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  1. Most people don't feel like posting something when 90% of the replies are : "You are an idiot." "That is your opinion" " ### got another email today" "where is your references?" ect. ect. ect. Plus this site needs a new server. I lose the site 50% of the time. It either freezes or times out.
  2. I don't know about the rest of you but I am trying to create another National Holiday. I think this one will be of great benefit to mankind especially America. I am going to call it. "Thank God Obama won't be President after November day" We will all celebrate by having jobs, some money, and our homes will be worth more than the current bucket of spit. In fact, I hope it becomes so popular that many of his followers like Harry Ried, Nancy Pelosi , Steny Hoyer, and Martin O'Malley will all celebrate by resigning. "Hallelujah................"Hallelujah...................."Hallelujah-"Hallelujah-"Halle-----lujah! I think we are on to something here !!! It will be better than...Festivus .
  3. Home invasions are very scary. In England where it became a law that a homeowner can't own a hand gun, home invasions rose by 230% right after the law went into effect. I would hate to shoot someone. However, to protect my family I keep a loaded , well hidden hand gun in my home and it is easy for me to get to if an invader tried to get in. I would not hesitate to shoot. I am a good enough shot to shoot someone unarmed without killing them. However, if they are armed I would have to start firing towards the chest. Unfortunately, you have to assume that the person invading your home is armed. I am sure that the homeowner who killed the invader feels bad but at least he is still alive to feel bad.
  4. This may sound unrelated but...I love to take my boat up to McCormack & Schmicks at the Inner Harbor and dock there and have dinner out on their patio. Two summers ago the wife and I were having dinner and at the table next to us were a couple in their 30s and with two children. The oldest was a little girl around 7 and the younger was a little boy maybe 2. The parents were not watching these kids and they would walk over to the bulkhead by the boat. I thought my wife was going to die. Finally I got up and told them that the water over there is 17 ft. deep and black and if those children fell in you would never find them until it was too late. You should have seen the look they gave us. If it didn't say "go mind your own F-ing business" I will eat my hat. Makes you wonder why the good lord lets some people become parents. My wife and I worried about those two children the rest of the day.
  5. Great reply. My children are 36 & 32. They take me to restaurants. Seriously, when they were babies we took them to restaurants and if they got cranky either my wife of I would pick them up and take a stroll until they calmed down. The kids enjoyed going out to dinner and luckily we could afford to go often when they were little. I agree that if you are in a nice resteurant and it is just you and your wife and the tabel next to you has a child or two that really don't want to be there and the parents are threatening a "time out" just ask the waiter to move you. Good parents take the child away from the table and get them calmed down and return. We never let having children stop us from going out to eat. Once the kids got used to it they knew if they didn't behave we would get a babysitter and leave them with grandmom while we went out. That didn't happen too often.