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  1. Who owns you?
  2. Seek. Help. What is wrong with you. I post whenever or wherever I want.
  3. seek help
  4. I believe IMHO he has serious issues
  5. Go back to sleep. Trump is a racist. and a bigot. Trump in this campaign has gone after African Americans, immigrants, Latinos, Asians, women, Muslims and the disabled. Trump led the “birther” movement challenging President Obama’s standing as a natural-born American; used various vulgar expressions to refer to women; spoke of Mexico sending rapists and other criminals across the border
  6. Please prove those that criticized Obama are racist; although most racist hate Obama.
  7. Please provide a link, or stop lying
  8. For people that look like him
  9. Only in your mind. my position has not changed. Seek help you obviously have mental issues
  10. Can you read? Look at your own character. Your world must be a lonely place lol I said opinions are not facts. I don't know what your problems is, but i bet it is hard to pronounce. Do you have a fetish for stalking? Seek help