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  1. First the xfl will fall on its face (if it ever happens at all) like it did the last time. The NFL's ratings fell 9.6% this year alone. I learned a long time ago you never try to catch a falling knife. As for you, you are the first one who calls people names and now you are calling me one personaly. You dont know me. Also you would think there is rules aginst personal attacks on this board but I guess (and has been proven) that only apply to some. Then you act like you know all about business but as a rep of the Ravens fan base you insult and call names. You are the one who brought politics into the game once again on this thread. As for your "on the standard urban myths about no shows and drop in tv ratings because of players disrespecting..." Do you have a TV or the internet? The steelers game it was plain as day being they have mustard yellow seats. Even the N.E. game for being the last game of the season for their team going to the SB there was alot of empty seats in the upper deck. Even SI is saying that the Saints Vickings game was down over 23% YOY but I guess they just made it up. Be looking for NFL stadiums to soon have multi color seats like they had to do at Nascar tracks when they couldent fill them. At least they will lok full on TV.
  2. Every 7 days in the NFL.
  3. And notice which side of the political spectrum is the first to throw out shade. What would you think if I said something like, when the liberal snowflake msnbc communist propaganda watching fans roll's out on the Ravens because of CTE or another player is dragging their girlfriend out a elevator by their hair or because it conflicts with badminton season, a XFL team will be a perfect replacement for the them. But I wouldn't say that.
  4. Hypocrites. Got to be careful what I say because they like to edit my posts. As for the snow flake comment (first see line above), so some like those dastardly military or cops or vets or just normal fans find something that players of a game do offensive so they no longer watch that team and they are snowflakes? So what do you call the people that don't watch because of CTE? What do you call the people that don't watch because of because of female abuse? Or other crimes including like murder? Are they all snowflakes to? Do you like Nascar? How about MMA? Strip clubs? Maybe you are a snowflake? Just like Coke in the 80's, the formula changed and then some didn't like it anymore and they complained enough that they changed it back. Maybe the nfl will learn from coke's mistake or maybe they wont. Its up to them.
  5. NBC will show any players who kneel during the pre-game national anthem to protest racial inequality, the game's executive producer said on Tuesday.
  6. He want to win his way. The problem is John's way don't win.
  7. wash, rinse, repeat
  8. wash rinse repeat If we just fix this or just fix that. John's teams are batting .500 and have missed the playoffs 4 out of 5 seasons. There is 4 teams in our division and one team has only won 1 game out of 32 and yet.....stay the course
  9. Just like with the Ravens, wash, rinse, repeat.
  10. The Ravens have snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory more then once. More then I care to remember to be honest.
  11. What he did 3 or 4 years later has nothing to do with the way he lead the team when he was on it. It does make you think though. I wonder if Ray's team would have took a knee?
  12. That and a 2 minute offence would be nice after 10 years.
  13. Coaches cant do it all. There is no leaders on the team anymore. Ed, Ray,etc they were the true leaders on the Ravens and Hairball was along for the ride. John made sure they were all gone (Ed should have stayed after he retired) and it was his team and Joe was his leader. Sadly Joe is no leader and never has been. Everyone thought he was over shadowed by past players but that's not so. Joe is missing a few emotions and for the most part winning or losing he is a robot. Who will get fired up with that? Brady gets in players faces on the field. Ben will call out his own team for not playing hard. Joe fades away in the background after his 3 and out is over.
  14. Tuck the ball and fall on the ground in the fetal position. Clock ticks on.
  15. Sorry but It is just one example of Joe's work since he was given a 100 mil.