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  1. My thoughts exactly!
  2. I am with you guys on this as well. Everyone needs to work hard at beating SFA instead of moaning and groaning about them. When I was in HS we didn't complain about a team that we had to play. We worked hard in the off season so we had a chance at beating those guys. Just my opinion!
  3. Well said!
  4. That is always a possibility!
  5. SB, I was close enough to see the crazy recruiting tactics and funneling of kids as it was tried on my little one. So yes I was close enough to see it happen to other kids as well.
  6. To name a couple, Montgomery County Bearcats is directly linked to Our Lady of Good Counsel and by what I saw last spring Dematha had direct links with Bowie Elite (Dematha). All of this driven by the Grassroots youth football league. I was amazed that this was going on but hey that's what it was at that time.
  7. SB, I was very close to this situation for quite some time and I can let you know your statement is 100% false. I have seen coaches from Calvert Hall and Good Counsel come to youth league practices and attempt to funnel certain players into their youth programs to get those same kids onto those aforementioned HS football teams. So to say those programs don't partake in these practices is highly misguided.
  8. Thank you Mamba!
  9. Coachqb, I don't understand the dislike for Saint Frances Academy when other schools such as St. Johns, Good Counsel, Calvert Hall and others do the exact same thing. So I guess all of the aforementioned private HS programs are plantations as well.
  10. So far I have to agree with you!
  11. Emmitt Smith attended Escambia High School and yes all schools in that area are rivals but Escambia and Pensacola High School is always a heated affair. During my time the games you had a little bit more incentive in was Escambia, Pine Forest, and Washington High School. The reason being because mostly everyone attended the same middle schools/elementary schools growing up so it is literally playing against one section of Pensacola to another. Great atmosphere!
  12. DW, I didn't attend Tate HS as I lived more within Pensacola city limits. I attended Pensacola High School from 1992-1996. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my time there both academically and athletically. In Pensacola my high school's primary rivalry was Escambia High School which was the same HS that Emmitt Smith attended. The school's are still rivals on the field til this day as they battle annually for the "Ye Ol Wash Boiler". I love the area for its HS football but even that has changed to some degree. When I attended there Pensacola High competed in 6A classification in Florida which at that time you were competing against the Miami, Tampa, Panama City, and Orlando teams of that era. The area was highly competitive in football during that time in which you saw alot of kids from the Panhandle sign DI scholarships to many programs across the country. The kids were all from public school and honestly private schools weren't even competitive at that time. Thanks for the information regarding the publics and privates. I will definitely keep reading everyone's point of view on this subject.
  13. I certainly remember Charlie Ward and that fast break offense. Charlie Ward coaches in my hometown of Pensacola, FL at Washington High School (which is a rival of my HS). Many moons ago I got to attend a Gold and Garnett spring game while I was in HS in Tallahassee. I got to see some serious ball players like Devin Bush and Derrick Brooks among many others who would go on to play in the NFL. Great times! I do feel Maryland has alot of talent here. I just wish the publics and privates would play a true state tournament so then there won't be arguing or opinion polls on who is the best. It's left on the field.
  14. Newbie here. I can only use Florida High School Football as a point reference on the subject matter of being the best in the state (private or public). Why don't the Maryland private and public schools just have one tournament at the end of their conference championships (private school division championships and public school district races) to determine the state champion? Honestly, I don't understand why schools can't come together and settle everything on the field.
  15. Sounds good! I will definitely PM you any games that I want to take a look at. I remember watching the Miami Central game on tv and I must say Dematha overmatched Miami Central. I also do remember Bradenton Manatee coming up to Maryland to play Gilman and that wasn't a good game for the Greyhounds. I never got the opportunity to watch any Melbourne Central Catholic out of Florida but, I am always game to watching some good football teams play. Do you know of any teams in Maryland that will play American Heritage?
  16. Got it! Training Day is one of my favorite movies. I don't know alot about Maryland football but, that is part of the reason why I am here. I have read many posts on this forum arguing private vs. public school football and quite honestly I don't understand it. I am from the panhandle of Florida and thus things are done differently there.
  17. Thanks guys for the welcome!
  18. Hi all! I am new to the Board. Looking forward to spirited conversation about HS football in the area!