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  1. So we have a new president who has been in office for 5 months or so. He has now dug in for the second time with his party to repeal a law with another law that has no similarities with what he promised on the campaign trail.....Right?
  2. The Panels are getting better. I have a co-worker who installed one just for his water heater. He swearers it cut his electric bill.
  3. Lot of solar companies here in Utah are trying to sell the option of they install the panels for free and charge you less for your electric bill. Had a guy came over to the house last month from the solar company to sell panels like I mention above. I asked him about the option to buy the panels right out and he told me that it depends on the kilowatts used every month by the house hold. He estimated about 30 grand installed with a 10 year warranty( of course you can extend warranty) this also comes with the ability to connect to the power grid and sell your extra power to the electric company(They are required to buy it from you). My bill in Utah runs about 250 -300 bucks a month, the math to me comes out to a savings depending on how much you do not use and sell back to your power company. You also need to check in your area for government subsidies. they help out with low cost loans or really good tax break. I am thinking about it. The newer generation of panels have gotten better. I have not gotten into haggling the price yet but will keep you informed.
  4. I am worried about the younger generation watching the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.
  5. Scary thing is by next year Flaccos contract may well be considered a bargain. NFL QB salaries are about to go up. I know the skins want to sign Cousins long term( He might just get a boat load of cash). Then there is Carr he wants a huge contract, then there is Bree's ect. The simple fact is QBs get the larger percentage of teams salary cap. Not sure how Brady's contract works, Iam just a Ravens homer and think that dude is a devious sob.
  6. Lyle Jeff's ( One of the leaders of a polygamists sect in Utah, Colorado Arizona and parts of Texas with his brother Warren) Is in jail now for defrauding the state of Texas out of millions of dollars with false claims for food stamps and fraud. They did this in other states also. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/06/16/fugitive-polygamist-defendant-food-stamp-fraud-arrested-south-dakota/402573001/ Warren Jeff's is in jail for 2 counts of child rape for taking a 12 year old as a wife, and a 15 year old. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/08/09/texas.polygamist.jeffs/index.html
  7. Do not believe there was a conspiracy involved in the London fire. I still would like to the information giving when the investigation is finished. That was when heck of a blaze, and the life lost was unacceptable.
  8. That is right. I would not give him more cash till he proves he can win again. Most elite QB's could work with the offence Flacco has.. He will have an upgraded defense this year that is an upgraded D from last year who lost games in the 4th Quarter.
  9. True fact, but the Orioles should still listen to trade offers from other teams. I would guess the Yankees would want him an maybe pay a decent bounty of talent.
  10. Just finished watching a Watergate special on MNBC news. It bought back a lot of memory's. it is amazing when they listed at the end of the show how many other laws in the Nixion White House had been broken and not prosecuted.
  11. I think there should be a compromise on undocumented workers. I personally know of dozens of family's (undocumented) in Utah that pay taxes, own homes, and do not break laws. I am appalled at the fact that our government goes after family's with kids that are born in this country that have not broken major laws (felons). I want my government to be just, but also fair handed with the way our society is involving. That said there are points of our society to take into account. ( these are opinion's and observations made in the state that I live in (Utah). 1. Right to work states love immigrants. They bring the wage down. ( While Utah has low unemployment it also has one of the lowest average wages) ( the joke here is right to work state means, "Right to work for less". The argument revolves is if my brother wants your job you are fired with no recourse no matter how long our well you have done your job. 2. Undocumented workers get special tax code numbers so they can pay taxes to state an federal governments (included social security money they will never see at retirement) 3. Undocumented workers are forced by state government to pay hundreds of dollars a year for a drivers license that includes back round checks ( so there is proof of laws being broken) 4. While I understand that people will argue that undocumented people eat up money from government hand outs this is not the case here.( most hand outs have been doled out to mostly white family's. ( A large problem here are polygamist family's who rip off social security and food stamps.) I do not have a solution for the problems of people who take advantage of the system, but my experience of life from Baltimore to Utah is that it happens with a variety of all races, both men and women.
  12. Worst than trouble..... Its more like the titanic and no life boats.
  13. Restructuring Flacco could be a disaster( I say could be?). Adding more years to his contract would be nuts if he does not produce. He is paid like an elite tier QB and everyone must admit he has not lived up to his elite status payment. The Ravens are one of the top franchises in the NFL and to take a risk, if lets say we do not make the playoffs again and changes have to be made. Cap hell is what would await us in 2018. The players,and coaches are well aware they are playing for their jobs in 2017. It would kill us if those changes are forced apron us and there is no cash to make the moves needed. It is time for the players, and coaches to live up to Raven style expectations of a wining team before raises or more seasons are added to any new or existing contract.
  14. He would be worth every dollar of that 24 mil if he comes back to form. I think the only way he takes a pay cut is if he gets a restructured contract. The Ravens would be foolish if they did that. Lets face it the Ravens are locked in with Flacco for better or worse and at 24 mil. Flacco should have a top tier defense this upcoming season. I say get him a few lineman when other teams make their cuts and roll the dice baby.If Flacco does not produce it will be his fault no excuses, and if he fails he could cost a lot of coaches and players to be ex Ravens.