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  1. So the water guy came out and sure enough I was correct. Only the first 4 digits should be recorded. They recorded the first 8 digits. However he says it is a billing issue. So I have to call again downtown and take it up with them. He says he turns in his report and says the meter works properly and the meter reading is "7" where before it was "371" (in reality it should ahve been "3" The main question I have/had is if these new meters are digital with wifi and cars just drive by and pick up the info. How did my reading turn out incorrect? If mine was incorrect wouldn't everyone on the street be incorrect since it is software driven. Who knows. They probably still have some dude sitting behind a 246 DX computer crunching numbers on excel spreadsheet.
  2. haha No worries. My main job is testing computer systems for the government and as you know the government makes alot of mistakes so Im use to testing and catching stuff. I want to crack open my neighbors meter and see if his displays the same as mine or if it is different.
  3. Damn straight. lol
  4. Fairly certain I fig out my water meter issues. My digital meter has 9 numbers on it 000,000.000. Over top each number is a little line indicating I assume which numbers are recorded in 100cubic feet. My meter read 000371.000. Only the first 4-6 numbers should be recorded based on what I read about other counties. However mine records 8 numbers. So my reading should be 371. Im charged based on every 100 cubic ft. Therefor I should be charged 371 divided by 100 = 3.71 cubic feet. However since they recorded more numbers than they should the 371 looks like 37100 divided by 100 = 371. Thus why it appears I am filling up a swimming pool.
  5. Yea I find it hard to believe our line is tapped by another. Especially since about 4 years ago we had our main line replaced by a plumber. Fairly certain if he saw that he would have said something to me. But I figured I would do it anyway just to cover my bases and to please the wife Good idea too about doc the jugs. Could use the outdoor spout and fill the jugs right next to the meter and get real time results.
  6. I haven't yet. They are suppose to come out April 27th to check the meter. However being it is the city I know they are going to shrug their shoulders and say its fine. I like to gather as much info as possible before talking to anyone. I have one or two more tests I want to perform. One filling a 1 gallon bucket and reading what the meter registers. And also I am going away for a few days. I plan on shutting the water off in the house. My wife swears our water line is connected to multiple houses.
  7. Yea I don't have a meter in my basement otherwise that would be nice. Its hard to fight something with only one meter and the people that you pay, also installed it, and also say it works. 2151 gallons of water a day is alot of F'n water. I can't believe it has been years and this is still an ongoing issue.
  8. Here to add to the list of issues. Just had a new Digital water meter put on my house. Over a 35 day period I used 371 (100cubic ft) of water. Which came out to be 2151 gallons of water a day. $695 Needless to say I am not happy. Typically my bill is $50. I turned off the water to the house adn checked the meter. No leaks. I contacted downtown. They said they would ahve a guy contact me in 2 days HAHAHA. 2 weeks later still calling trying to get a guy to come out and look at their meter. This isn't going to go well I can tell.
  9. Ive worked maintenance work as a first job when I was 14 and continue to this day to do it part time as a 2nd job for "play money" (20+yrs) I have a masters degree and a good job with the government. I have no reason to be cleaning toilets other than the pay is decent for the work put in. Its how you get ahead in life.
  10. I disagree. People forget so dang fast it isn't even funny. 6 months from now people will be buying UA goods like they always have and won't even be able to remember why they wanted to boycott.
  11. THis is like lawn darts. You can't buy lawn darts anymore but you can by the dart, the feather, etc and make lawn darts.
  12. Because their stock dropped 20% Tuesday
  13. Luckily I don't have a ton of it however would be nice while im waiting if it had a dividend. Also feel like it is oversold at this point.
  14. Why is that sign so distracting vs say the other dozen along the road? I think the problem is simple. People are in a hurry. People are busy doing everything else other than focusing on driving.
  15. I never understand the "equal pay" stance. One I think each person has to identify their worth. And if you think your worth is that of a fellow co-worker why is it the gov responsibility? If a woman thinks they should make the same amount as a guy in XYZ workplace shouldn't she take that up with the workplace? If you accept a job that pays less then you think you should be paid whose fault is that? Is it the gov fault? Shouldn't you negotiate better? If the pay isn't right why take the job at all?