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  1. Can anyone tell us who were the first teams to play in AA County in football. No GB and SP were not in this group. Can anyone tell us the years Glen Burnie, Severna Park and Northeast came in. What year did Bates High stop playing. Who were the 1st coaches of Annapolis, Arundel. Andover, Brooklyn Park, etc etc etc. Tricky Trivia Who holds the record for most running yards in a season per game. i.e he only played one game on offense for GB....lol... Who was the 1st player to be drafted by the pro's from AA County Who was the greatest QB to ever play AA Co football. Who was the greatest RB and Defensive player PHD Trivia How many games were played in Annapolis 1st season. Why did football stop at GB What records do Gary Thahl(sp) hold What was SP record in their inaugural season. What Was Annapolis record What team's field was know as the Dust Bowl What colleges did Joe Papetti, Al Lattimore play at. Extra Credit...If you get this one you are truly a AA County lover Name the County Champions and who their runners up were from 1950 to present.
  2. Given the same amount of time that Peyton gets Joe has shown he is as good as any. Joe for years has had to get rid of the ball in a hurry and doesn't have the luxury like a Manning to go to his 5th receiver. When Joe gets time he is as good as any of the "Elite" QB's in the league and Sunday he was as good as any of them.
  3. your last line is a classic
  4. You guys take the joy out of winning. If Flacco had done poorly in the first game you would have said he was a bust. Your judgement would have come immediately and your sarcasm would have been very loud and often. Now that he has had a great game you have to put a negative on his game? Why not just enjoy it and move on. Yes Flacco is human ,but he is also one of the best in the league today. Nuff said Enjoy:)
  5. I think Manning had three plays to go to on every down. I think Caldwell is teaching Flacco how to go about doing the same. I really don't see Cam doing anything but a mere figurehead this year on the team. This after watching the pre season is a Caldwell offense and Cam is only there to assist.
  6. Flacco needs to take the next step, if he doesn't the Ravens will be 6-10. The defense will surely give up 17 to 20 a game.
  7. Talk about Swiss Cheese OL, how bout those Colts.
  8. Would it not be great to resign Lee Evans now that the Jags cut him andfor Flacco to throw him the winning TD in the SB. I hear NE may sign him.
  9. I have not seen locker room for awhile now. Has he been banned
  10. I'm 6'10 and she is all I can handle lol. Long legs if you know what I mean.lol
  11. Man over 100,000 views ....You will hear the criers out now....they will for sure be out there asking why this thread is still going? Get a life people, some of us really enjoy writing about Flacco and how great a QB he is and will remain. In a few years we will be writing about how he is a sure HOF candidate. Enjoy it, only two months more and the real deal starts.
  12. Now that the defense has been diminished the offense will have to step it up. Suggs many think was not that good of a player but in reality he was. The offense had to double him many times and now the opposing teams offense will be able to go one on one. Joe Flacco will have to be better if the Ravens intend to make the playoffs 5 years in the row. It will be an interesting year.
  13. Looks like there is a 3rd QB in this draft that is turning eyes. The Ravens just might draft him and Flacco may be asked to leave.lol
  14. Now that the Colts have been blown up the question is when will they reach 500 again. It is sad the way the Irsay's just cut the heart out of a city. Indy will see the real Irsay style come out now. If Manning wasn't there to stop the dad ,the Colts would have been the LA Colts.
  15. Cam loved the team he was on. It gave him a chance to do things no rookie would ever dare do. He knew the team would go nowhere and played helter skelter. What else could a coach do but go along for the ride. Cam was an instant hero in Carolina but if he plays on a team that goes somewhere, he will be made to play in a more conservative way and that is where he will fail. As long as Cam can be the star he will do well. If they put players around him,look out.