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  1. It is what it is. I'm not in a position to change it. But that doesn't mean I am not interested in the sport.
  2. Does anybody actually know what schools picked up which incoming players / transfers? You don't have throw around names. Position, school, and youth team would be interesting enough, along with why they are a good pickup.
  3. So do the MIAA and WCAC merge with what is left?
  4. So who had the best recruiting class in the MIAA for incoming freshman football? Who's going where?
  5. It's always about the $$$$$$$$$ in colleges and private high schools.
  6. My sources say otherwise. Schmidt's desire to move to the college ranks is no secret. Markiewicz didn't leave a HC job to be an assistant. He will take over when Schmidt leaves Spalding within the next two years.
  7. Excellent points right here. You hit the nail on the head.
  8. But you can see how the record has been continuously dropping the last three years: 6-4 5-5 2-9 Not a good trend. Curley botched the transition from Coach Murphy moving on from Curley big time and now the program is a mess that the new coach will have to clean up. Look at what Spalding is doing. They already have Markowitz on staff, who is clearly there to replace Schmidt when Schmidt leaves in a year or two. They already have their transition plan in place.
  9. Whatever the reason, Curley football handled the transition from the Sean Murphy era to the new coach / coaches poorly. Many kids are going to think twice before going there now. They've lost stability and botched the transition and now have a mess to clean up.
  10. WOW
  11. This already exists and is a huge problem, because coaches force freshman up to varsity to keep them from transferring.
  12. BINGO. This is all 100% Correct. Especially the line about "Just look at the JV programs, most are a joke as coaches run any good player to varsity so they can't transfer if they don't play. That is also the reason the local teams have no fan base"
  13. It has nothing to do with the "gate". It has to do with getting full pay students into the school who actually pay for their tuition.