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  1. Drive past gilman on my way to practice and i seen a score of 53 to 7 not in favor of gilman. I know it probably jv but damn. Are they that sorry or are they playing a machine. Is the talent that depleted varsity took everything
  2. I could care less about what edmondson did or what they have. I wasnt talking about them. I understand you were saying add input on edmondson so it wont all be gilman or miaa but what if I had no input or moved out of state and came back here once in a while to follow up on hs sports. I couldnt get any information other than gilman or mias schools. Guess im in the wrong location
  3. How many schools is there in the baltimore area. I believe its way more than gilman, the miaa, and the city big four. And as far as myself, I went to edmondson played 3 sports in high school graduated in 2007. No allegiance just love sports and sports talk in general. I would like to read about whats going on over at perry hall to carver baltimore city. Not alot of coverage or information just alot of biased post coming from supporters from certain schools. I guess I come to the wrong place for information huh.
  4. Why is it that every topic that get puts into this forum end up being a discussion about gilman or the almighty miaa. Start a gilman only thread and talk gilman football basketball soccer anything and everything gilman because im so tired of hearing about gilman
  5. No word on perry hall
  6. I just wanna know how come everytime gilman plays on tv that lose and lose big time.