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  1. Well, in his apology he didn't mention sexual orientation. You have to wonder how troglodytes like this guy get elected.
  2. Yea right. You can tell how much she adores her husband.
  3. Well, this is a big nothing burger. I wonder what Donny has lined up for his next distraction from Russiagate.
  4. Have you seen the leaks you're talking about? I read the IG says Comey 'defied authority' but I haven't read anything about corruption. https://nypost.com/2018/06/06/comey-defied-authority-during-clinton-probe-inspector-general/
  5. So, the spin now is, the Eagles intended to abandon their fans. It had nothing to do with the new league rule requiring the players to bow to the will of the Emperor. Only in Trumpsylvania.
  6. The walls are closing in on the Trump campaign. If Mueller can prove Donny knew about the relationship between Stone and Guccifer, Donny's going to be in big trouble.
  7. I doubt Donny believes any of that nationalistic gibberish he spouts.
  8. It would be fun to watch. I hope he tries it.
  9. Bill Clinton is a piker compared to Donny in this category.
  10. Thanks for the link. It's not rocket science. If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide. I know innocent people sometimes get railroaded by over zealous prosecutors, but not the POTUS. Donny is a scoundrel and he is not worthy the office. Congress should do the right thing and remove him from office.
  11. Yes, now there is a buzz about Donny pardoning himself. It's a new dynamic in American politics, even Nixon never tipped his toe in those waters. Donny is in a hole and he continues to dig. The investigators have him on the run. If he were innocent, there would be no reason to steadfastly attack the investigation.
  12. It's not that they are ill informed. They are too belligerent to accept reality. I believe the writing is on the wall for Donny. And I'll take no pleasure from his down fall. It's a sad chapter in the American experience.
  13. Once Donny's simple minded policies start affecting prices at WalMart, his base may take notice.
  14. I've been lurking in the background, Song. The same old dialogue became tedious to me. I feel like I have nothing to add to the discussions that hasn't be said a million times. This thread interested me because a friend of mine had some serious kidney problems and his wife was a perfect match for a doner and he survived because of it.
  15. Let's hope she's OK. The embolization procedure is low risk in most cases.
  16. If they come for my assault water pistol, there will definately be watershed.
  17. Trump is taking our guns away from us!
  18. Motel 6. That says it all.
  19. More of Donny's war on America. Haters have to hate.
  20. "You have to stand proudly, or you shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there, maybe shouldn’t be in the country.” That's pretty rich coming from Cadet Bonespurs.
  21. Too bad. I was looking forward to the Clash of the Hair Doos. I hope they didn't put the date on those groovy coins.
  22. I was hoping they would pick Barrack Obama.
  23. I guess it's a secret.