baltimore County has 3 legitamate state contenders in Milford Mill, Franklin and P-Hall. Besides those 3 teams the rest of the county is somewhere between average, mediocre and down.
  6. Very well done piece. Hopefully in the fall of 2019 we can get the Wise Vs Dematha game.
  7. Towson has a chance to win the division 3 in Baltimore County. Looks like it's a 3 team race with Towson, Woodlawn and Patapsco. But Towson winning today, and only having Woodlawn left as a test they could make the 4 seed in the 3A north. Whoever they play will beat them the same way Perry Hall did 40-0 if they make the playoffs.
  8. Good for your son. But I doubt he has a day even near that against Patapsco. They may have lost 49-0 to P-Hall but they're D played well against Dundalk. Although, the Towson Woodlawn game may be for the last spot in the 3A north playoffs.