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  1. Sure, but they’re also not supposed to be disappeared for MONTHS or more as part of a deliberate strategy of deterrence by cruelty. And by “crime”, you mean misdeamnor AND we’re also talking about families who are seeking asylum from violence in their country of origin. By all means, go ahead and pretend this is perfectly normal behavior. It will lead to a virulent reaction that, I guarantee, will NOT please the xenophobes.
  2. The NYTimes still has per article reader commentary and it is successful but it is decidedly NOT freeform discussion. To really get rid of trolls, you need paying customers and skillful moderation, neither of these is easy to get.
  3. That would have been a possibility if the “kidnapping policy” not been enacted. What’s going to happen now is a some very swift backpedaling OR massive demonstrations the scale of which will make 2017’s women’s march on washington look like a sparsely attended model railroad convention.
  4. Not surprised, these forums have been tucked away (not easily findable) from the Baltimore sun website for a long time. Perhaps these forums can continue life as weird Reddit threads?
  5. That smirk on his face boils my blood. I simply can’t imagine how these people can sleep at night. It reminds me of the smirk Katherine Harris made back in 2000 upon announcing the termination of the Florida recount, giving George Dubya Bush the election. The smirk was magnificently portrayed by Laura Dern in the film “recount”.
  6. Sorry, sport, but your man is in charge now and is failing to take responsibility for the policies of his own administration. That’s cowardly by any standard and it deserves a harsh rebuke. Ironically, he could have gotten pretty far along if he had refrained from the cruelty of separating families. We are starting to see the limits now. It is the beginning of the end for Trump. He’s not going to be able to “double down” on this one, pretending he didn’t authorize isn’t going to work, and oh yeah, he doesn’t apologize either. Even staunch republicans are starting to publicly dissent. Only a matter of time before the orange man and and his syncophants get flushed.
  7. People are weird about food— especially in the USA. Michelle Obama’s initiative was an appropriate response to horrific cafeteria food served in many schools. For older kids it is better to go hungry than eat unhealthy junk food for lunch. That means getting rid of vending machines, soda and Heavily processed food. Food habits are highly cultural and don’t change quickly, yeah, kids are going to dump veggies until they get used to them. And, yes, it means that school cafeteria workers will have to do a bit more than thaw frozen stuff , heat it and dump it out into trays. Reverting to whatever lunches were 10 years ago isn’t doing anyone a favor except junk food vendors.
  8. To Trump and his hedge-fund ***hole friends, the global supply chain is just one giant game of monopoly. They will ensure profit for the investor class, meanwhile people who ACTUALLY MAKE STUFF suffer the consequences. China will just adapt itself to other markets that are now emerging. This is a speed bump for them. Unfortunately US manufacturers, both with and without fabrication capability, will pay more for the components which they long-ago outsourced to "low-cost centers." And don't think for one second that this will stimulate investment in US-based manufacturing. There are still plenty of other places (outside the USA) that are ready, willing and able to take up the slack from lost Chinese vendors. This is merely an exercise in churn that will further speed up a race to the bottom.
  9. There will be a "tipping point" eventually. The level and rate of BS is getting too high for well-meaning ideological conservatives. At some point the only supporters remaining will be the alt-right and Infowars types. I think all sane people find Trump reprehensible at this point. The hangers-on are merely using him as cut-out to push incredibly unpopular right-wing policies. This can only last so long. Soon, the trick for supporters will be finding a way to cut ties with the Cheeto Satan without losing face.
  10. .... just a reminder, Trump said he would know within 5 minutes if Kim Jong Un was trustworthy upon meeting him. Well, how come Trump’s “spidey sense” told him zilch about Manafort when he put him into the innermost circle of his campaign?? I mean, AT BEST, Trump pulled a broke, suicidal, unethical slimeball into the leadership of his very own campaign. Now we’re supposed to believe him that he has a ... clue when it comes to North Korea??!! The “best people !!” He said, “the best people”
  11. The OPM breach was bad but small in comparison to equifax and yahoo... The problem really comes down to trying to keep “secrets” that are in the form of numbers. That’s prone to failure by design. There are better ways. of course if you feel that government incompetence is an axiom... there’s not really anything that can convince you.
  12. Can you blame her? There’s only so much lying people can stomach. She probably dreams of retirement: not having to interact with that POS in the Oval Office, baking pies for endless church picnics in some dreary flyover state.
  13. The most spectacular failures concerning personal information have occurred with corporations, and not the government. Breaches do occur in any organization, the thing that matters is their scope and response to them. Part of the problem is that we rely on flimsy “secret” numbers for security. What we really need is a trusted and impartial 3rd party authentication service. This is a way for 2 entities to be confident that they both know who they are dealing with. Not going to happen anytime soon, but it is a role that governments are well-suited to perform.
  14. I believe that the reason gerrymandering and voter-suppression scum are able to sleep soundly at night is because of a “feature” of the conservative and libertarian mindset. In their world view anything that is “legal” is fair game and totally ethical regardless of the actual motivation. One cannot simply point out that this ruling disenfranchises a segment of voters who are most likely to be democrats. In their minds, they agree! But of course their mouths will parrot the talking point about voter fraud or some other phony but “legal” pretext. It’s the same kind of mindset that allows Jeff Sessions to justify forcibly separating the parents and children of families seeking asylum— all done by citing “law” and then giving a bible quote with a vile smirk. Things are going to get ugly in this country.
  15. It would be a mistake to ascribe this “era” to grumpy old white men. Plenty of whacked-out young millennials are more than willing to take their place, or are already in positions of power— see Stephen Miller.