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  1. Yes, he should be sent to the free agent market. I have no doubt he'll still hurt this team more in the long run than help them...
  2. This is the 5th time this season Gausman has pitched in to at least the 6th, and given up 2 or less ER. Ubaldo has done so 1 time. Once. Tonight is a prime example of why W/L record for a starting pitcher can be very misleading.
  3. Every season this team will have stretches where they only score runs when the ball is going over the fence... this might be the early part of one of those stretches.
  4. Thing is, Gonzalez stunk over the course of 8 starts to end 2015, while also basically missing all of September with an injury. He struggled a bit the following spring, and that was enough to give up on him. Ubaldo has stunk over the better part of his 3+ seasons here now. And his nice guy act helped Buck quite literally throw away a playoff run / whole season, while he let his best pitcher for the situation rot on the bench in the bullpen.
  5. It's mind-blowing. He's been a BAD major league starting pitcher for the vast majority of the last 7 seasons. He's been way more of a liability to the team in his time here than an asset. He continues to suck, like, royally, atrociously stink... and because he has a not-small salary... he's allowed to continue hurting this team. He's not young. He has no track record of extended success here. He has NO upside. He's not going to get better. He's not going to magically gain consistent control at this point in his career. I still can't fathom last year's wild-card game... with THE END OF YOUR SEASON standing less than 90 feet from home plate... with (at the time) possibly major league baseball's most reliable reliever when either a strike-out or ground ball is needed, sitting in the bullpen... Buck went with Ubaldo Jimenez. Why? Because at the worst possible time he managed to pitch well for a while. Yes, the worst possible time. Because after stinking all season, he did enough in emergency duty to supposedly instill some ridiculous confidence in him from Buck. It absolutely cost the Orioles possibly a deep playoff run. We'll never know, because Buck chose to lose it all on a scratch off ticket. The guy CAN'T PITCH in the majors anymore. Not effectively. And he could follow this outing with 3 straight no-hitters, I could not care less... in the long run, he'll hurt you way more than he helps. But Buck doesn't seem to care. Heck, Ubaldo's such a nice guy...
  6. The real issue is that Jimenez has been a BAD PITCHER for the vast majority of his last 7 major league seasons, this one included. With the exception of a few isolated stretches where he pitches lights out for a month or two, the other 80% of the time he's an open gas container sitting inside a fireplace. Yet they continue to stick with him in the rotation. I can't think of any other Oriole who has stunk that bad for that long (even before coming here) that they just keep penciling in the starting lineup with almost NO repercussions for bad performance.
  7. My daughter's rec softball league has a coach pitch policy after so-many consecutive walks. So there are work-arounds...
  8. He'll probably pitch well, it's what he does whenever gets to the point where you think Buck MIGHT finally pull the plug once and for all with one more bad outing... There's about a 90% chance his control will be poor... how well he does usually depends on how aggressive the opponent is when it comes to swinging at pitches outside of the zone.
  9. And Gonzo did what Gonzo did pretty much consistently for the better part of 4 years here... pitched in to the 6th or 7th and left his team a chance to win the game. But no... Ubaldo's the one that gets to stink for 3+ years with little / no ramification on his starting job. Not that I'm tracking or anything.
  10. Caleb's probably out of RBI until May 2018 at this point...
  11. Exactly. Everybody on this planet with an ounce of common sense knows that Sale was sending a message the night before. Whether he hit him or not is of little concern given the situation. MLB and the umpiring crew knew there was ill will coming in to that game. All the pre-game storylines included "What's going to happen tonight?" There should have been a pre-game warning issued to both managers when they exchanged line-ups. And if Sale had still chosen to throw that pitch (which might not have happened had they been warned early, and had to worry about losing Sale for the game), he should have been sent to the clubhouse. The fact he was warned immediately tells you the umps knew what it was all about. Part of me sort of hopes someone drills a Pedroia square in the back tonight... let the dugouts empty and hopefully be done with it for a while. But somehow I'm sure the pitcher and two guys who left the Orioles dugout would get suspended, while the Sox would get nothing.
  12. Sale should have been tossed immediately in my world. Everybody knew what was going on, the ump jumped out immediately and issued warnings. If you know what he's trying to do, then just toss him.
  13. Yeah, they've lost a lot of games the last two seasons because of two primary reasons... 1) throwing too much on offense, and 2) not being able to make stops / plays in the secondary. At the very least, we can't go in to the season opener saying they didn't try to address their secondary issues and get better there. They have two solid veteran safeties penciled in as starters, and Webb comes back now as a part-time / depth guy (which I think he could very well excel at). They have two young corners in Young (who showed something last year) and now Humphrey, along with two veteran CBs in Smith and Carr who can be anywhere from solid to stand-out at times. CBs get beat a lot, it's the nature of the game, but if you have some CBs that will give you something for every 2 or 3 completions they give up... honestly that's a pretty big deal in today's NFL. At least I won't have to watch a guy like Kendrick Lewis make the same mistakes over and over again this year... like when you know the other team (Raiders) HAS to score a TD on their final drive, and you still get beat over the top in the endzone.
  14. Considering he's already driven in a couple runs, he's WAY ahead of 2016. But he's never going to be "good" in any way...
  15. Rice's deal probably got more media (and more negative reaction) because he was an NFL professional, and that's the biggest media show in sports. Mixon's deal happened years before, and he was a college kid at the time. If you ask most casual fans, or the average person who doesn't follow sports or football closely... my guess is that the number of people who saw the Rice video somewhere vs. the Mixon video is probably at least 4-1 or 5-1. But yes, the hypocrisy of the two situations is interesting... Rice had actually been looking good again (slimmer, quicker) that pre-season before the tape came out. He would have been on some NFL roster somewhere that season. But he never played another down. Mixon on the other hand got drafted not long after his video made the rounds... albeit by the Shawshank Bengals...