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  1. I have never had the need to take a gun away from someone. But, I did hunt when I was younger and I am a USMC veteran, so I've had plenty of experience with guns. I don't normally eat doughnuts. What would you recommend?
  2. I thought you were going to talk to Bob about that. What happened?
  3. I wonder if this will be about Kelly's resignation or Kushner's dismissal?
  4. It's irresponsible. They know in advance they are going to have to defend lawsuits they will likely lose. Petty politics.
  5. I don't like Kool Aid. Red or otherwise. Never knew it was a black thing. I get watermelon flavored aloe water at the 7-11 all the time. It's great with Gin. Had no idea it was offensive to blacks. You'll find all those other food items at any BBQ joint east of the Mississippi.
  6. No big whoop. Last time I heard that expression I tripped over my bell bottoms.
  7. They should have a cross training program. Some cops go to teach and some teachers go to do cop stuff.
  8. What about the cafeteria ladies?
  9. Thank goodness for that. I'm all in now. Guns for all the teachers, janitors and cafeteria ladies. Yahoo! (just don't tell the parents)
  10. LOL. They should arm the cafeteria ladies. They were the real bad a$$es when I was in school.
  11. You lecture about the word " if " kinda lost some of it's impact with that statement, don't ya think?
  12. I do not. But, if they weren't armed it couldn't happen. Do you think it's a good idea to arm the teachers without informing the parents of the students?
  13. No. But I've never heard of an unarmed person having their gun taken away. Have you?
  14. Is that what they are using in the Ohio schools? It wasn't obvious from the article in the OP. Look, I don't care who carries a gun. Give one to the janitors and lunch ladies for all I care. But, I will bet my water pistol the first time a student takes a gun away from one of these teachers and shoots someone with it, the school, the district and the state is going to be sued. What's really crazy, according to the article, these policies were implemented without notice to the parents. That's a great idea. And when something does happen, it will further indict the school system.
  15. Yea, that's the place. It's a big live music venue. And there is a small pub in the basement.
  16. Are you intentionally making my point for me?
  17. Don't you think it would be more likely to happen in a courtroom or on the street?
  18. Sounds good. I do like bison. I prefer chunks of meat in my chili though. Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis has that style and it's excellent.
  19. Looks like Donny's pardon list is growing. Does he have to pardon each count or can he just do the whole shootin' match with a blanket pardon?
  20. I don't know. Perhaps. Do you have an example of a police officer in a school having their own gun taken away and turned on them?
  21. This is great. The kids don't need to sneak a gun into class, they can just take one from a teacher. The first time this happens, and it's inevitable, will be the last time for that school district. I can only imagine the law suites. Unless you're a police officer, you shouldn't have a gun in a school.
  22. LOL. I guess it's personal preference. I like the pungent taste and smell of collard greens.