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  1. It may have been exhaustion. He is old and out of shape. Not criticizing, just sayin'.
  2. Kinda like Fox News and their obsession with Hillary Clinton?
  3. Agreed. What is more predictive is the demographics in the voting populace. My money's on Moore. And the ghastly fallout will come home to roost for the republicans.
  4. They've all done it. Politicizing it is just what politicians do.
  5. Not gonna happen. These weasels we call politicians have paid off women to keep their mouths shut using our tax dollars.
  6. I think the chance they are all telling the truth is slim. There's just to many. Some of them, especially the ones accusing politicians, were probably paid.
  7. I believe that's the point the defense is struggling to make. I don't think it will work. It's going to be in Federal District court in Wichita. My understanding of how jury selection works at the Federal District level is, registered voters within the district with a drivers license are randomly selected. And then the typical screening occurs. The defense is asking for jurors from 'rural western Kansas'. Wichita is sort of central southern Kansas, I would suspect most of the Jurors will be from a reasonable driving distance to the court house, which is not rural western Kansas. Just my thoughts.
  8. I think a Trump supporter may be more sympathetic to them than a Hillary voter. That doesn't feel far fetched to me.
  9. Yes. Civilizations do evolve.
  10. The article was drawing a moral equivalency between the actions of Moore and Stubbs. If you agree, that's fine. For me, there is a BIG difference between consensual and non-consensual. And there is a legal difference between a 14 y.o. and a 17 y.o. as far as consent goes.
  11. I'm surprised Donny believes man ever walked on the moon.
  12. Crane lost his seat because he lost the election. As you know, but are pretending otherwise, that is the way elections work. No difference. They both used poor judgement, but didn't commit a crime. They were both reprimanded by their peers and apologized. Do I think a relationship between a 30 year old man and a 17 year old is appropriate? No. But they were both consensual. THAT is the difference between Moore and these two.
  13. What about Dan Crane? This post is beneath you mrdeltoid. Let's all remember what REALLY happened. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1983_congressional_page_sex_scandal
  14. Do you remember who the poster was that started using that?
  15. I'm hurt by your implication, Manny. I thought we were buddies. What would you have said if I'd quoted a CNN poll?