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  1. cheeky mr wayne rooney
  2. Bayern i believe has picked up 2 or 3 Dutch players out of their 7 new faces.
  3. Man U's first mistake was giving Park the start.
  4. It took like 3 posts from you but I realized you are meaning this year lol. I thought from your first post you meant overall as in like the past few years. Stats wise he is definately considered but I just cant pick him over Ronaldo. His team, afterall, is still in the Champions League. Yes, overall talent between the two teams greatly favors Man U but to be able to put up 38 goals even when your team is stacked is impressive.
  5. Not going to get into an arguement over this but quick points. Fan votes are just fan votes. Its pretty much voting for who you like the most. Obviously the fan base for Chelsea wouldnt vote Ronaldo over Essien even though that is a no brainer. But anyway, i have seen some rediculous goals by Gerrard but try youtubing Roberto Carlos top 10 or just Jay Jay Okocha in general. I believe the better players are the fancier players due to their skills they bring to the field. Of course Ronaldo falls and whines but everyone is starting to now. Dirk Kuyt wouldnt even come across anyones name as best player but he might be the hardest working player to step onto the field. The man is a house but im not going to give him the award just because of his work ethic and because he has scored some sexy goals.
  6. Many more leagues out there my friend. I also hate to break it to you but Ronaldo does play in the premier league as well and this is coming from a Ronaldo hater :l
  7. Coming from someone who only knows his name from the Champions League. Watch some more soccer and come back here with another answer n00b.
  8. this video represents how chelsea feels. Thanks to Mr Drogba and Mr Ballack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuRQYFDK4ec
  9. lol 152 row 30 7-12
  10. And of course they pair Barca with Bayern. Anyway to get a German team out, they will do it.
  11. Anybody here watched the movie Green Street Hooligans?
  12. Only a chelsea follower because of Ballack and i cant really even say i follow. I wish he would just go back to Germany. I guess you could call me a glory hunter because ive like Bayern since i was 12 and yes, it was because they were so good but I will root for Nurnberg since thats my moms team. Not that anyone cares lol
  13. Bayern i guess you could say they put on a little show. glad to see podolski put up a double, maybe showing he deserves more time.
  14. chiming in with the Bundesliga but will Podolski sign with Cologne? They feel it will happen in the beginning of the week
  15. At the break, who would have thought Hoffenheim would be leading the Bund and who would have thought Bayern would be tied for points right behind them after such a dreadful start.