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  1. The President, regardless of who he is, can only do so much to stimulate job growth or to prevent job loss and it really is NOT a fine control. In Obama's case, he took a massively complex series of actions to mitigate an economic crisis that was in danger of becoming a disasterous freefall. All of this was done in a hostile political environment but with "under-the-table" cooperation of pragmatic Republicans who knew it was the right thing to do but we're not able provide support and participate in the open because it would damage their electability. Perhaps those American auto companies did not deserve that sweet loan but, it worked. They paid it back and so did the slithering financial companies who got their bail out a bit earlier. Contrast that with what Trump did with Carrier. Carrier got a plump tax benefit for temporarily easing off the acclerator on their outsourcing program. In exchange, Trump got to boast about like a rapper with a suitcase full of cash and bikini clad women on his shoulder. It was a reality TV plot... a fake setup for the purpose of making a phony narrative for people who think "reality" TV is "real". This had NOTHING to do with saving jobs and everything to do with cheap propaganda. Enjoy it while you can, morons. There will be a price to pay for believing a scammer.
  2. Hey, I am all for employees being able to find another employer and just quit if they're getting the shaft from their boss. That's the American way, and in fact, that's how some of the greatest companies started-- someone had enough of their employer and decided to start something innovative on their own. Unfortunately, in the last 30+ years, we've seen increasingly onerous, over-reaching non-compete agreements. Where employees are presented with a crazy contract filled with legal BS designed to benefit the employer to the exclusion of all else. These things are common in large corporations but they are also common in smaller employers as well. More disturbingly they have increasingly been used EVEN FOR blue collar workers. Combine that with equally ridiculous non-disparagment agreements, increasingly vicious outsourcing initiatives, and the ability of an employer twist the law with sheer legal resources and you have a situation that is getting harsher and harsher for workers of all levels. But go ahead, keep on pretending that employees can refuse to sign a ridiculous contract or have a snowballs chance in hell of taking a corporation to court. You're all rugged individualists until you need to put bread on the table and employment options get more and more limited.
  3. I don't know, but... Obama hired more carefully while also hiring at a much faster rate than Trump. Obama was sane and had other sane people working for him rather than people willing to make sycophantic fools of themselves.
  4. Let's just hope that clown can stick it out for the full term. He will do more damage to the Republican party than any Democrat could ever hope to do. How embarrassing that the President of the United States speaks like rambling moron.
  5. Many places are horrible to work at and, yes, there is no shortage of petty tyrants among business owners and managers. It has always been this way. The good news is that employees can always quit and work somewhere else. Moreover they're allowed to speak up against unfair, unethical or vicious practices. ... unless they can't. The code word is "business friendly". In a way, jdsample is right. Business has been looking to government to provide regulation, supervision and protection. Absurd non-compete agreements are back. Employees can be gagged from speaking out. We now have someone on the supreme court that believes a trucker should freeze to death before being allowed to unhitch his cargo and drive to safety. Heck, Corporations are considered "people" too-- and can put as much money as they desire into political causes, and of course, receive sweetheart tax deals from desperate cities for even a whiff of possible jobs. Even the FCC now has a corporate stooge running the show ensuring that online access in the USA will be something akin to crappy cable-tv plans from the 90's.
  6. The polls were "OK". What everyone, including myself, tends to forget is that polls measure probability and even that is an estimate with tolerance for error. Yeah, a 95% chance that Clinton wins sounds like Clinton is going to win. Unless, of course, Clinton doesn't win because, oops, there is a 5% chance that Trump wins.
  7. Hillary would have made a good president. She would have been a competent incrementalist. No stupid gaffes. No reckless rhetoric that will need to backed up with military commitment. Millions of people would not be kicked off their health insurance. Just boring, relatively stable government, a continuation of Obama. Sure, the hillbilly demographic would not have fared well, but sadly, they're going to do even worse under Cheeto-satan. They just don't know it yet. I expect a very strongly progressive democrat candidate next time around. Trump won't run for another term. By that time he will just want to stay at Mar-a-lago full time, eating chocolate cake and soiling adult diapers while watching Fox news. Instead, Pence will run and lose in a landslide after beating out the terminally un-likable Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan.
  8. That's pure baloney. What do you mean various coverages, "needed or not"?? Insurance is all about covering the unexpected. How does anyone know, in advance, whether they'll need coverage for one illness/injury/condition and not another? What about the cost of millions of uninsured people using the "emergency room" as their super-expensive yet free "health insurance" before obamacare? They could not be denied service for a life or death condition, but they sure could jack-up the cost of health care for everyone else. That's why hospitals and healthcare providers are vociferously against the republican BS plan. In any case, it's not like anyone was "forced" to buy insurance. If you didn't want it for whatever crazy reason, you could opt out and pay a fine-- that's effectively your "tax".
  9. Well, there's not much to see, but here...
  10. Mosby is right that to deal effectively with crime, interventions need to occur with juveniles. There are complex, multifaceted reasons that start a kid down the wrong path and it takes enormous concerted effort to get them on the right path. Unfortunately, THAT'S NOT HER FRIGGIN JOB! Her job is to PROSECUTE criminals. This is exactly the same stupid mistake that Pat Jessamy made-- focusing on half-assed BS intervention tactics that amount to a slap on the wrist, while "getting tough" on violent repeat offenders. By the time someone is a violent repeat offender it's TOO LATE, moreover you'll never keep up with them unless you address what gets them to that point in the first place. Of course the jails are going to fill up with irredeemable monsters. The job of intervention should be left to trained social workers and not comically overworked prosecutors. Prosecutors should focus on one thing: prosecution.
  11. Social security works out great for people who downsize at the right time, don't have medical conditions and who don't live too long. Unfortunately, the reality is that once people cross 80, they're subject to ever increasing challenges to their health. Medicine copays, even with Medicare can easily become insurmountable. By the time they need assisted living they literally have to start forking over ~3000 per month until they're indigent and medicaid kicks in. This is only going to get worse and worse as people start living longer and we start talking about DECADES between retirement and death. The sad truth is, for most professions, people are DONE (unemployable) by the time they hit 65.
  12. I'm not sure that "the majority" of the republicans actually know what they really believe. Many of them are just red-state dopes who've been duped into thinking that "real" republicans are on their team. The truth is that regardless of what the top elites may say about college education, you better believe they are driving their kids harder than ever towards the most select and expensive schools-- starting with private grade school (at $40k/year) through elite high-schools which are feeders for Ivy-league institutions. This kind of thinking applies to both liberal and conservative elites. Many believe that there will soon be a stratification of wealth, knowledge and resources that will make the 1920's look like an egalitarian utopia.
  13. City Paper was excellent and has long sustained smart, locally-focused journalism. It is a miracle it lasted as long as it did. Unfortunately, people no longer need to pick up printed paper to find out what's going on for the weekend-- and no need to even mention classifieds after craigslist. Weekly papers are going down in cities all over the US.
  14. FWIW, CNN as well as MSNBC really needs to put the brakes on the Russia conspiracy stuff. Yes, of course, they're doing it for ratings. You don't need the slime-slinger, O'Keefe, to find that out. As for the idea that producers think "the voters" are stupid as sh**. That also is not news. In virtually any place where people outnumber acres of corn, everyone thinks Trump's victory is a masterful feat of disinformation perpetrated on the hillbilly demographic to vote against their own interests.
  15. Sorry bud, but that $145 million is just part of a disinformation campaign (here's the snopes link: The Clinton Foundation has raked in a lot of money (billions) over the last 20 years. None of it has landed directly in the pockets of the Clintons, admittedly there are other ways the Clinton's can benefit personally from running something so huge. ON THE OTHER HAND, Manafort has built a career out of polishing thurds. Initially ruthless tin-pot dictators who needed a "public-image makeover", then later, to Russian-backed Ukrainian politicians looking to get a leg up on the competition by any means necessary. That $17 million went straight to Manafort's bank account. One does not get paid $17 Million from vicious political operators for nothing. Of course that's just the kind of person that would appeal to Trump...