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  1. Time for the anti-gun nuts to cancel their Amazon Prime subscriptions and burn their Iphones.
  2. LOL then there's this. Many companies have stood up, said they are sticking with the NRA, and told the anti-gun nuts to go to hell. This latest fad has officially run it's course.
  3. Yeah, it is pretty dumb. No one accused the anti-gun nuts of being particularly smart though.
  4. LMAO how the hell do you hide a Valentine's Day card in your crap?
  5. ROTFLMAO these "experts" are just a bunch of anti-gun nuts.
  6. This is awesome. It's going to be great and the plans are coming together in record time. President Trump is a man of action.
  7. Much ado about nothing. Companies are about business. Once the hoopla dies down they'll be right back at it.
  8. LOL the liberal rubes fell for another one. CNN has been caught creating fake news many times. This is just the continuation of a trend.
  9. No it's not. You'd better get new glasses. President Trump is in the White House, governing effectively, and he'll do so for the next 7 years.
  10. LOL bad news liberals. Most voters couldn't care less about Mueller's phony "investigation".
  11. LOL oh noes, some more accountants and lawyers get their wrists slapped! Meanwhile, 7 more years.