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  1. So are they sellers again? Didnt take long for the teams ugly starting pitching to rear it head again. Duquette must not like the offers he's hearing for Britton/Brach for him to reverse course so rapidly.
  2. Outside of Britton and Brach, not alot of valuable pieces. If they were dumping salary like Castillo and Smith and O'Day, that IMO, would be selling. I wouldnt worry too much either way, because Britton isnt pitching like a top reliever at the moment, and it might be scaring teams off. The plan has always been to keep the core intact through 2018, then re-access. Only a terrible stretch of baseball has made the team reconsider its priorities.
  3. `one top executive for a team that also wants to add a big-time reliever said, “His salary is only going to climb (for 2018) and if he gets hurt in the next two months, which is a serious consideration, you probably have to non-tender him and not have him next year.”.. Is there actually a top executive that dumb as to non tender Britton? If he's using that argument as a negotiating tactic he should probably bow out of trade discussions right now.
  4. How does the arm look?
  5. Dan Connolly‏Verified account @danconnolly2016 3h3 hours ago More FYI, an #Orioles top special asst has been watching Oklahoma City Dodgers the past few days. LAD RHP prospect Walker Buehler pitches Thur For Britton?
  6. Now 6-0 in the 2nd. I agree this trade is looking more and more like a good idea. I just dont know if its enough to convince Dan . He probably thinks they have another strong run in '18.
  7. Well the owner is 87, and Buck is reportedly retiring in 2018, so there more than likley will be entirely new FO management in 2019 as well. Not that I fault Buck for the teams minor league issues. Far from it, if they had a competent farm system, Buck would probably want to hang around, instead of retiring when Machado leaves.
  8. For these trades to happen the Orioles will probably have to play a terrible stretch of baseball for two weeks. Going .500 or a few games over probably wont deter Dan at all.
  9. This is what im hoping except I was thinking they should move Machado too. Im not sure how big of a return Brach would get. Teams weren't willing to give up much for him in the offseason. If his value has gone up since then, by all means trade him.
  10. https://www.fanragsports.com/mlb/inside-baseball-nl-notes-nationals-call-orioles-britton/ Apparently being told he's not available.
  11. Agree that the scouts havent been good, but they need better pitching instruction in the minors also. Doesn't seem to be alot of promising development there.
  12. The nucleus was brought here by MacPhail, but he also had the benefit of drafting high and trading valuable pieces to bring in prospects. Thats how the O's ended up with their core. Duquette isnt working within the same guideline. Not even close. Other than the core, who could Duquette trade in his tenure that would net the O's a good player?
  13. He would have gotten a massive return for Machado if he had traded him in the offseason. Now its probably going to be alot less because of his slump. Is his OPS even over .700? I would have been looking to trade Machado and Britton because I knew it wasnt likley the Orioles were going to extend them, but thats not the O's style. Now they are stuck with an under performing team, and two assets that will be leaving soon regardless, and both aren't having good years.
  14. Trading cash for Crap. Nice job if you can get it.
  15. They could be showcasing Manny at SS for all we know. I agree calling up Giavi doesnt make any sense on the surface.