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  1. The article says he was asked to stop and he refused. There is no place in public schools for prayer. Sorry coach. Buh bye.
  2. I hear The President of Puerto Rico has been calling the President of the Virgin Islands for some advice, but the line is constantly busy.
  3. I guess a bunch of old *** in robes don't like being shown up by a girl in a sharp looking suit.
  4. Donny has some hardcore defenders/apologists here.
  5. Ok. I'm sorry I went there. If you are happy with Donny, so be it. I expect more from the President.
  6. I'm not so sure about that. Who could have imagined the Democrats could not have put forth a candidate that could have beaten a personality like Donny?
  7. Maybe, maybe not. I'll wait for the story to play out. I don't know why you are so sure the republicans would defend him to the death. He has been butting heads with the establishment from day one.
  8. I get that. I'm not saying he will be impeached. I'm saying there is a reasonable chance the special prosecutor will bring charges of obstruction of justice.
  9. You have changed the narrative. Now you want to bet on speculation. Do you even accept the idea that there could be a case for obstruction of justice?
  10. Right. Nixon was smart enough to understand that firing the person who was investigating his illegal activities was obstruction of justice. Which is a crime and an impeachable offense.
  11. Got it. If Nixon hadn't resigned, he would have been impeached for doing basically the same thing Donny did. And Donny even bragged about doing it. We will see what Mueller comes up with. I see the parallel. If you don't, that's cool.
  12. Nixon wasn't impeached.
  13. You could make the same argument with Nixon. How did that turn out?
  14. OK. That's fair. But, Comey was investigating activity that could have implicated Donny and/or his cohorts in illegal activity. Donny fired Comey. This is not a secret.