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  1. Broadneck did not break at all. OM just couldn't get through the Bruins D and committed so many penalties. OM missed a 34yd fg just before halftime and Broadneck missed a 26yd fg in the 3rd qtr. We definitely came out tonight and played with a purpose to show that we were much better than the first time we played them and lost 38-22. Never would've though the opening play would've decided the game. Should be a good one next Friday at Howard!
  2. Tevez returns to Old Trafford this weekend. I wonder what kind of greeting he will get?
  3. I was completely aware of that but I knew we would be ok. Question is, can we possibly go undefeated in the league?
  4. No, I am still here. I really havent been on here saying much but ive been watching us when I can. I can say that things are good so far.
  5. Sometimes that damn away goals rule helps you or it hurts you like yesterday. That guy Robben it a ridicously lucky shot. It seemed after the first half, we let up on Bayern a bit but being down a man didnt help either. What was Raphael thinking? Now its all about the Premiership title.
  6. Indeed that would. So sad to see us hold that 1-0 lead yesterday only to lose it at the end of the game to Bayern. And then insult to injury was Rooney being helped off the field. With Chelsea on Saturday, this doesnt look good. Someone is going to have to step up and rise to the occasion in that contest if Rooney cant go. This is what I get for speaking too soon.
  7. So what are the chances that United can hold on to the league lead? They have the crucial game against Chelsea still to come. IMO, if we win that game, we win the Premier League unless disaster strikes.
  8. So nice to see Real Madrid spend all that money only to lose and get ousted from the Champions League. Manchester United destroyed Beckham and AC Milan which couldnt have made me happier.
  9. Nice to see Manchester United beat Arsenal this weekend. I was too occupied to get to the tv to check it out. Ben Foster made a fantastic kick save that was a sure Arsenal goal. Wenger got thrown out so he went and watched with the United fans. Classic!!
  10. Please. You act as if the season is over with and all hope is lost. Its only the second match in and we will be fine.
  11. No we dont. We are just going to miss Van der Sar badly for the next two months.
  12. We had a great season but it couldve been better. There is no reason why Manchester United shouldnt have been in the FA Cup final but a bad judgement call by SAF costed us that chance. Yesterday was just horrible in every aspect of the game. After the first 10 minutes, it was over. Even if we had scored on some great chances early, I dont really know if it wouldve changed the outcome of the game because Barcelona didnt want us to have any signs of life during the match. We will be back next season so laugh now folks.
  13. Well that is game over. 2-0 Barcelona thanks to a brilliant header by Messi. Ronaldo is pissed but United did it to themselves by turning the ball over and no possession what so ever.
  14. I have no idea what the hell we are doing but we look scared against Barcelona. Right now its only 1-0 but it should easily be 3-0 or 4-0 if it wasnt for Van der Sar. We are looking like a bunch of idiots right now.
  15. Okay, this is ridiculous. Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough were actually considering a lawsuit against Manchester United if SAF put a weak squad on the field this weekend. What a joke. It not our fault that those clubs cant perform and keep themselves out of relegation. They deserve what is coming to them.