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  1. I believe Jared Lewis is the best high school QB in Maryland and a future starter at the FBS level. This young man is going places.
  2. 1A) Dunbar-34, Fort Hill-21 2A) Damascus-21, Gwynn Park-7 3A) Linganore-28, Milford Mill-13 4A) Wise-21, Quince Orchard-14 Best of luck to all the finalists.
  3. Glenelg at Damascus - This game may be closer than some people think. I expect Dmas to have a bit of a letdown after last week's mega-game vs Walkersville, but still win by a comfortable margin. Damascus-30, Glenelg-14. Gwynn Park at Harford Tech - HT may have dodged a bullet last weekend, but their dream season ends in a nightmare game against GP. Gwynn Park-34, Harford Tech-7. Havre de Grace at Dunbar - The poets dust off HDG without much difficulty as they head toward a seemingly inevitable showdown against Fort Hill. Dunbar-42, Havre de Grace-14. Also: Howard at Wise Quince Orchard at North Point Oxon Hill at Linganore Lackey at Fort Hill Long Reach at Milford Mill
  4. Loyola has shown marked improvement over the last two games, while Calvert Hall has performed sluggishly. We have the ingredients for a close game. CHC will play just well enough to win. Calvert Hall-17, Loyola-14.
  5. The REALITY of the situation, the HERE and NOW, is that St. Frances rules the roost in the MIAA A Conference. I don't give a rat's axx where St. Frances' staff came from, all that matters is that they're at St. Frances NOW. And I repeat, a four team playoff for a seven team conference is idiotic, particularly since the winner of the playoff doesn't go anywhere once it's over. It's not like a conference championship tournament in college basketball, where the winner is guaranteed a berth in the NCAA Tournament. All the MIAA is doing is forcing a team to win the same championship twice. An abject waste of time.
  6. I don't like to rain on anyone's parade, but this MIAA A Conference playoff is so stupid it's an insult to stupid people. Why in hell does a seven team league need a four team playoff to determine a champion, especially when one team went undefeated and has clearly proven to be superior to the rest. To top it off, this playoff is being completed before the regular season has been concluded, i.e., Loyola - Calvert Hall game Thanksgiving morning. The B and C Conferences have a championship game too, but at least it's only one game. The only circumstances in which a championship game should be played is when there is a tie for first place at the end of the regular season. Otherwise, the playoff and championship games need to go. It's long past time for the private schools to get together and formulate a plan for state private school football playoffs. There could be two or three classifications, with four teams in each class. It's pretty obvious that the private schools will never be joining forces with the MPSSAA, so this would be the next best thing, in my opinion. Finally, this year's MIAA A Conference playoff should be called the St. Frances Invitational, certainly not the Gilman Bowl.
  7. Here goes: Walkersville at Damascus - This is the Game of the Year so far in Maryland in 2017. I believe both of these teams would be capable of winning a state championship in any of the four classifications. Damascus has the home field, but I don't think it will be much of an advantage. The two schools aren't that far from each other, and you can be sure Walkersville will have a large contingent of fans at the game. This game is a toss up in every way, but someone has to win. Walkersville appears to have been slightly more dominant in its games than Damascus, so I'm going with the Lions to prevail in a game that will live up to its hype. Walkersville-24, Damascus-21. Hereford at Gwynn Park - Last Friday, Hereford coasted past Forest Park while Gwynn Park had to fight for its life to survive against Edmondson. Several questions arise from last week's results. Did Gwynn Park take Edmondson lightly, and if so, will they come out full of fire and brimstone Friday night? And after Gwynn Park's narrow escape, does Hereford now believe it has more than just a puncher's chance of beating GP? I predicted before the season that the region would come down to these two teams, with Gwynn Park the one to beat. Hereford is playing a tough, talented team far from the friendly confines of the Zone. I believe the Bulls will play well and give it their best shot, but it won't be enough. Gwynn Park-36, Hereford-20. Kent Island at Harford Tech - I'm not sold on Harford Tech yet. One should always be leery of these johnny-come-lately teams making their first-ever playoff appearance, or their first in many years. Kent Island is a playoff-tested program, and I expect them to burst Harford Tech's bubble Friday night in a hard-fought game. Kent Island-27, Harford Tech-20. Also: Allegany at Fort Hill Linganore at Westminster Edgewood at Milford Mill Atholton at Long Reach Howard at Paint Branch North Point at Broadneck Northwest at Quince Orchard
  8. Last week of the regular season....Here goes: Hereford at Chesapeake (BC) - Here we have two evenly matched teams in what appears to be a tossup game. Chesapeake is enjoying one of its best seasons ever, having already clinched the County 1A-2A division championship and a 1A playoff berth. Hereford has a lot more riding on the outcome of this game, because a win gets them into the 2A North playoffs, possibly as a #3 seed. For that reason, I expect the Bulls to play with a greater sense of urgency than in any other game this year. Another motivating factor for Hereford is the fact that all six of their wins this season have come against teams with losing records. They need at least one win over a quality opponent to validate to themselves that they are more than just an average team who simply took advantage of having played a mediocre schedule. A focused Bulls team gets the job done. Hereford-21, Chesapeake-12. Canada Prep at Loyola - For those who don't know, Canada Prep is a team from Welland, Ontario who plays American rules football against a meat-grinder schedule of strictly American teams, all on the road. Research indicates that they are winless this season. Among their losses was a 41-0 pounding by St. Frances back in late August. Loyola is coming off a bye week, and the Dons have to be encouraged by their strong performance against Gilman two weeks ago. They view this game as a realistic opportunity to earn their second win of 2017. I believe the fact that Canada Prep likely hasn't played a team that runs the triple option spread offense, plus the wear and tear of having played every game on the road, far form home, could be the deciding factors in a very close game. The Dons by a field goal. Loyola-24, Canada Prep-21. Also: Archbishop Curley at John Carroll Mervo at Edmondson Walkersville at Middletown Archbishop Spalding at Mount St. Joe Gilman at McDonogh St. Mary's at Severn Franklin at Parkville Allegany at Fort Hill
  9. Hereford-44, Forest Park-13 The game was closer than the final score indicated. Hereford ran the ball very effectively throughout the game and passed very little, but did have one passing TD on a perfectly executed connection to TE Troy Tuveson. Forest Park's QB showed a quick release and a strong arm, and had some nice receivers to throw to, but forced the ball in at times resulting in three damaging interceptions. He was not sacked once by the Hereford defense. The Bulls did not put the game on ice until the fourth quarter. Trailing 31-13, Forest Park drove the ball deep into Hereford territory. On a key third down play, Bulls' DB Jeremy Arigbamu intercepted the Forest Park pass at the Hereford goal line and made an electrifying 100 yard return for a TD. Then, on the first play from scrimmage following the ensuing kickoff, the Bulls scored again on another pick six by one of the Arigbamu brothers (there are three on the team). This wrapped up the scoring for the game.
  10. Hereford at Forest Park (at Poly) - Forest Park's lack of quality regular season competition factors significantly in this game. This isn't the best Hereford team to ever make the playoffs, but the Bulls are better than any team Forest Park played this year. Also, the Bulls are riding the momentum from their hard-fought overtime win over playoff-bound Chesapeake last Saturday. This game won't be a blowout, but Hereford should win by a comfortable margin. Hereford-30, Forest Park-14. Overlea at Reginald Lewis (at Dunbar) - Just like in the above-mentioned game, lack of challenging competition will hurt Lewis here. Lewis did not play one team from Baltimore City's top division. I look for the physical Overlea team to jump out to an early lead and control this game throughout. Overlea-22, Lewis-14. Oakdale at Walkersville - This should be the best game of the first weekend of playoffs. Oakdale gave Walkersville its toughest test of the regular season before going down by a score of 19-13. It was Oakdale's only loss.There's an old adage that it's difficult to beat a good team twice in one season, but this Walkersville team appears to be a cut above. They win by a slightly larger margin in this rematch. Walkersville-24, Oakdale-14. Also: Elkton at Harford Tech Edgewood at Franklin Perry Hall at Paint Branch Meade at Broadneck Sherwood at Howard And two private school Picks: Avalon at Loyola - The Dons can't wait to get back into action and get win #2 in a close decision over the Avalon Frankies. Calvert Hall vs Gilman (at CCBC Essex) - This one is for my man GreyhoundAlum. DILLY GILLY!!!
  11. Hereford -22, Chesapeake (BC)-20, in OT This was a tense, physical, hard-fought game, and a must-win for Hereford in order to get into the playoffs. After stopping Chesapeake on a drive aided by acres of penalty yardage against Hereford inside the Bulls 10 yard line late in the first quarter, Hereford then drove the length of the field and scored in the second to go up,7-0. Hereford got the ball back and moved inside the Bayhawk 25, but an ill-timed pass was intercepted by Chesapeake, and the first half ended, 7-0. Hereford received the second half kickoff and was stopped on three plays, then had to punt. Chesapeake broke through and blocked the kick, then scooped up the ball and ran it in for a TD. A successful two-point conversion gave the Bayhawks an 8-7 lead. On the ensuing drive, Hereford hit a wide open receiver on a long pass for a TD, then elected to kick the extra point to go up 14-8. Not to be outdone, Chesapeake drove down to score, but failed on the two-point try, leaving the score tied, 14-14, at the end of the third quarter. A scoreless fourth quarter was highlighted by Hereford stopping a Chesapeake drive around the Hereford 10, then gaining several first downs to move the ball out of the danger zone. After finally having to punt to Chesapeake in the final minute, the Bayhawks were unable to move the ball, and the game went into overtime. Chesapeake got the ball first in OT and scored a TD, but the runner was stopped cold by the Hereford D on the two-point conversion, leaving the score 20-14. On Hereford's turn, they were faced with fourth down from the three, but the Bulls RB muscled in to tie the score at 20. Hereford's outstanding kicker, Sam Wanamaker, lined up for the winning extra point, but Chesapeake jumped offside three straight times in an effort to block the kick, succeeding the final time. At this point, with the ball practically on the goal line, Hereford decided to just run the ball in for two rather than kick, were successful, and came away with a hard-earned win. It was nice to see that Chesapeake finally has bleachers and a press box at the school, along with a new track. But it was very disappointing to see that the scoreboard was non-operational, which makes no sense, considering a new or repaired scoreboard would have cost a fraction of what the new bleachers and track ran. Another case of Baltimore County's seemingly everlasting problem with inferior facilities for the student-athletes. Best of luck to both teams in next weekend's first round of playoffs.
  12. JMT: If Hereford beats Chesapeake Saturday and gets into the playoffs, under what scenario would they get a #3 seed in the 2A North? Thanks.
  13. If this does indeed happen, the coaches and AD's should petition the County to dissolve the Developmental League ASAP. Don't wait until next fall, when reclassification occurs. Woodlawn and Towson make the playoffs, while Parkville and Dundalk do not. This kind of atrocity should not be allowed to happen more than once. The current Divisions 2 and 3 could be reconfigured as follows: 2A-3A: Eastern Tech, Hereford, New Town, Owings Mills, Lansdowne, Patapsco, Towson, Woodlawn. 1A: Chesapeake, Loch Raven, Overlea, Pikesville, Randallstown, Sparrows Point, Western.
  14. Chesapeake's aggregate record from 2012 to 2016 was 14-36. That pretty much defines an also-ran in my book. Additionally, they were a member of the earlier version of the infamous Developmental League, which speaks for itself. I know they had some success in whatever division they were in in the County from 2007-2011, but the program's all-time playoff record dating back to 1984 is an unflattering 2-9. Most of those losses were blowouts, and they've never made it out of their region. Chesapeake had mostly horrendous teams from the early 1990's to the early 2000's. I recall that in 1997, the year Hereford won its first state championship, Chesapeake went 0-10 and scored one TD all season...on a kickoff return. Not one offensive score in 10 games! Getting back to 2017, I think Chesapeake has a very good chance of beating Lewis if they happen to face them. Lewis doesn't play anybody, and like you pointed out, the Bayhawks beat New Town by two TD's, while Lewis only beat them by two points. If Chesapeake runs into Dunbar, look out! Dunbar will beat them with a running clock. Lewis too, for that matter.
  15. Others have given detailed descriptions of the Loyola-Gilman game, but all I can add is that Loyola players, coaches and fans can be proud of the effort the team put forth today. I predicted a Loyola upset on another thread and believed both at halftime, when the Dons led 7-0, and at the end of the third quarter, when they led 14-7, that Loyola would win this game. Unfortunately, the Dons weren't good enough to close the deal. But even after Gilman took their only lead of the game with 1:05 left in the game, Loyola quickly moved down to the Gilman 13 and were a pass off the outstretched fingertips of a receiver in the end zone of winning this game or at least sending it to overtime. If Loyola had played this well against Boys' Latin and John Carroll, they would have won those two games. I'd also like to point out something that a poster put on another thread....Loyola could beat 75% of the teams in the state of Maryland. They are not a bad football team when one looks at the big picture. They just don't have the talent to successfully compete in the MIAA A Conference, one of the two toughest leagues in the state. Finally, well done to Gilman for coming from behind twice and winning this game. DILLY GILLY!!!!
  16. Agree with your Top 5 in the County. As a long-time follower of Baltimore County football, this year is as bad as it's ever been. Milford or Franklin are the only teams capable of advancing out of their region in the playoffs. Perry Hall isn't going anywhere in 4A, they never do. I agree with BmoreBall's assessment that outside the top three, the rest of the County is pretty much of a train wreck. Hereford has its weakest team since the pre-Turnbaugh days. The offensive line play has been mostly poor, as well as the tackling of the defense. A number of County teams are hampered by lack of numbers and size. Quite a few of these teams have rosters of fewer than 25 players, and fewer than 20 suited up for games. Just the fact that a perennial also-ran like Chesapeake is in line to win the 1A-2A Division championship shows how far County football has dropped off. It's not like Chesapeake has suddenly become a powerhouse, but more an indication that the rest of the teams have sunk to their level, or below. Hopefully, things will start to turn around next year.
  17. Here are some. You'll have to go elsewhere to find a complete listing of games. Poly at Edmondson Pallotti at Archbishop Curley Perry Hall at Franklin Parkville at Kenwood Overlea at Eastern Tech Linganore at Middletown McDonogh at Mount St. Joe John Carroll at Severn Fort Hill at Friendship Collegiate (DC) UPSET SPECIAL Gilman at Loyola - Two struggling teams battle it out in a low-scoring contest. Gilman is leading 14-7 when Loyola scores a TD in the closing minutes. Rather than take their chances in overtime, the Dons go for the win in regulation. The two-point conversion is GOOD!! Loyola-15, Gilman-14.
  18. I'm aware of what Gilman did against Calvert Hall and Mt. St. Joe, but do not agree that Gilman is not struggling. Any team with a 2-5 record that has been outscored 197-96 by its opponents is struggling. I make my prediction based on a gut feeling that Loyola is due for at least one good game this year, and this could be it. As you pointed out, Gilman has injury issues which could come into play. I'll probably be proven wrong, but you have to stick your neck out once in a while. By the way, does this Spanky character you keep posting about have a real first and last name? Spanky is a nickname, and not a very good one. The only Spanky I've ever heard of was in the Little Rascals.
  19. Anyone care to make some? Here are a few: John Carroll at Palotti Good Counsel at DeMatha Dundalk at Perry Hall Chesapeake at Eastern Tech Hereford at Overlea Kent Island at Oakdale Walkersville at Tuscarora Archbishop Spalding at Calvert Hall Franklin at Milford Mill Kenwood at Dulaney
  20. Eastern Tech won 26-20. Don't be misled by the score; this was a physical beat down by ET. They had no passing attack, but simply ran the ball down Hereford's throats with a corp of tough, but not fast, RB's. On the flip side, Hereford's running attack did nothing, and they were forced to go to the air to achieve what success they had. Hereford's blocking and tackling were terrible. The Bulls will lose to Overlea next week and Chesapeake in Week 10. This is the worst Hereford team since the pre-Turnbaugh era. The most disappointing aspect of this team is the utter lack of physicality. So uncharacteristic.
  21. Eastern Tech at Hereford - The game between these two often decides their divisional championship, and that could be the case again this year. ET has won three straight, while Hereford has won four. Since both teams run ground-oriented offenses, we should see fewer points in the Zone than in the last two weeks. Look for the Bulls to outlast the Technicians in a game that should be close throughout. Hereford-27, Eastern Tech-20. Chesapeake (BC) at Towson - The Chesapeake Bayhawks are riding high after an 18-8 win over a solid Overlea team. Meanwhile, Towson is coming off a less than impressive win over one-win Sparrows Point. Chesapeake has definite 1A playoff aspirations, and could derail Towson's in 3A with a win here. The Bayhawks get the job done. Chesapeake-20, Towson-14. Calvert Hall at Gilman. The Cardinals should carry plenty of momentum forward from their very impressive win over Mt. St. Joe last week. Gilman is coming off a bye week, which may or may not be to their benefit. Don't look for a lot of points to be scored in this game, but most of those should come from Calvert Hall. CHC puts the game out of reach with a late field goal. Calvert Hall-17, Giman-7. Also: Boys' Latin at Palotti St. Paul's at Archbishop Curley Overlea at Randallstown Dunbar at Poly Havre de Grace at Elkton Howard at Long Reach Linganore at Oakdale
  22. Hereford-56, New Town-36 A very weird game, to say the least. New Town turned the ball over eight times, scored four offensive TD's, and didn't punt a single time. Hereford punted once. Again this week, Hereford's defense was atrocious.
  23. New Town at Hereford - 3-1 Hereford hosts a winless New Town team, hungry for victory. Hereford's defense was hideous last Friday against a mediocre Randallstown team that played the last 3/4 of the game without its starting QB, so there is a reasonable chance New Town wins this game. But the Hereford offense is averaging 34 points per game, and that should see the Bulls through, but only after a stiff challenge from the Titans. Hereford-31, New Town-22. Walkersville at Linganore - This is one of the best games in the state this weekend between two teams who will have a major impact in their respective playoff brackets. Little to choose between these two, but I'm going with Walkersville, based mainly on the result of last year's game. Hard to think Linganore has closed the gap completely, especially since this year's Walkersville team appears to be every bit as good as last year's. Walkersville-24, Linganore-21. Edmondson at City - Even matchup between two of the City's better teams, both with championship aspirations. City already has one league loss, so one would expect them to play with a slightly greater sense of urgency. The Knights prevail in a hard-fought, back and forth contest. City-20, Edmondson-16. Also: Overlea at Chesapeake North Harford at C Milton Wright Long Reach at River Hill Oakdale at Middletown John Carroll at Boys' Latin McDonogh at Spalding Mount St. Joe at Calvert Hall
  24. The last team anyone should be hyping is Towson, especially when the whole team appears to revolve around one player. We found out everything we needed to find out about Towson in the Perry Hall game. As others have said, yeah, Towson might win the Developmental League championship and take a playoff berth from a more deserving team who played tougher competition, but they will be humiliated in the first round of the playoffs. This is yet another of the unintended (or maybe intended) consequences of the County's foolish re-establishment of the D-League.