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  1. Sorry, sport, but your "question" doesn't have a "yes" or "no' answer.
  2. I did nothing but address the question. As for what Trump said, he just riffs on whatever comes into his mind from moment to moment with no consideration other than how his base will relish it. He had no idea who was there and who was not. Every personal account of the situation said that the protest was full of the most awful elements of hard right blowhards. Any sane "civil war buff" who may have been there to show heartfelt support for the statues of questionable legitimacy, would have run in the other direction than hang out with Nazi wannabees and white supremacists. Unless of course, these civil war buffs also had warm-n-fuzzies for fascist goons.
  3. It should also be pointed out that Manafort has made a posh career out of doing public relations triage in service of third world tyrants, and he did some highly sketchy work for Russia in their campaign to claim Ukraine. Do I even need to mention the professional smear campaigns he worked on with Roger Stone? I find it so fitting that Trump chose Manafort as his top campaign guy, but it is also funny that he thought it would not attract attention like flies on 5hit.
  4. Your jibberish paragraphs aside, I'm sorry, but there are consequences to having WHITE SUPREMATISTS on camera chanting "Hail Trump!" while doing a Nazi salute. Fascists aren't cool, red blooded Americans hate fascists more than they hate communists. Any normal politician's skin would crawl upon hearing his name used in such a context.
  5. Well, he did more than simply fail to denounce white supremacists, he specifically said that there were "good people" amongst them. He has retweeted white suprematist sources and has surrounded himself with a cadre of goons who are pushing an aggressive nationalist agenda. And, oh yeah, he launched himself UNAPOLOGETICALLY into presidential politics by promoting the patently false disinformation conspiracy, otherwise known as "birtherism". That said, I don't even believe Trump is a white-suprematist. He is, instead, an utterly opportunistic narisscist who has managed to scam the American electorate like he scammed the students of Trump "University."
  6. Obama very clearly explained himself. If you can't understand it, I actually feel sorry for you. He explained this minor issue more clearly than Trump has ever explained anything, covfefe!
  7. The OP got his words all mixed up. For those of you that have already forgotten, the whining about Obama "not using" the term "radical Islam" comes from our current diarrhea-mouth president during the campaign. Fact checkers determined that Obama did, in fact, use the term "Islamofascist" , as needed, to describe terrorists with a radicalized Islamic motivation. He used the term to accurately describe specific groups we were actively targeting. Obama had enough class to not dignify Trump's insipid demand about using the specific phrase he wanted: "radical Islam". The usage of "Islam" in the phrase is intended to suggest that their religion itself is intrinsic to the core purpose of the terrorists. More importantly, the ridiculous made-up requirement that people need to use the exact phrase "radical Islam" is an attempt at using language to manufacture outrage and polarize Americans needlessly. Trump was simply attempting a ham-fisted ownership of language to suit his needs which is particularly effective amongst the base of lowbrow, hillbilly Trump voters.
  8. The funny thing is the NY Times reporter would never have noticed them were it not for the fact that Ty Cobb looks like a cartoon character or the KFC mascot. I think he comes from one of those states where people wear cowboy hats unironically. God bless America and the failing NY Times.
  9. "Steamrolled" is a ridiculous characterization, but yeah, he won fair and square. I AM ashamed and will NEVER underestimate the sheer stupidity of the American electorate again.
  10. The president has almost nothing directly to do with your 401K. Trying to correlate 401k returns to whomever is president is childish thinking and such a person should stay very far away from any financial investment decision-making lest they lose their shirt. A badly timed crash can be harmful to folks that are nearing retirement. All the more reason for a social safety net and regulations on the entities that handle our money and personal information. It really is a disappointment that more C-levels aren't held accountable for their disasterous decisions. Equifax, for example, has the power to cause someone to be denied a house or loan yet they have demonstrated profound incompetence in keeping our info safe. This company should be liquidated and its execs should face investigation rather than golden parachute retirements.
  11. Yeah, because setting off a bomb in a subway car is just regular human behavior, nothing extreme or radical about it.
  12. Clinton was on track to a diplomatic understanding with NK that would have enabled them to be more of a global participant than a freakish weird state concerned with day to day survival of its regime. Sadly, Dubya scuttled all that in favor of a pointless "get tough" policy that lead to nowhere.
  13. Really? You are saying with a straight face that when Trump said an "Armada is on the way" it wasn't an empty threat? I mean it wasn't an Armada, it was an aircraft carrier and, oh yeah, much to the surprise of the ship's captain it wasn't even heading to NK ( If the context were different one could make a case that that was figurative language... but not here. He just riffed like a real estate guy in a boiler room operation. Except it wasn't a boiler room and it wasn't a student of Trump U he was trying to rip off, it was Xi Jinping. So embarrassing to have the leader of the Free world so utterly outclassed. As for Afghanistan and Iraq, sorry to break it to you but we are still facing significant problems there THIRTEEN YEARS after Dubya gave a speech in front of a banner declaring "Mission Accomplished". That's a bit tougher than "wet toilet paper" , I think.
  14. Not really. I am actually in favor of the current activities involving sanctions. It won't stop the icbm development but anything that weakens NK and makes them more susceptible to an eventual internal revolt is, within limits, probably a good idea. But for the sake of argument, YES, ACTUALLY "doing nothing" is better than doing nothing after making a bunch of stupid empty threats like a foolhardy dictator wannabe.
  15. I already did. I said there will be no military action at all: nothing to be gained by it, too much to lose. Regardless of the bluster from the oval office and the ridiculous rhetoric coming from North Korea, nothing will happen. North Korea will develop their nukes on ICBM's and the border will stay where it is. Trump's blow-hard meaningless rhetoric denigrates the image of the USA. He deserves all the ridicule coming at him. It's a pity that your steadfast political loyalty keeps you from seeing that.