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  1. When arrested, one of the thugs said "Do I look like a killer?" lol OF COURSE YOU DO! You are part of the largest percentage per capita of murderers in the United States!
  2. And tuberculosis. Tuberculosis Research and Treatment Volume 2017 (2017), Article ID 8567893, 8 pages Immigrant Arrival and Tuberculosis among Large Immigrant- and Refugee-Receiving Countries, 2005–2009 Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA
  3. Bao and Jenny Lam, both 61, were “found bound and shot to death inside their home,” located in a gated-community in Spring on Saturday night, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday. I guess the ADL chose not to count the most prolific group of murderers in their terrorist "survey" - black males under the age to 25, the most dangerous terrorist group in the United States. Thankfully the Lone Star State will try, convict, and execute these terrorists for their brutal savage crimes.
  4. “After a detailed investigation, police have determined that the events described in the original news release did not happen,” Toronto Police said in a statement. “The investigation is concluded.” Unfortunately, the little liar will not face any charges for reporting the Fake Hate Crime. As usual.
  5. And you two would be posting in that hypothetical other thread, calling the "polar opposite" a racist.....but in here you don't say a thing about it. Lying hypocrites.
  6. "da racists" lol Classic.
  7. The victim, a librarian in his 40s, was walking near the library shortly after midnight when Watts, Dearmond and the third person approached him. A fourth person served as a lookout, court documents say. Of course it was a hate crime, but that was never brought up as a reason for the horrific savage black-on-white beating, as usual. Cage these animals for a long long time.
  8. Odd that the Trump haters think mocking a President's skin color and comparing a President to a species of ape is appropriate.
  9. For the first time, DeKalb County police are trying to arrest a local parent because, they say, her child was involved in violent crimes when he should have been getting ready for school. Lock up this crack whore before she breeds again.
  10. A 34-year-old pimp was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for trafficking a 15-year-old girl in San Bernardino, the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office announced Friday. Savage.
  11. The brother of the dead thug should be charged with inciting to riot for making the false inflammatory statements. And the failed thug writer Shaun King should be fired as well. Cop goes home safe, thug lies dead in the street Happy ending.
  12. A 4-year-old girl robbed by a brazen brute at an Upper West Side bank lost her cherished pink “Frozen” glove as the thief ripped cash from her hand — and now the terrified tot thinks the mugger will return to take her other glove, her mother said Thursday. If Obama had a son, he'd look like the mugger. Savage.
  13. Six of 12 gang members connected to the killing of a South Carolina couple in a hit ordered from jail were slapped with lengthy prison sentences on Monday. If Obama had sons, they'd look like Untied Blood Nation gang members. Savages.
  14. Who would want to visit that s***hole country?
  15. Five people were shot Friday afternoon in two separate shootings that were connected by one suspect. Among those shot, three were killed including 5-year-old Samaii Daniel , 8-year-old Sammarre Daniel, and 70-year-old Robert Payne. Queshan needs to be put to death as soon as possible, savage animal.