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  1. It's already falling rapidly again. They've lost 5400 a game from 2014 through 2017...
  2. Brady's role in negotiating those contracts concerns me a lot less than if it came out he was the key decision maker in moving out guys like Bridwell, Davies, Arrieta, Gonzalez, Rodriguez and bringing in guys like Jimenez, Miley, Hellickson, etc.
  3. Worst, dumbest, stupidest, most idiotic move in the history of bad, dumb, stoopid, idiotic managerial moves. I swear it made as much sense as pinch hitting Caleb Joseph for Tony Gwynn with the universe saving run on 3rd base... and then asking Caleb to bat left-handed too...
  4. What really sucks is that the Ubaldo deal was a bad deal and a very big risk from the second it was signed. Ubaldo had been mostly bad the previous 3 years. He had one good half a season, and the other 5 half seasons were mediocre to crappy bad. Way more often than not, when you bet on a guy based on an isolated blip in his resume (because it's stands out) and ignore the larger body of evidence that SCREAMS "this is more of who he really is"... you're going to lose.
  5. I just think Belichick's aura is so incredibly Brady-manufactured. 42-58 career in the NFL, 5-13 with the Patriots... his curmudgeon persona doesn't work for long if you're losing. There were already rumors of his rear being on the hot seat at the time Bledsoe was sent to the locker room. The Pats had just given him a big deal, barring injury, they were going to sink or swim with him. 11-5 with Matt Cassel? Sure, like I said, Todd Haley went 10-6 with the same guy a couple years later. And 11-5 or not, they missed the playoffs that year... the only time in 15 seasons the Pats haven't played a post-season game. Coincidence? Doubt it. Billick went 10-6 one year with Wright and Boller, would folks argue that made him brilliant? No, they'll say he had a good defense and great running game. Which I'd argue is the same as having a HoF QB who basically never gets hurt (cept for once) and doesn't seem to age. 3-1 last year when Brady was suspended? Yep, but keep in mind ARI missed what has become a high percentage 45-ish yard FG in the final minute that would likely have won the game. Would have been 2-2 without Brady in that case, and then 11-1 with him. And Jimmy G hasn't lost a game in the NFC yet either, so maybe just maybe the guy has talent too. Time will tell. Don't think the guy's an idiot. I think he's a great defensive scheme guy for the most part, who has been blessed with the greatest, most accurate QB of the last many decades... who makes everyone and everything around him look better because of what happens when the ball comes out of his right hand. Without that, Bill's a great defensive mind with a personality that wears very thin on people very quickly... unless they're constantly winning. But he can thank Tommy (and maybe some shredded videotape too) for the success that put him in the HoF zone to begin with.
  6. Maybe if the Orioles somehow find a decent starting pitcher, they can flip him in a trade later on in the season to get Flaherty back...
  7. If you throw out his 5-13 record before Bledsoe got knocked out.
  8. I'm not one that will often criticize Harbaugh (or most coaches) for going for it on 4th and 1. I usually like 4th-and-short aggression in general. The Ravens were 6 of 8 when running on 4th-and-3-or-less... My beef with the Ravens / Harbaugh / OC is more what they do in the larger percentage of short yardage offensive situations, like 3rd and short. Frankly, 1st and 2nd down too, but I'll focus on 3rd for now. Using the "play index" tool on pro-football-reference.com, the following interesting stats come up for 2017... In 2017, on 3rd-and-less-than-4: Rush: 24 snaps, 17 first downs... 71% Pass: 51 snaps, 24 first downs... 47% You might say, well there's a difference between 3rd-and-really-short and 3rd-and-4... so I also took a look at 3rd-and-less-than-2... Rush: 22 snaps, 16 first downs... 73% Pass: 17 snaps, 9 first downs... 53% Rewind farther back to 2016, the numbers in 3rd-and-less-than-4: Rush: 21 snaps, 16 first downs... 76% Pass: 55 snaps, 26 first downs... 47% 2016... 3rd-and-less-than-2: Rush: 18 snaps, 14 first downs... 78% Pass: 18 snaps, 9 first downs... 50% Going in to 2018, if I know that my chances of picking up a 1st down in 3rd-and-short are historically, statistically... about 20-25% higher when running the ball than they are throwing the ball... personally I'm going to adapt my offensive scheme to be much more run-focused in general, and on 3rd and short. Situations near the end of the CHI game (in OT) and the second PIT game stand out where Marty called for the pass in spots where a 3 yard gain could have iced the game, or made it MUCH more difficult for the opponent to score late. Yet I "know" that we'll probably just see more of the same scheme in 2018. The Eagles, who are having a SB parade today, pretty much split their 3rd-and-4 playcalling down the middle. Offense Marty prefers to go 2-to-1 / 2.5-to-1 pass in those situations.
  9. Going off topic a bit... speaking of the idea to move Davis, serious thought here. Manny's glove work is world class of course. His throws to first however, and many of his biggest highlight reel plays, end with a lot of great Chris Davis clips playing a short or in-between hop. When Manny is elsewhere, does some of the bloom fall off his defensive rose if the guys at first don't do him the same favors as often? I know that's not going to impact his pending mega deal... and it's not like his rep will suffer too much... but it'll be interesting to see in my opinion.
  10. Yeah, I know. And Todd Haley went 10-6 with the same Matt Cassel and a LOT less supporting cast. Billick once went 10-6 with Wright and Boller too. That 11-5 Pats team was still LOADED with talent, and they probably win 14 games with Brady at QB in my opinion... they're not missing the playoffs with him.
  11. Yeah, I hope he does try to prove it. It will show the world that Brady was always 90% of the key there... 42-58 before Brady's first start. HoF since. Bill is a solid defensive coach / mind with the most accurate QB of the last 30 years. And 3 rings where many of his foes still believe the Pats were stealing signals unlike anyone else...
  12. Sure, nobody is paying to see the owners or GMs. But they are paying to see the product that the owners and GMs have put together. Sort of like in probably most businesses... I don't go to a restaurant to watch the chef pick the ingredients and prepare the meal (except maybe Hibachi!), I'm paying for the food that comes out on the plate. But behind it all there's back office staff running the day to day operations, purchasing, support staff, server staff, and infrastructure that package it all together. And at some point a businessman (rarely the actual chef him/herself) put their money / credit / reputation on the line and took on massive risk to get it all started. You can adapt that model to pretty much every other business type or industry you can think of. And when a product / business is strong enough to basically self-sustain, the effort of the "original" owners are either passed on in the family, or sold to other incredibly wealthy businessmen / businesses. You're not going to find a high percentage of for-profit businesses just turn over the whole package to the employees after they "made enough money". There is nothing preventing the existing players from playing out their contracts and refusing to sign a new deal. Once they're free of their MLB contracts, they can go play wherever and for whoever they like. But doing so would take risk, it would require many now making millions to instead make nothing for a while, etc. Current minor leaguers would become the next wave of major leaguers (quickly), and the product would eventually suffer until they also chose not to extend or re-sign deals. I think the public eye would turn towards the better product in the long run. The players HAVE the capability to do that because they possess the talent that people care to see, but do they have the will-power to sacrifice a LOT in the short-term to create a league / structure that they'd prefer long-term? I babble all this knowing it's never going to happen. Even if it DID, and 15 years from now there was a new "Players Association League" that had all the best talent in the world... inevitably I think you'd see the players who sacrificed the most personally to get it started (e.g. the guy who passed on a 250 million dollar contract to be free of MLB) would just become the next wave of "owners" looking to recoup their money... and the new wave of players would be demanding a bigger piece of the pie.
  13. I'll say the same thing I usually say about football or any other team pro sport when players complain about their work conditions... play out your contracts, and then band together under the benevolent guidance of your brilliant lawyer agents... and form your own league. Call it The Player's League, run it yourselves, negotiate your own stadium and media deals, etc. Nothing stopping them... Curious to see how long it takes them to fracture over contract values, who deserves the most profit in their own pocket, etc.
  14. Yeah my gut reaction was it's really one week until catchers reports, and some other guys who will try throwing to them...
  15. Could be wrong, but I think besides the Pats, there are no other franchises that have won more than 2 Lombardis since 2000... I don't see the dire straits many want to paint the organization in as a whole. Aside from '15, their down years are .500 ish and still fighting for a playoff birth well in to week 16 or even the final seconds of week 17. They've set a higher bar for themselves, like most good organizations do.