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  1. Well, who can blame him. At this point he probably figures the only way he'll get more playing time is if he hits some HRs, since that's all the Orioles seem to value...
  2. Tommy Hunter putting himself on Dan's "I gotta get THIS guy" radar here in the 8th...
  3. I'll keep saying it until they prove me wrong... but frankly I don't care who the running backs are, I have no confidence that Mornhinweg has any real desire to run the ball, so what does it matter.
  4. Just poked at the stats... if you set 80 innings pitched as the minimum for "qualifying", Jimenez has the highest ERA in the AL (and MLB actually). And he's over a full run worse than the next most putrid guy. Change it to 60 innings, it's still him in the AL. Change it to 40, still Ubaldo. So not only has he stunk so fantastically, he's the only guy who's been allowed to pitch this much at given level of stinkitude. Interestingly, in the AL at a minimum of 80 IP... these four names are in the top 9 as far as WORST ERA. Jimenez, Gausman, Miley, and Gallardo. What do 3 of them have in common?
  5. I'm actually fine with a revolving door of random experiments in the Ubaldo starter's spot... if it meant being rid of Ubaldo as an option. You literally lose absolutely nothing in that scenario... it can't get worse there.
  6. The Ubaldo addition was stupid from the day it was made. Their insistence on not cutting ties for the betterment of the team has been stupid for four years. Buck's insistence on continuing to let this guy start games is as stupid now as it was the last couple years. All of which pales in comparison to the stupidity of letting Ubaldo pitch with the end of your season 75 feet away and Zach Britton sitting in the bullpen. The whole thing has just been one long journey in stupidity.
  7. http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2012/08/dan-duquette-on-the-os-pitching-philosophy-we-dont-like-the-cutter.html
  8. They don't need #1 commercial friendly flashy WRs. They just need as many good / plus WRs as they can get. As much as I'd like a Green or Bryant or Brown or Jones running routes, you'd be hard-pressed to find many recent SB champions that won titles because of, or even WITH, the type of WR fandom would lead you to believe is the all-important piece. At the end of the day the champ usually has good QB play, solid lines, and a decent to great defense. Perriman doesn't need to be a #1 in the way people think of #1 WRs. He just needs to be a guy who consistently wins most of his battles, catches the ball when he should catch it, and helps the team win.
  9. Duquette doesn't like the cutter. Not the first pitcher to leave here, have the organizational handcuffs taken off, and show immediate improvement...
  10. My opinion of the MacPhail era was that he did a good job turning over what value they actually had to rebuild and form a potentially solid young core. My complaint with his regime was that he wouldn't (or management wouldn't let him) spend money to support that young core with proven talent to help them take a "next step". And I thought he would need to gradually turn over some of that young talent as it gained value to get more young talent. Duquette sort of did more of that (the spending side), with several strokes of incredible good luck mixed in, but he's done ZERO in my opinion to build up a "next wave" of talent ready to step up and step in. All you hear out of him now is something along the lines of: "We have a lot of guys with better track records, and they're not performing up to their track record". That's a cop out to me. That's something you should anticipate as a GM. Not everybody that was good 5 years ago is going to be as good now. They age. They get injured. They decline, or at least stop developing new skills or struggle to adjust. DD has done nothing substantial to prepare a next wave... and I don't see any reason to believe he has the instinct (or desire) to cash out on the valuable pieces when they can bring value in return. He just wants to sit back and expect Andy's core to get their mojo back, and sprinkle in enough scratch-off tickets to try to get them over the hump. That's not a good long-term strategy in my mind.
  11. Or Mangold / his agent figure it's late enough now... wait for someone's starting center to tear an ACL the second day of camp.
  12. He misspoke, should have been "I still like a lot of Andy's core players."
  13. Those two lines say all that needs to be said. He's sucked for the vast majority of 4 seasons here. He sucked for the vast majority of 3 seasons PRIOR to coming here. Buck acts like Ubaldo's BAD performance for the VAST majority of the last 7 seasons is all bad luck or some strange anomaly, and keeps pushing him out there. I DON'T CARE HOW BAD THE REST OF THE STAFF HAS BEEN. That shouldn't excuse Ubaldo's terrible performance. Buck gets a little too cute sometimes with his thinking. It's obvious he's fine with sacrificing the present (inning / game) for the future (tomorrow's game), and will leave a gas can on top of the grill just to save a bullpen some innings. But he goes overboard with it when he basically gives away a game in the 2nd inning. Or for even worse example, gives away a do-or-die playoff game in the 11th because he thinks it will set him up better in the 12th... which never came.
  14. Because I spend way too much time overthinking things... this raises a theory in my little head. Buck's fond of letting his starters get hit hard early, but letting them go on anyway to try to save some bullpen innings. So you'll see 8 in 3, or 5 in 2, whatever. And these are rarely "sudden" meltdowns, where a guy rolls along for 5 batters and then combines a couple bloops and a walk with a HR... they're usually "obviously struggling from the first batter" outings. Almost makes me think Ubaldo now has a mindset (and maybe some other guys too) that even getting lit up early is sort of okay, as long as you can eat some innings before handing a 5+ run deficit over to your bullpen. There's literally almost no accountability / consequence to starters, especially veteran starters, for, well... sucking on the mound. Ubaldo went on to decry his "bad luck" after the game too. Please. Leave the "bad luck" crap to Jim Hunter. Let's forget about the warning track fly with 2 on after they already had 5 runs in. It's not bad luck Ubaldo (and Buck). It's lack of skill and lack of execution.
  15. Hell, let Tanner Scott start here every 5th day and throw 3 innings... I really, really doubt he could possibly be ANY more damaging than Ubaldo. Then hand it over to the bullpen, which Ubaldo tends to do anyway. Maybe Scott only gives up two or three in 3 innings instead of 5 or 6. Heck, maybe he does even better. There's quite literally very little room for it to be any worse. Ubaldo has 15 starts now on the season. Three of them... yes... three of them have qualified as "good" outings to any reasonable, objective person. A fourth was respectable, 7 2/3 with 4 ER. 3 times in 15 starts has he hit the showers with a star on his homework paper. In 9 out of his 15 starts, he's given up 5 or more ER. A few others he only gave up 3 or 4 ER, but also only lasted 3 to 5 innings (which translates to a really bad ERA too). For all the angst about Gausman, which he certainly brings on himself by imploding from time to time and has been disappointing overall this year, he's at least pitched IN to the 6th inning while giving up 3 ER or less on 10 occasions. Jimenez is the most puzzling phenomenon in baseball to me... as there is literally NOTHING to justify the continued faith Buck continues to show in him.