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  1. Having security certainly didn't help anyone in Parkland. Arming teachers is a recipe for disaster. The answer is limiting the firepower allowed civilians like every other sane country in the world. An armed society is not a safe society as we have learned.
  2. Well I wouldn't mind it being repealed. It's not realistic in this country. Everyone should be able to defend themselves but the catch comes when the lawyers are let into the room.
  3. I can just see the cops breaking in on a situation having to decide who to shoot at first: the white guy with the gun or the black janitor with the gun. This is madness upon more madness.
  4. It's always about them. F the other guy until they find they are the other guy.
  5. Where have I said to repeal the 2A? I don't care if you have rifle. I don't care if you have more under certain conditions. But the gun morons want their cache to remain secret and don't want to be made accountable for death their hobby causes. What if collecting stamps somehow was responsible for a million deaths since 1968? How would you feel about that? There's no chance of the 2A being repealed. But it is within reach to take weaponry out of the hands of fevered morons.
  6. Won't anyone rid us of these toxic morons? Are they stupid, evil or a combination of both?
  7. A million people dead from violence (just from 1968), actually- really- on the ground bleeding out dead, against some improbable circumstance that we will form militias in order to war against the government? Think about it. The war against the government is happening right now. It's being waged by Trump, by republicans, evangelical idiots and bigoted clowns looking for a self fulfilling fantasy. Dream time fantasies aren't a legal basis for anything. Your guns aren't going to help you one bit when the real threat is oligarchy. You want to know why? Because the gun goobers have about five brain cells and stand behind Trump. Meanwhile the body count ticks upwards.
  8. No other constitution in the entire world has an amendment written in to aid citizens in its destruction. Somehow other countries manage with only ordinary means of protection. And if for some reason the government comes after any of us our few weapons will not be a match for the kind of firepower they have.
  9. So we are back to my original "stupid post." Bye.
  10. While you defend the right to use them as paperweights and doorstops others are using them for their intended purpose.
  11. Companies that do business with the NRA in case anyone wants to send an email complaint: https://thinkprogress.org/corporations-nra-f0d8074f2ca7/
  12. The backlash grows. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/feb/23/us-companies-nra-best-western-wyndham
  13. I agree. What's a million dead people anyhow? You need your gun for target practice. Nothing self-centered there.
  14. When are the Trumpies going to give it up and realize they are being led around by their nose like a herd of startled cattle? Maybe they should stick to emails, Benghazi and birth certificates. Get a life.