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  1. In the end Gilman will make the right hire.
  2. I would hope so.
  3. You have any idea when they will announce the new coach?
  4. Ryken is nowhere near Gilmans but I still think that him bouncing around isn't really good.
  5. Do you really think that he would leave Ryken and coach start coaching his 3rd school in 3 years, not only that, he coach a Malvern team that beat up Gilman two years ago.
  6. who is the other one?
  7. Is the Ryken guy on the table?
  8. I haven't heard about any names for the new head coach, but they have to be within weeks of announcing it. GA you hear anything I'm not hearing?
  9. Do they have film?
  10. who is #44 on MSJ
  11. From what I heard John Carroll lost to St Frances in OT after John Carrol hit a buzzer beater that they overturned.
  12. #8 from MSJ looked really good until he got hurt against Gilman, What year is he?
  13. Grinnage played weeks 1 and 2 at SFA last year, Westminster in mid September, and the rest is history. Haven't heard about a slutzky do you have his highlights?
  14. Its a tough thing to do especially if the coaches you follow promise you the world when you get there.