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  1. How many republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. They work in the dark.
  2. Donny and Putin sitting in a tree K I S S I N G First comes blackmail Then comes marriage Soon we're subsisting On a bellyful of cabbage.
  3. It squeaks when you chew it. The steak that is. The coin, god only knows. At least Easter coins have chocolate in them.
  4. The market has spoken. I'd get one but it would probably break in the mail or melt in my pocket.
  5. Dodge? From my seat it's a heat seeking missile right down Volperdink's chimney
  6. Ha! Grab them by the b---s and their hearts and minds will follow. - LBJ
  7. Another way of looking at it is the swamp draining the White House.
  8. Guess they are going to renege on the coin too. This administration can't keep its word about anything.
  9. How many people from his campaign do you need to establish collusion? (Sounds like the intro to a joke)
  10. And I was looking forward to my commemorative coin.
  11. Obama sent the stock market on a steady rise after some dumb republican crashed it and nearly the economy. O gradually lowered our presence in the ME war some dumb republican started. He did what he could but he had republicans to fight every inch of the way. Now the GOP comes glopping in, knocking over the lamps and breaking the furniture like a tribe of apes. It will take the next Democrat and probably the democrat after that to fill in the crater the GOP's thieving monster will leave behind. Noam Chomsky has repeatedly warned that the GOP forms the gravest existential threat in human history. Let's try to prove Chomsky wrong. Trump for prison.
  12. A sinkhole is developing on the white house lawn. For real. May be a Trump Empire development scheme for underground condos for Russian oligarchs or new lows being plumbed.
  13. It is the most peculiar problem the republic has ever faced: a political party choosing to collaborate as American institutions are torn down one after the other. This is not good at all. What does one do? Send in the military? I fear we are a third world skyscraper/shantytown country already.
  14. He's able to get away with it because the GOP evidently don't have a problem building a fascist state.
  15. Destroying their monuments probably did.