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  1. SFA

  2. Seems to have size 6'4" 200+ , but no offers that I can see. What's the word?
  3. Was he "asked to step down"? Otherwise leaving a program at the end of May doesn't seem like a very nice thing to do to your current or incoming players. Isn't it considered more professional to announce your intentions of leaving at the end of a "season", so the school and the incoming players can make decisions.
  4. Dummies can't play QB in the NFL. Neither can Intelligent people without being able to throw the ball accurately. Jackson is both a dummy and inaccurate. Oh he can run around like a fool until he gets busted up like RG III. Running QB's rarely work out in the NFL, especially not ones that are as dumb as a fence post.
  5. According to the test, a score of 13 makes him pretty much illiterate. A perfect score is 50. A score of 20 is average intelligence. He will never be an established NFL QB. The Ravens really botched this one. Josh Allen, 37 Josh Rosen, 29 Sam Darnold, 28 Baker Mayfield, 25 Lamar Jackson, 13
  6. Where did the Ex Gov Ehrlich kid end up? Gilman?
  7. "Spalding looses alot" Can you expand on this statement? Whom did they loose?
  8. Who Dat Transfer?
  9. Yep.
  10. Agreed. Just leave the league and SFA can go play with themselves.
  11. 100% True
  12. Exactly. Tuition at SFA is like 1/4 of what it was Gilman. He is using SFA the way Eastern Christian Academy was. It is essentially just a football program, with minimal educational activities.
  13. This would seem like more the case. Of course if they were on Varsity, they have no where to go within the MIAA, unless they want to sit out.
  14. This is difficult to believe since they didn't have a coach until a couple of weeks ago.