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  1. O's need SP and a SS badly I have to guess thats what they wanted from Houston as well. They have like 5-6 OF's in the minors who will be ready in another year or two at most. I really hope trading for any teams top 100 OF isnt what held up any deals.
  2. Clearly Angelos wasnt ready to tank. Neither is Buck since he is returning next year. Tobias Myers had some legit numbers in Aberdeen though. Im a little worried he'll turn into a solid SP. Hopefully Beckham has untapped potential and blows up like Schoop, but that could be a very bad trade 3 years from now.
  3. I would not have wanted what Texas got in return for Darvish so if thats what the Dodger were offering, not a prospect haul in the least.
  4. Thats what im thinking. Im a little surprised the O's got him to be honest. He is probably our #2 right now. If they can reign him cheap next year Its a win trade. The only downside is if he pitches well, it will hurt the O's draft position.
  5. I think LF is Mancini's job until someone like Santander or Hays'/Mullins decides to claim it. Not even factoring in Moundcastle and Rifaela., There are alot of OF's in the organization right now. Luckily a few of them do play CF.
  6. Ademar Rifaela for Frederick also hit his 18th HR today, his OPS is getting up near .870 in Frederick, so thats 5 potential OF prospects in Bowie and Frederick that could legitimately play in the majors within a year or two. If Moundcastle can remain in the IF that makes it 4 OF and a 3B.
  7. Final core 21-1 vs Akron Rubberducks. Every Bowie prospect had a big day, but Santander 2-2 with 2 doubles and 3 walks in his first rehab assignment game is pretty impressive. Im guessing the Orioles will gladly make room for Santander on their 25-man if he keeps that production up. Mullins and Hays both hit HR's and Moundcastle had 2 Doubles. http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?gid=2017_07_27_akraax_bowaax_1&t=g_box&sid=milb
  8. They dont have a heck of alot to sell though. Britton isnt hot. Neither is O'Day. Brach look decent and I hope they get a good offer for him. Otherwise I doubt they trade him either. They mostly just have some salary dump type of trades, and I dont think they want to wave the white flag on the season that badly. The whole idea of moving Britton was because of the potential big return he may have gotten. Rumor is Houston and LA are still interested.
  9. Maybe Brach has some legitimate value, but otherwise the O's dont have much to trade away. Unless they want to dump salary.
  10. Roch says the O's are resolved to trade Britton partly because of his large salary next year. Problem is Britton keeps getting roasted, lessening his trade value every day. With each outing, teams are beginning to think Britton wont help them at all.
  11. So are they sellers again? Didnt take long for the teams ugly starting pitching to rear it head again. Duquette must not like the offers he's hearing for Britton/Brach for him to reverse course so rapidly.
  12. Outside of Britton and Brach, not alot of valuable pieces. If they were dumping salary like Castillo and Smith and O'Day, that IMO, would be selling. I wouldnt worry too much either way, because Britton isnt pitching like a top reliever at the moment, and it might be scaring teams off. The plan has always been to keep the core intact through 2018, then re-access. Only a terrible stretch of baseball has made the team reconsider its priorities.
  13. `one top executive for a team that also wants to add a big-time reliever said, “His salary is only going to climb (for 2018) and if he gets hurt in the next two months, which is a serious consideration, you probably have to non-tender him and not have him next year.”.. Is there actually a top executive that dumb as to non tender Britton? If he's using that argument as a negotiating tactic he should probably bow out of trade discussions right now.
  14. How does the arm look?
  15. Dan Connolly‏Verified account @danconnolly2016 3h3 hours ago More FYI, an #Orioles top special asst has been watching Oklahoma City Dodgers the past few days. LAD RHP prospect Walker Buehler pitches Thur For Britton?