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  1. Maria now a Cat 5 has devastated Dominica and if the projections are correct, Puerto Rico is the next 'bullseye'. Keep your head down dude, good luck and stay safe.
  2. Only around 3% of Turkeys land mass is in Europe (west of the Bosphorus). The rest is in Asia.
  3. Geez man, what sites are you visiting?
  4. Thanks I will, Autumn is my 2nd favourite season, Spring being my #1.
  5. Actually, a fall in London could be quite painful, I wouldn't be at all jealous of that. Are you some kind of insurgent, plotting fall of the Tower of London? Enjoy your autumn.
  6. IMHO you'd be far better employed in worrying about your corner of the globe and let NK worry about theirs. I really don't think that they give a shyte about your rolled up newspaper and quite honestly, why should they?
  7. I was going to remark on that inexactitude also but decided against, as I have already opined enough about NK's nuclear intentions on the multitude of previous 'Eek - he's fired off another one' threads. If anyone's interested, I haven't changed that opinion.
  8. An Amateur Far Extreme Ultra Radical eh? Hi D.S. How's it hanging?
  9. Same shyte different gravy - they should both be ashamed of their selves.
  10. Perhaps they meant to call it 'farcical recognition' ...
  11. What about failing to recognise a face on it's debut performance - oops!
  12. Indeed it is. Two or three of us have alluded to the 'parochial' flaw in the OP's theorem but certainly, ms maggie most succinctly hit the nail, smack on the head.
  13. I don't understand his point. Is he saying that only when the Hurricane hits the US that it's intensity becomes a CC/GW statistic? Does the devastation of Barbuda and the outlying Caribbean Islands not count for anything. Cuba took the sting out of Irma before it made US landfall.
  14. While your at it, remember to report your own TOS violation.
  15. Not wishing to 'teach a grandmother to suck eggs' but you can make dry mead, I made some myself back in the day.