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  1. Right. Streamlining of claims processing has always been an advantage for Medicare.
  2. And let the private insurance companies compete with Medicare. You can bet the premiums would come down on those plans. The CEOs would have to take a pay cut.
  3. Guido is in my bit bucket right next to McO.
  4. Here is what the White House said; “The White House doesn’t sign off for cabinet travel so would direct you to HHS for any comments,” said Sarah Sanders, a spokeswoman for the White House." The tweet used the word didn't. Which makes sense to me. I have never heard of travel authorizations coming from the White House for cabinet level departments. Since Sanders had to respond to a question, I wouldn't characterize it as throwing Price under the bus. I'm just glad the IG is going to investigate. That's progress.
  5. Here's the Wapo piece on it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/investigation-launched-into-hhs-secretary-tom-prices-travel-on-charter-jets/2017/09/22/f7659a0c-9f9b-11e7-8ea1-ed975285475e_story.html?utm_term=.b5ec2dc4e0ef
  6. You would think he would be working with the Defense and State departments to at least have a reasonable message.
  7. I saw the article on Politico this morning. You would think some oversight committee would say something to Price about this. Maybe they just don't care.
  8. Not surprising. I can't imagine the magnitude of 'office politics' these staffers must endure.
  9. I hope Moore wins. The republicans deserve it.
  10. How long before Moore is caught in a motel room with an underage boy?
  11. I think he is compensating for his own shortcomings by constantly striking out at his most visible opponent.
  12. Can't stop thinking about her. There are a few fellows on here with the same problem. A therapist could probably help.
  13. Obviously all this recent rocket activity is motivating the world to do something, including China for the first time.
  14. I know you didn't direct this post to me. Hope you don't mind me commenting. I just believe if Melania is serious about bullying, she should start the fight right in her own back yard. You can't believe Barron doesn't see Donny's tweets. Or do you not believe Donny's tweets have ever reflected bullying? Perhaps she should start her mission by taking Donny to task.
  15. China doesn't want a nuke in NK for obvious reasons. We will see how committed they are to the banking restrictions. "Chinese banks are not allowed to provide financial transactions for new North Korean customers, and they are encouraged to begin severing ties with existing customers." "Earlier this month, branches of three major banks — Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China — in the border area reportedly suspended transactions for North Koreans." This doesn't sound like ceasing international banking transactions. http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/21/chinas-top-bank-orders-others-to-cut-business-ties-with-north-korea/ Hopefully China will get completely on board. It's going to make life even harder on the people of NK though.
  16. I think he's mad at Black Panther and Man-Ape. They made some comment about his little hands.
  17. There is an easy fix for this. Donny should direct the government to declare all his properties off limits for government travel unless there is no other option. Donny should stop conducting government business at his properties.
  18. Its funny! No reason not to enjoy the moment. I certainly thought it was funny when Barack made the quip about 57 states. I thought the clip of Donny looking around for his limo while he was standing right beside it was funny too. Lighten while you still can. We may never be here again.
  19. Or as Grandpa Willie used to say, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  20. That was an unfortunate dress. But hey, she was a professional model. I'll defer to her taste.
  21. Starting as GS12s and GS11s. I bet their co-workers really get a kick out of that.
  22. And as I recall, all of Obama's detractors were so understanding and polite about it. #MAGA
  23. Exactly. It would be like Hillary going to bat for women with cheating husbands back when she was first lady. Apparently the juxtaposition is not seen by a couple of posters.