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  1. Really, well then why don't you actually articulate your point clearly? Is Trump rubbing off on people so much now that they feel they can just recite falsehoods (like you just did with VA Tech), and then say others are missing the point?
  2. The mass shootings in Vegas and at the Orlando night club both used the AR-15. These were worse than va tech. It is fairly clear now that we can mitigate this type of event by re-banning that type of weapon. Will it stop mass shootings? No. Will it help ? A little, but it is worth it. Sorry to all the 2nd ammendment hobbyists that will not be able to expand their collection.
  3. So? These mass shootings, rare as they are, have a massive impact not because of their annual body-count but because of the public preception they generate. Gang bangers offing each other in onsie-twoises is just never going to get the mindshare of a mass shooting of Innocents at a school or concert.
  4. Contrary to what some may think we are not living on the frontier on the late 1700’s and surrounded by hostile Indians, nor are we in some kind of lawless mad max scenario. Very few people actually have a valid reason to carry a gun around with them. And yes, I am aware the constitution protects gun hobbyists and that they’re squeezing every last bit juice from the archaic phrasing written in a time when no one could even dream of a machine gun. The reality is mass shootings are still a rare event, but they’re profoundly destructive to our sense of security. It appears that the particular weapon of choice for mass shooter maniacs has enjoyed more than 10 years of legalization. No good has come from having these things be legal, and no harm will come from making them illegal and also making all other guns more difficult to acquire.
  5. You are totally correct, I think. This mess is the "perfect storm" for liberals who are apt to engage in endless navel gazing, over thinking of other people's intentions and trying to find reasonable explanations for irrational things. It also caters to large segments of the conservative mindset that has been salavating for smaller, weaker government for decades. If it means we have to get there by giving the keys to a dithering fool narcissicist and his sycophants, they're 100% OK with that. Whatever happens next, it isn't going to end pretty.
  6. No foreigner is going to see anything worse than a travel ban to the USA over this stuff. At worst, they'll be forced to take their kids to the French Disneyland instead of Orlando. In fact, all this activity will only cause propaganda manipulators to redouble their efforts in disinformation campaigns, which have now proven to have a good return on investment. While we can't _fully_ attribute the last election to foreign influence, it is clear that it HELPED. More importantly, the fact that the US government is floundering over this stuff and that public discourse has become more polarized than ever is EXACTLY what power-hungry despots want. They WANT a dysfunctional USA that is incapable of coherent cooperation with other nations in the free world.
  7. You're right about the charging of these unreachable people. The indictments will mean nothing to Russian troll-farm operators. To some extent, I feel like they've done their job well. They employed thousands of over-educated under-employed tech-savvy young people, who used their skills and impressive command of English as second language to accomplish some formidable goals. Unfortunately, the "goals" consist of compromising the integrity of democracy in countries targeted by the Kremlin. But, other than that, good job. People starting out in their careers have to go where the money is and for Russia that means oligarchs and their friend-for-life, Putin. The sad part is the Americans, like yourself, who've been royally punked by this disinformation campaign. The urge to save face is perhaps too powerful to allow you folks to swallow your pride and admit you now own a clown president. That's OK, "low-information" Fox news viewers and their Russian puppeteers aren't going to be the deciding factor in the next election.
  8. Ironically, many of these sycophants are going to enjoy short-lived celeb status once Trump is flushed in the next election. I can't wait for the dozen or so JAW DROPPING PBS Frontline expose's that will come out when they start telling their stories about the ****-show in the white house.
  9. ... And the negative repercussions of the MOVE incident lasted decades, in some ways to this day.
  10. Violence from police against large groups NEVER turns out "well" regardless of how you feel about the perps or the police.There are consequences which last far beyond the night in question. In the case of Philly, police wisely decided to restrain themselves. To be fair, they knew the revelry would fizzle out on its own as the folks got cold and tired and went home.
  11. I actually now live in South Philly. There was some looting, some significant property damage (that the city cannot afford), and a lot of dangerous, risky chaos. If this had not been an extreme case of football rowdiness of rather limited duration, and honestly, if a lot more of the perps were black, the police absolutely would have used tear gas and force.
  12. There are many ways to lie, including perfectly legal ways. Why do you belabor that trite point about the "legality" of website content. The fact that the environmental PROTECTION agency is deliberately snubbing information representing decades of (government-funded) work about climate problems and clean-energy is concrete evidence that this administration is pursuing a radical agenda in favor of corporations and their short-term benefit at the expense of irreversible environmental damage. For some of you that sounds logical and good. For others, it is a sign that we're likely to fail at dealing with this problem if a simple change of leadership can wipe away what little progress has been occurring.
  13. Since this is actually an "important" speech, Trump probably not be winging-it in his usual way with incoherent run-on sentences, and 5-th grade vocabulary. I predict a tele-prompted speech with words by Stephan Miller, As with the inaugural address, we'll see oversized grandiosity and the president will "take credit" for the transient windfall given to large corporations. The dem response will remind us that this comes at the expense of a weakening of the social safety net and 1.5 trillion deficit-- effectively, "looting" the future. As for style, he's going to awkwardly read off the teleprompter and occasionally make that insipid "OK" gesture with his little fingers in a way that makes many people literally cringe.
  14. The funny thing is Nutella has a wholesome image in Western Europe. It is a fairly unique product that others have not been able to duplicate. Basically their trick is to remove all water from the ingredients (palm oil, sugar, cocoa, hazelnuts). The imitators just haven’t been able to get the flavor and texture just right. Different and also good, maybe. But not the same. It is a staple breakfast condiment in France and Italy. I think the “Nutella riots” are more a sign of a slow news day than beginnings of a dystopian food crisis playing out in super markets. Yeah, it’s “bad” for you too.
  15. My complaint with CNN and its twin, MSNBC, is not that they're biased against Cheeto face as any sane journalist would be. Rather, it is that they've so profoundly vacated their primary functions in pursuit of, for lack of a better word, "political rubbernecking." These networks have become literally unwatchable since the spring of 2016. They now have a singular focus: Trump, and all the sub-plots around him. I suppose they've cynically come to the conclusion that eyeballs count more than anything else even if that means they're just broadcasting episodes of Trump's awful "reality TV" presidency. Every once in a while, I will see a clip of Fox news with a meat-head like Sean Hannity flapping his gums. The last one was where he read off names of FBI agents like some tin-pot dictator's radio goon. CNN/MSNBC are unwatchable, but FOX news is just VILE. Whatever side you're on, if you get your news strictly from cable TV, you're missing out on a lot of stuff. Thankfully, these outlets will die a slow death as most millennial's don't even bother with cable news at all-- just have to wait for the boomers to die off.