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  1. Not if you're an Urbana fan.
  2. Sure was fortunate for the state champs who got the best two..."Urmascus"
  3. But there is a history of leaving one high school for another, isn't there?
  4. Talking about Stefanelli recruiting transfers to GC...I know it's shocking but we're on the same side
  5. And at the same time he was recruiting his two 300 pound starting offensive tackles from public schools...and more transfers this year. He's either the biggest hypocrite out there or maybe he's seen the
  6. WCAC does not want SFA...they already are unhappy with SJC getting after it and what SFA is doing is triple chance that happens.
  7. I think you guys forgot Grant Hill...he was a pretty good player on those two Duke teams. And another local guy on those same teams was Christian Ast out of High Point who was a young reserve for the Blue Devils.
  8. I'm a private school guy and we've disagreed several times but I second all that you say in this post...there are lots of hypocrites on this forum.
  9. My understanding is that he qualified for huge financial aid and received huge financial aid but did pay some amount of outside supporter writing a blank check. The Plank money obviously helps the financial aid budget and clearly allows the school to get much closer to meeting need than most schools. Just like with some colleges meeting full need to all who are accepted (Ivy league, Duke,etc) while others give less than full need. And just like at many non-scholarship colleges it helps if they want you for athletics.
  10. No exception needed...SJC denied admittance to several applicants who went on to play at other Private schools (DeMatha, Bullis, McNamara and St.Francis among others)...and both transfer quarterbacks the past two years paid more than the full tuition at some schools (and more than they were paying at their previous schools). But don't let facts get in the way of your narrative.
  11. A head coach tweeting it after a big win is a bit obnoxious imo.
  12. Motivating and recruiting are two huge parts of being a for ****talking, we heard a lot less of that "we are built differently" crap this past
  13. We agree on this Mamba...nothing is perfect...stop worrying about "fixing" the system and just beat the guy lined up opposite you.
  14. Then you must think they should make Josh the head coach...Brooks is "just a high school coach" who never spent one second in the NFL and didn't even play major college ball.
  15. Everybody who ever played in the NFL is automatically a great coach? Many have been good coaches and many have been less than great. Just because you could play doesn't mean you can coach...I think it may take a little while for Josh to be as good a DC as Deno has been for a long time.