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  1. I was unable to go to most of the home games so far this year for "kid sports" reasons. Honestly shocked how many people turned down free tickets and a majority of them brought up the anthem crap as part of the reason they didn't feel like going. I think the way the union has killed offseason activity has to be having an impact on the quality of play. Hell, now even in pre-season games, the expected starters aren't playing as long. Not sure how you can expect them to put on a good product at "game speed" when the first time most of them truly try to go game speed for any length of time is when the games start to count.
  2. I think I heard a few times this week on the radio that the Ravens had scored 0 or 1 TD in 8 of the last 20 games under Marty. If true, today was a late Marlon Humphrey INT away that set them up inside the 5 from making it 9 out of 21 (despite the D constantly taking the ball away early and great average starting field position). There's something very wrong with that... and while I'll again say that Joe bears some of the blame... he's also been FAR more successful and productive throughout his career than he's been since the Marc and Marty era began. To think there's no correlation there at all is a stretch in my opinion. Kubiak took an offense with an OL that we still griped about, and NO running game from the previous season, and schemed up something credible where Joe had a career year, Torrey Smith had a career year, Justin Forsett had a career year and went to a Pro Bowl, and the O as a whole finished 8th in the NFL in points scored (second only to their 1996 "juggernaut" offense ranking).
  3. Worth noting, Collins made positive yardage out of a would have been tackle-for-loss, then drew a PF on the Packers in the process.
  4. Holy crap, an inside shovel pass. I'm stunned.
  5. I'm sure the staff is working on adjustments right now...
  6. Yeah, that was a goofy one. The official wasn't sure if it was touched at first, you could see him think it over for a few seconds... so a guess is not overruled because video evidence was only about 98% certain.
  7. Three snaps, Collins doesn't get a touch, punting away...
  8. Yep, guy turns his head and it's an INT. But you see other teams take advantage of that, and other WRs make special one-armed grabs around the league every week. Nice to see a Ravens WR do it for once...
  9. First time all season I recall a WR making a special play on a ball...
  10. Well, they did manage to find Alex Collins who I keep hearing leads the NFL in this or that "per carry" stat... meanwhile Marty and company are calling his number in the backfield about 10 times per game. Because that's how you want to use the league's most effective RB... by limiting his carries... almost as if he's on a pitch count.
  11. Oh look, Marty dials up another pass after the good return, and a quick sack.
  12. That INT was forced in to a spot it shouldn't have been forced in to. It's an appropriate commentary on Marty's mindset... everything is forced, regardless of whether it suits the talent on the field best. Kubiak had a feel for his talent. Marty doesn't. That's the difference.
  13. They force it. Marty forces the pass. Joe forces the pass. Joe's biggest head issue is that he's not smart enough or stubborn enough to demand change from his OC. But he goes along with it and looks worse and worse each month because of it. The pass / run spread should be 16-8 run right now, not 16-8 pass (with the bad snap being a pass set). It's crystal clear that this team's best chance at success is NOT the system that Marty continues to go with. And they all look worse for it.
  14. 16 pass sets, 8 rushes. 3 take-aways and a punt, and 3 points to show for it while Marty continues to pretend he has Tom Brady behind center. That's good. Very smart Marty, very smart. Keep asking this offense to be something they're not... maybe in the next 4 or 5 years it'll click.
  15. That's hilarious. Horrible throw that should have been a run call anyway.