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  1. The irony is that it's Obama's abysmal leadership and Hillary Clinton's general undesirability that heavily contributed to this.
  2. Excellent. Get Mueller out of there. He's proven himself to be incompetent and partisan.
  3. Trump's team is now demanding a special investigator into Mueller's wrongdoing and dubious practices. I think it's about time.
  4. He hasn't been tried in a court of law. Absent that, the voters will decide. It's likely they will favor him.
  5. LOL talk about pulling fake numbers out of your hindquarters.
  6. The liberal media complains about Trump belittling them but they can't seem to put aside their biases and file an accurate report. Go figure.
  7. The number of "mistakes" has become overwhelming and beyond suspicious.
  8. He is very popular among his supporters. All you need to do is watch one of his rallies. As for those polls, those are the same pollsters who are befuddled that Hillary Clinton was steamrolled.
  9. As I said, the phony "investigation" is essentially over. Just because you fervently wish that President Trump is arrested and imprisoned doesn't mean that it's actually going to happen.
  10. Moore hasn't been proven to be a pedophile. There's ample evidence of the late Kennedy's transgressions however.
  11. Another example of President Trump draining the swamp.
  12. And there you go. More examples of the hypocrisy being demonstrated by the liberals.
  13. So it seems you're fine with the media making 20 "mistakes" by your example. And they are only being retracted when they are caught. Which seems to be happening at an expanding rate.