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  1. I'd recommend a little wedge of humble pie for him ...
  2. Of course, you'd have gone in all guns blazing, firing from the hip ... wait till the facts are in, the hysteria has died down and your testosterone levels have balanced a bit before you decide who, if anybody, was gutless.
  3. What about Mickey Mouse?
  4. "Those incapable of all but very simple thinking", would be those that think that the answer is more guns. The real answer is incredibly simple but the American people refuse to see it or contemplate it. Future generations will, I'm sure, but until then you are simply attempting to put sticky plasters on to gaping wounds.
  5. Oh, I'm sure there's a gun nut around that'll try to spin it their way.
  6. Paddle faster - I hear banjoes ...
  7. Yes I did, and I'll put my geography even Noth American geography up against the average Yank, and would win hands down every time. Okay, so I should have said "would have been on such a list" is that clearer for you? Try and stretch your imagination a little bit. Bear in mind that Florida is a little more gung-ho with it's attitude to guns and that "stand your ground" law than Ohio is link.
  8. If 'more guns' is your only solution then they have every right to lay blame, point fingers, and mock you. IMO.
  9. How many of the teachers (what percentage) of the school in Florida were on that waiting list?
  10. He probably had a brain, a will to live and common sense. weighed up his odds of a handgun versus an automatic rifle in a one on one situation and chose the option that most of us would have chosen.
  11. Yes, I did read the article. And what of those teachers that do not want to be armed and do not want to be a primary target because of the 'arm teachers' policy, do they have no say, no rights in the matter?
  12. But if a handfull of wannabe Dirty Harry teachers volunteer to be armed, it makes all the teachers primary targets. Let the teachers teach, find other ways to combat the madness that you have created, just putting more guns into the equasion is only going to exacerbate the situation.
  13. Surely just arming a few teachers puts them all at risk in the event of the next attack when they will all become the primary targets. Does a civilised society have the right to expect that of it educating staff?
  14. Perhaps in the states you have hospitals that will keep a brain dead, vegetive child on life support indefinately, if the parents could afford it. Here though, what right do the parents have to insist that the hopsital keeps their son alive - just because, with no hope of a cure and probably in suffering, and at the countries expense? The judge has listened to the conclusions of the doctors and specialists and made the only verdict that he can. He is correct, in this instance, to think of the child and remove the decision from the parents.