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  1. If you're calling out Dunbar about program size and numbers the same has to be done about Fort Hill. They have 50 kids on their varsity, jv and freshman teams. There's 3A teams in Baltimore County who can't get 50 kids in their entire program.
  2. It's awful that he lost his teaching job and coaching job. That's a life altering decision by Curley to have a reaction and fire him while claiming he was a child abuser. It's a nice thought that the kids and community are speaking out about how great he was and petitioning, but Curley isn't a school I anticipate to change it's mind or admit it was wrong in a public display like the one they have made out of this.
  3. I think moving forward the mpssaa should do the classifications, (1A,2A,3A,4A) based off of percentage of kids who will play said sports. Fort Hill has more kids on their varsity football team then some Baltimore county 3a schools have in their program, and they have a freshman and jv team with similar numbers. Although Fort Hill and Dunbar don't have high overall enrollment numbers, their football programs aren't ran like normal 1a programs. Fort Hill fans complaining Dunbar shouldn't be in 1a should realize Fort Hill shouldn't be a 1a football school either.
  4. In Baltimore County if you play for another school at any time and change schools during that same season you are deemed ineligible for the rest of the season.
  5. That's what makes this situation awful is that the young men who play on Overleas team are paying for the sins of one guy, or possibly the actions of the coaches who knew or may not have knew. Just an awful situation for everyone.
  6. Damascus only (-8), that doesn't seem like much for how dominant of a team they are. I also think Milford Mill will beat C-Milton by at least 3 scores, maybe more if Franklin loses the night before, because I don't think Milford beats Franklin twice this year and they'd be relieved if Edgewood knocks them out.
  7. Does anyone have any insight or an opinion on Perry Hall's chances at Paint Branch? I know P-Hall can score but I don't know anything about Paint Branch.
  8. I'm very intrigued by the Edgewood Franklin game, I really think Edgewood has a chance to go there and win.
  9. I’ll take Chesapeake over Dunbar and Edgewood over Franklin, those teams winning are more realistic than SFA losing.
  10. I agree with you completely. The parents are becoming worse and worse by the week. Every time their team loses it's the coaches fault, every time they win it's because their kid is a superstar. The reality in Baltimore County at least from what I've been told is that the best players at some programs don't show up for practice and then their parents freak out that the coaches don't play them, or the coaches play those kids because they want to win, they still lose and the same parents blame the coaches. But this mentality of "I come first", and especially "me above team" is taking over the high school sports landscape and the people surrounding these kids are blowing up their egos on twitter and social media.
  11. I've been to a lot of Baltimore County games, and the walk from the stadium to your car after smells like the kids are trying to hotbox the parking lot. Another factor has to be eligibility, in Baltimore county and City, a kid has to have a 2.0 GPA in the 4th quarter before the season starts and can't have more than 1 E. It used to be the kids only needed a 1.25.
  12. JMT, why are Baltimore County and City so low? Is it because they have so many teams in their regions?
  13. Was Duncan not named interim HC, or has City not removed Wade yet so they don't have an interim coach?
  14. Very unfortunate situation for Wade at City. I wonder if Duncan will take over as head coach of the program moving forward? I’ll take City over Poly still. And Northwest over QO.
  15. I wonder if the head coach survives this, I know it’s only his first year but Towson thinks it’s a better school compared to the schools in the pockets of the county.