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  1. Not my point. My point is you keep twisting words intentionally. Have a good evening.
  2. You just can't help yourself. Comey's testimony was the agents didn't "think" Flynn lied to them. That is not even close to the same thing that you typed.
  3. I guess he figured if the President's family could get away with it, he might be OK.
  4. Let me know when you get the transcripts from Chris.
  5. That's different than lying. He didn't completely OMIT the information.
  6. It's the same old crap, Matt. Some of the religious extremists can't accept people who are different.
  7. You're credibly takes a hit every time you say he 'lied'. I pointed this out earlier and you agreed. You should stop while you're behind.
  8. I would give my gun to Stormy Daniels if she asked for it.
  9. It sounds like you disagree with these kids not wanting guns in their schools. So, I guess the moral of the story would be what? If all those kids would have been packing heat, they might have had a fighting chance.
  10. The Republicans may want to be careful of throwing caution to the wind regarding classified information. At least Clinton had a security clearance. How many occupants of the West Wing have been working with interim clearances for over a year?
  11. If you need a refresher on the order that guides the investigation, here it is. https://www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/967231/download Notice, the order section (b)(i) is specific to the Trump campaign. What do you suppose the basis for a "potential indictment" of Mr. Mueller would be?
  12. Bruce Ohr didn't lie about his wife. He disclosed what she did. There is some disagreement as to whether he was specific enough. There is nothing new in the Vanityfair piece that I see. Questioning sources is normal. Steele probably realizes naming the sources could be dangerous to the health of the sources and himself. Do you think the whole investigation to just go away? I'm sure a lot of people in the White House be happy to see that happen. By the way, the Republicans run the executive branch and they control both houses of Congress. If they want to start some new investigations on 'Dirty Hillary', there is nothing to stop them. It's pretty clear the President would welcome it.
  13. If you explore more closely, you will see I called the poster out on that.
  14. The cornerstone of the poster's strategy on this thread is ignoring facts. Donny will not enforce the sanctions the Republican controlled Congress passed. But he's not beholden to the Russians.