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  1. See, if they're lamenting that they can't get any decent value back for him because teams know it'll cost a lost of money to keep him long-term, then the retort is... why did you wait so long? Manny's desire to at least test the free agent market has been blatantly obvious for a couple years now. And his combination of tools, unlike a Davis or a Trumbo, are of the caliber that there isn't a chance he'll re-sign here. As Brady actually pointed out several months ago, the time to extend Manny was probably a while back after his second trip to the DL. At that point you're both gambling, Manny with the ability to lock in more money in the near-term at the expense of a couple extra years off the free agent market... and the Orioles with his (then) recent history of shaky health. But there were never any serious talks of an extension at the time when he was at least as extendable as he was ever going to be. Ultimately, it all comes down to the Orioles indecisiveness. Only one Orioles GM in the last 20 years has managed to get value that turned in to anything in return for the handful of top talents that come through and ultimately leave the organization. Everyone else has basically mixed some combination of lottery ticket investment strategy, and driving the cars until they have no remaining value for one reason or another. And did somebody mention Britton not pitching in the playoff game?
  2. Encouraging to see Mancini TWICE on the same ground ball back to the pitcher give up and start half jogging, only to be barely out at first after both a bobble and bad / high throw that pulled the first baseman off the bag. The new Oriole Way.
  3. 13 Ks in 8 innings at the plate. Orioles magic, feel it whoosh right by...
  4. ...and why would you want to TRY to bunt against the shift, when you can instead strike out 4 times?
  5. Quit being so harsh on Buck and Crusher Davis... I mean, Buck dropped Chris all the way down the order to the 5 hole. If he's not above .210 by September 1st I'll bet Buck drops him to the 6 slot.
  6. Thing is, every player in major league history who didn't hit in the majors could try the argument "If only I had played every day". It doesn't work that way. If you get a chance, or two, or three, or in Buck's world many more despite not consistently producing... and you don't start to show something, don't produce, don't stand out... then you don't last. You become what you are, in this case, now a minor league player who is decent behind the plate and awful standing next to it.
  7. Between his age and reported increasing reclusiveness lately (even moreso than the old days when he'd speak to a mediot once every few years)... I have my doubts as to how much of a role Peter actually plays in the workings of the franchise anymore.
  8. Hilarious. 1100 plate appearances in the majors, 32 years old, a .222 AVG and .270 OBP... this is one of the few things they've gotten right lately.
  9. Good move. Those prices are more in line with what I might be willing to spend on a whim if I get hungry. Of course they're not doing this out of the sheer kindness of their hearts... Tenders with fries and a souvenir soda goes from $19 (ouch) to $12 (comparable to a chain restaurant). Can stuff a kid with a popcorn, bag of peanuts, and a hot dog for $9 this year vs. $15 last year. As my dear old pop passed, my girls will be using my second ticket a lot more now... so this is definitely a welcome change.
  10. All of these guys that get busted and say they didn't know are either massively huge idiots, or think everyone else is. Or maybe both. Here's something very simple... if you are a professional athlete, every single thing you take in the drugs / medicine category should wait until you've verified it's legality with team physicians and / or MLB offices. Get it in writing, paper, email, wherever. Otherwise, nobody should believe you... That said, I don't think folks care as much anymore now that the initial drama from the Mitchell report era is over. I don't like it, but suspicious it won't really matter when this next wave starts coming up for HOF consideration.
  11. I hate the nitpick over who is worse. But the 2016 thing about Ubaldo gets brought up in his favor every once in a while and it drives me nuts. He was 5-11 with a 6.50 ERA on September 1st that year. I think it's more fair to say that they might have actually won the division (finished 4 out) or at least HOSTED the wild-card game, if he had been a decent pitcher from April through the end of August... instead of giving him credit for making it with a few decent starts in September. But I loathed every day he stepped on the mound here for the most part, so...
  12. Except for Ubaldo. He got 4 full seasons of suckage with the occasional decent outing thrown in here and there. Even earned the right to throw away a playoff opportunity!
  13. Tillman had a good start in the last month, so Buck will give him another 10 starts to get things right again. It's the Ubaldo Principle.
  14. Duquette has been here since November 2011. Going in to opening day, their farm system was so productive over the last 6+ years, under his guidance, that they carried 3 different recent Rule 5 acquisitions on their major league roster. As folks get injured, and the key pieces of the core he inherited age / decline / go away (in a manner which Dan rarely if ever receives anything of value in return for), the call-ups and next wave have largely been an assortment of names who even ardent followers have sometimes never heard of, and very well may never play any part of another season in the majors outside of Baltimore. The terrible results on the starting pitching side started long before the supposed takeover of influence / responsibility, and the one-dimensional June - August offensive philosophy did as well. Dan "we don't like the cutter" Duquette has steered the direction of the organization since 2011 (along with Buck), I just don't buy the "it's everybody else's fault now" idea. What we've seen through 35 games so far this year started with a 4-19 close to last season.
  15. Averaging well over 200 rushing attempts per year in college (in 12-13 games a year), I have a hard time calling that a true "pro style" offense. Even Michael Vick at his zenith, in what wasn't a prototypical pro / NFL offense, didn't come close to running the ball that frequently. Hell, even in college Vick never averaged more than 10-11 carries per game. It does suggest Jackson is one hell of a talented athlete though. I thought Flacco looked like a disaster waiting to happen when he played his first few NFL pre-season games, but he improved quickly and put together a pretty good career. I hope Jackson proves me wrong when his time comes, because I'm a fan of the Ravens more than individual players. But until he shows it in the NFL, and shows he has the durability to last for a while, I can't help but have my doubts.
  16. Hey, my daughter's softball team overcame a double-digit deficit in the final inning last week to win a game... it can happen...
  17. First pitcher in history to give up 4 HRs without recording an out. HISTORY!
  18. Hey, they managed to run Duffy out in the bottom of the 6th... that's gotta be good for something right???
  19. I tend to root for historic things to happen when I go, like game 2 when they almost go no hit by the Twins. Was sitting right behind the plate about 12 rows up for that one. Might as well say you've seen something few others will ever see...
  20. I've been out so haven't seen any of it, but I'm guessing if you turn on the TV, there's a good chance you'll see Bowie-Bruce...
  21. If it's a good seat, sure! I can't not sit near home plate anymore.
  22. At no point this season has Davis' AVG been above .200 (.186 has been his peak) nor has his OBP been above .300 (.286 is that peak). His SLG peaked at .288... 3 weeks ago. Yet Buck continues to shove him in the cleanup slot... I'm honestly shocked Ubaldo hasn't been re-signed yet...
  23. Buck probably lost me for good in October of 2016. Still the dumbest managerial decision, given what was on the line, I've ever, ever seen.
  24. It'll be interesting to see what their final attendance numbers are at the end of the year. There was that Rays game a few weeks ago at home where they cancelled early even though it hadn't really rained much yet, they were just calling for rain later on. Which might sound reasonable, except if you recall, the Orioles have NEVER been one to call off home games early or quickly... and will usually do all they can to open the gates so that some folks will buy food and drink, they can run some commercials while talking about the weather, etc. all before the inevitable call-off decision. No... I'd bet their pre-game ticket sales for that one (Rays at home on a Tuesday night) were so bad that they knew they'd eclipse their two-week-old record for smallest home crowd.