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  1. The racist overtones here are ridiculous. And there's only one "i" in Saint Frances. Keep hating. Dom was forced out of McD because of his own program run amok with hazing and fight between entitled kids who think they're good enough when in reality only daddy's pockets are, and scholarship kids who, BY THE WAY, receive HOUSING at McDonogh. Trust and believe McDonogh is going the opposite direction of which you think and love the MIAA, and they want to compete on the elite level along with Saint Frances. Get a clue.
  2. I said it wasn't. It isn't. Live with it clown.
  3. Some of you people have either reading or comprehension deficits. This is not a debate. This is about the numbers...the recruiting numbers. And it's indisputable that he is the HIGHEST RANKED RECRUIT FROM BALTIMORE IN THE MODERN ERA. All that other sh!t is subjective and you're entitled to your opinions.
  5. Also, to your ignorance, the concept behind Time's Up is related to all people who have held positions of power and used it for gain at others expense in society. It's sexual assault; its sexual harassment; its gender bias; pay disparity; racial bias. Get your game up before coming at me. Cheers! ETA: GO PANTHERS! Love you Biff!
  6. Where did I say EVERYONE?
  7. I said he will finish out the year at Patterson and play his senior season. However not so fast just got off the phone with his mother. He WILL finish his junior year there. Whether he plays there as a senior is another question.
  8. Will teach them to point it out though every time they see it or experience it and never to be silenced by being intimidated into thinking they shouldn't call a racist a racist. TIMES UP lol
  9. Why am I "you guys"???? What gives you an indication I am a part of Saint Frances? Sadly you know what I am saying is true. Deep down. Go Panthers! PS- the basketball team is #17 in the country too
  10. yawn. Methinks you doth protest too much. Racism. I said it and I meant it. And every time it needs to be said, it will be. This is one of those times. Go Pathers! PS- Before someone accused me of being a Gilman Alum or in the bag for Gilman. I just know what I know and I speak facts.
  11. Hating on Saint Frances for winning... pretending it's because of Biff. LOL. If it walks like a duck.
  12. I know what I know. Biff isn't the cause, he is a symptom.
  13. Poly at Patterson should be a good one today. I'll be there and expecting a Patterson upset. Patterson has a huge visitor in the house today for the first time in a while. The kid Marvin Price has transferred back to Patterson to finish out the year and will be a Clipper for his senior year. Patterson will be back on top.
  14. I know of several on the basketball and football side where housing has been provided for them to attend schools (MSJ for example) too far from their home. Instead of creating housing, it is living with an "alumni" or another family. I know of at least 2 kids on MSJ and 2 from CHC last year whose parents paid NOTHING.... financial aid supplemented by additional private "scholarships". You don't know how many of Saint Frances' kids pay some of the tuition. I know of some who pay full. Hate against Saint Frances for building a national powerhouse within the MIAA is rooted steeply in racism.
  15. Player's mom went after Mount Carmel head coach Hakeem Hibbert in the middle of the Poly game spitting and throwing chairs at him. Anyone know anything? Heard she was arrested. And Poly won.