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  1. Well said!
  2. Yep!
  3. And so is mine! Agree to disagree!
  4. Highly doubt it!
  5. My information is solid and not second hand.
  6. Exactly! Holzer is a hypocrite!
  7. SFA

    GA, you are on a roll!
  8. SFA

    I thought he was a really good ball player!
  9. SFA

  10. SFA

    Couldn't agree more. Gotta come in and compete though.
  11. MSJ is also getting a receiver from Curley who is currently working out with the team. I was told he is going to play this year and won't have to sit out.
  12. SFA

    All great points!
  13. SFA

  14. SFA

    That game isn't going anywhere. Dematha wants that game!
  15. SFA

    Great point Mamba! Keep it coming!