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  1. You didn't, but if you're going to call Obamacare "a fraud" it might be healthy for you to compare it to the proposed alternative. I think that we all know that Obamacare is merely a step along the path to a single-payer system. It is also obvious that Trumpcare is a step towards a system where there is no safety net for the vulnerable. We can't go down both paths as a society. For one of these paths to succeed it will require people to be informed and motivated. For the other to succeed it will require people to be mis-informed and dis-empowered. Obamacare mislead no one and is clearly not a fraud. It survived vicious, systematic disinformation campaigns and will likely continue in some form once the dunce is expelled from the white house and we have a sane democratic majority in place.
  2. There are many valid ways to critique Obamacare, but calling it a "fraud" is not one of them. The ACA was worked on and debated by BOTH sides for a VERY long time. It is the imperfect product of a compromise in a difficult environment where republican senators could not publically support the law without facing bitter reprisals from their own party leadership. The substantive details were published in advance for all to see. It had some rough starts, but it got off the ground and WORKS. The American healthcare system is still very far from being where it should be. You might not believe that government has any role in health care, insurance or the well-being of its people. That's OK if you recognize that the ACA is not a fraud. ON THE OTHER HAND, we now have a president who has been trying to promote "replacements" to the ACA that * He doesn't even understand, regardless of the fact that it lacks detail and seems rushed * Does little else other than harm the most vulnerable people Sorry, sport, but Trumpcare smells like the real fraud here
  3. Perhaps, but that did not prevent Trump from taking FULL CREDIT at the time, milking the token number of jobs held back for his phony political benefit in exchange for generous Tax breaks negotiated through Pence. The thing I don't understand about anyone who raises a finger to defend Trump is how they can accept that this man ran a scam "university" that was nothing but a vehicle to extract wealth from vulnerable people literally using staff recycled from the late night infomercial industry. I simply don't understand how that did not instantly invalidate him as a viable candidate once it became clear what he did. Hope you're happy with our P.O.S. of a president.
  4. Par for the course. When Trump ran the boiler-room scam called "Trump University" and got away with a slap on the wrist does anyone really think that harsh, draconian and unethical but "legal" landlord practices by the son-in-law are going to raise an eyebrow for anyone in a position to do anything about it? Nope. Ghouls are in charge now. Enjoy it while you can.
  5. Can you blame her? She thought she was signing up for life of idle opulent luxury as the N=3 trophy-wife of a billionaire. The initial game plan was probably a lucrative divorce once the kid was out of the nest. Now she has to get dragged around to countless events full of septuagenarian megalomaniacs.
  6. Trump is about a year older than Reagan was during his time as president but not nearly as fit, in spite of what his zany doctor said during the campaign. By his second term Reagan was already showing signs of dementia and falling asleep at meetings. We can expect far worse from this clown. I just hope the diapers don't leak in front of foreign dignitaries.
  7. Found this fascinating documentary on Netflix: "Get Me Roger Stone" [] Cogently sums up the how the hard right has reached a point where they simply don't give a F about anything and are willing to screw-over millions of soft-minded dopes (some of which are here) as a means to an end.
  8. No, but you can expect a tour where he humiliates America. Too bad we can't get Stephen Miller on TV anymore, that guy was the best. So glad that he's still writing stand-up comedy speeches for Trump.
  9. Sorry folks, but there's NO EXCUSE for voting that ghoul into office and especially NO EXCUSE for certain high profile Republican politicians supporting him as though he were a legit, non-farcical leader. Hopefully it's only a matter of time before cheeto-face resigns and we get to "look forward to" the small, sad, bleak leadership of the Pence administration. After that, Republican's will pay a price for their craven behavior.
  10. Whatever happens , it ain't going to be pretty. The icing on the cake is all the ruined synchophants that will be left in the wake of cheeto-satan's downfall. It will be hard to wash off the stains from this mess.
  11. 9 different pies ?? How grotesque and ostentatious!! So glad the Obama's are out of there and we have class act like cheeto-face running the show now.
  12. It may not have been a big factor, but yeah, the "love" between Trump and Le Pen certainly eroded her chances. Some of you Trump supporters may find this hard to believe, but many people in America and all over the world find Trump VISCERALLY REPULSIVE as a politician and a human being.
  13. Obviously, we can't know we've hit "the peak" until we've actually crossed it and then some. Instead of quibbling over finding the exact location of the global peak of a noisy curve on a sheet of graph paper, maybe recognize that there's only so much juice you can squeeze from an orange. Perhaps it's better to start conserving what we have instead of extracting a non-renewable it like it's cheaper than drinking water. There's no re-fill when we're done.
  14. Yet more examples of what really means to have a BS-artist as president. How shameful and humiliating for America. At some point the adult republicans are going to get sick of this. As much as they relish seeing government shrunk down and strangled in the bathtub, having a country-club clown as president will have to get old eventually, right?
  15. I fly all the time and in my eyes there's NO EXCUSE for such behavior from airline staff. Passengers are often in a vulnerable situation: at the mercy of draconian airport rules, removed from familiar comforts, exhausted, sleep deprived or sick. In this case traveling with a child. To say nothing about why they're even traveling (you'll hear the saddest stories ever talking to strangers in an airport). On the other hand, staff are there to do their job. They're highly trained and have options to handle situations, usually by keeping them from precipitating in the first place. I simply don't believe that there is ever a rational reason to get rough with a passenger in a scenario like that.