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  1. So there, I as indicated earlier in September: NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. These "talks" are occurring on on NK's timetable. Notably, AFTER nuclear missile testing. The talks will merely be an exorcise in bull-zhit for NK, but this line is eventually going to lead to a relaxing of sanctions and the petty tyrant in NK will have a greater chance of keeping his regime gimping along without an overthrow and keep alive their pipe-dream of North-to-South "re-unification". The most amusing part of this reality show will be when Trump comes back from his talks and takes full credit for "bigly" success. In reality, it won't be "a success" until the North Korean people themselves put Kim on the firing line in front of his own anti-aircraft guns.
  2. I happen to know that part of town very well, it is Rittenhouse square. And it contains some of philly’s wealthiest residents. Being in center city, however, there’s also a large number of bums who shack up in the nearby parks and alleys and sometimes make their way into businesses, stinking the place up. All establishments in Rittenhouse are acutely aware of who is and who is not a bum and are fairly efficient about getting them to move along. It is not that hard to tell. The people in this incident were definitely not bums. I will chalk this one up to an idiot manager. that said Starbucks in philly is for squares, there are much better establishments for coffee: La Colombe, Elixr, Joes, and Bluestone are all a block or three away and much better.
  3. The most provocative comment on twitter: Hannitty makes 35 million a year. He can afford any lawyer/fixer money can buy yet he chose Cohen. Why is that?
  4. Come on people, we wouldn’t want uppity EPA careerists to overhear Pruitt’s diabolical plans for making polluters rich quick at the expense of long term environmental health and security. Meanwhile in public schools all across America... Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  5. Starbucks is very much a place where you can come in and wait for someone, and optionally, purchase a coffee. How long one can wait until becomes unsettling is a grey area, but for someone to come in, use the bathroom and wait around for a bit is seriously not an issue. What happened here, I suspect, is that the on-duty manager was a petty-tyrant who allowed this situation to snowball out of control by being excessively rigid. It was well before 5 on a Thursday and there were plenty of seats.
  6. 1.87M each... and that's not even counting operational cost to deliver, target, launch and asses damage.
  7. A lot of people "experiment" with objectivism and Ayn Rand's ideas in late high-school, early college. Most grow out of it. Those that don't have something seriously wrong in the head. I forgot who first said it, but I agree with this: "Libertarians have taken a personality defect and turned it into a political philosophy."
  8. Good riddance, this may just be an acknowledgment that the **** is going to hit the fan as far as the GOP goes and that its now time for all craven republican ****oles to slink away and pretend to be John Galt-- because their political future isn't looking bright.
  9. He's going to lob a few dozen cruise missiles at some big hardened target. A symbolic slap on the wrist to pretend to be "tough guy." Last time it was 59 missiles at an airbase. The base was operational again less than 24 hours after the strike. And there have been reports that the target was deliberately communicated in advance to prevent embarrassment with the Russians. By the way each one of those "symbolic" cruise missiles costs enough to fund a skilled nursing home wing filled with medicaid recipients for more than a year.
  10. Facebook has been "harvesting" since the beginning and a number people from a wide variety of political persuasions _have_ noticed and criticized this also since the beginning. It happens to be a big deal now because the general public is _FINALLY_ realizing that they're getting used. Unfortunately, what it took was a large scale operation run by amoral opportunists on behalf of a political campaign that was vile and disingenuous. This is, I hope, a turning point in public awareness. It may very well mean a long decline for facebook and other social media giants.
  11. Yeah, that's super-villian-level stuff. Tony Montana (Scarface) would not have approved! ).
  12. Well, sure, that's very noble. But as you may know, whistle-blowers tend to NOT fare well when putting themselves out there. This is career-ending stuff, at best, so it's really hard to judge someone for not being willing to step forward. Also, remember, we're talking about tight-laced republicans here. Someone who has climbed up the ladder of power to the white house only to find out that the boss is a raging lunatic will instantly vaporize their career by publicly calling out some crazy zinger that Trump said. They're not going to be hired in conservative circles and democrats would treat them as a toxic asset. Unemployable either way-- unless they want to step completely out of politics. I expect that there will be some more very public defections in the future, especially now that Trump is skirting with harming the economy over something stupid. Just wait a few years for an endless series of Frontline documentaries on PBS that will detail the magnitude of this mess and dysfunction.
  13. I am doubtful that Trump will be impeached and actually feel that might be counterproductive to the progressive cause. I am betting that Trump is doing far more lasting damage to the republicans than liberal democrats could ever hope to. Let him flail in his administration's incompetence. As far as "maintaining integrity" goes. I guess how you view it depends on how you view ethics and responsibility. Does one respect an internal moral compass? Or does one just shut up and do what the boss says? You clearly on the authoritarian side of things, so it's not surprising that you view leakers as lacking in integrity (even if the boss is nuts).
  14. Yes disturbing. I admit that the story might not be true, BUT, the fact of the matter is this administration has not been able to maintain a stable team at any level. People at the innermost circle of the administration are undermining their "leader" and have been leaking at a volume and frequency that is unprecedented in history. What happened to the notion that Trump was supposed to be a "stable genius" who was going to bring "business acumen" to the white house? It was bull-zit the whole time. The most disturbing idea is that people are leaking these zingers because they're convinced the man in the oval office is either incompetent, a fool, or deranged. He has dropped the pretense of surrounding himself with "tell-it-like-it-is" advisors only ignore and humiliate them and has instead redoubled efforts on surrounding himself with "yes-men" and the crazies who remain like Stephen Miller. What can one do if one finds themselves in a situation like that and is able to maintain a shred of integrity? Leak.
  15. Well, there WAS a "full study" on voter fraud. Trump did a full-throated announcement of it back January 2017. Nothing much happened. It was disbanded quietly a year later ( They found nothing and weren't even able to get full cooperation from states because, well, it wasn't really about voter fraud at all, was it? On the other hand all you have to do is to look at a map of the congressional districts of Pennsylvania and the recent court decision to know that SYSTEMATIC and widepread disenfranchisement by gerrymandering has been alive and well. At some point, the bizarre shapes of those congressional districts are going to prompt questions. I am surprised it has taken this long to finally do something about it.