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  1. What's sad is that you are forced to continue in campaign mode because the reality of your candidate is a nightmare.
  2. We have to remember this is Russia supplying this info. It speaks volumes that we're forced to accept the worst possible interpretation of Trumpian missteps if we are to have any sense of the truth.
  3. I agree. Kanter is taunting a dictator (Trump) by taunting his good buddy Erdogan. This country is changing fast and what happens with Kanter should be a fair barometer of what's in store for American dissidents in the coming months. The enemy of a thugocracy is truth so jailing dissidents is something the GOP is in agreement with Trump on.
  4. If we just wanted a back channel means of communication the State Dept in league with the CIA would handle it. This seems to be a back channel outside of government. That stinks to high heaven and likely a crime in itself. This administration has Russia on the brain and it's time to find out why. Meanwhile billionaires continue to treat Washington DC as their personal watering hole.
  5. I don't see these thugs rushing to secure a back channel to the UK, Germany or any other democratically elected country. It's Russia Russia Russia. It must be so frustrating for Trumpy not to be able to talk directly to Putin.
  6. Still milking the victory lap, huh? Anything to keep people from looking behind the curtain. Sad, bitter and darkly obsessive.
  7. This was pretty good. Glad to see Mad continues onward and upwards taking the latest generation with them. http://www.madmagazine.com/sites/default/files/imce/2017/05-MAY/MAD-Magazine-546-Cover-Jared-Kushner_5928488d885e42.54600322.jpg
  8. False equivocation. It's the last tool in a rethuglican's tool kit.
  9. Erik Prince is Betsy DeVos brother btw. I don't remember the story but there were a tidal wave of stories back then. Good catch! Prince would have been a good go between for something like this and this may be the incident that puts Jared in the docket. With Trump and Co we are dealing with the borderless corrupt looking to score a heist on the global situation.
  10. The irony is a Trump supporter accusing others of "fraudulently selling" anything.
  11. Did Kushner seriously think any line to the Kremlin wouldn't be listened in on by a half dozen departments?
  12. They are in the best position to know the ramifications of a Trumpf.
  13. It's as if people think it's all a joke. At bottom, we have cut education loose and have created through under-schooling and over-propagandizing a clueless population of credulously gullible whelps.
  14. That could explain why the Trump spawn was sent there.
  15. If only they would put money in the box Trump would be kissy kissy to them as well. We have been the friend to thugs for decades now. The uncouth classless lout is merely celebrating this openly. We look like total simpletons abroad. I guess we are.