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  1. Don't forget the combined stats / production of the big handful of starting pitchers that Duquette has seen fit to part ways with in recent years, compared to the starting pitchers he's seen fit to bring on board... there's no getting around the abject disaster his pitching decisions have been overall. His two best additions in my opinion were Chen and Gonzalez, interestingly enough both plucked from the international market. The international market the Orioles are now keen to avoid. It's mind-blowing...
  2. It never gets the same attention because it happened earlier in the game, but I think the Keith Washington (?) Blocked FG and Anthony Mitchell TD return basically saved the 2000 Ravens playoff run. If Del Greco's kick sails through the uprights, TEN has the lead and is teeing off on a Ravens offense that actually has to move the ball. Don't think they win that game, that day, without the return TD.
  3. So, uh, Stefon Diggs huh? Would have been nice to draft, oh, never mind. That DB made the mistake of assuming where Diggs would turn instead of keeping his head up and wrapping up... Wow...
  4. Yeah, no. Replay remains a joke. One angle clearly shows the ball slip through his hands, the other clearly shows the nose of the ball hit the ground. Combine the two and it's a clear no catch. But they can't manage to figure it out.
  5. And that PF shows why PFs should be reviewable. By a crew upstairs that is trained on efficient use of the replay system. They could have corrected that call themselves within 20 seconds with basically no delay in the game.
  6. The point is that they (and Joe) used to do a better job putting the ball in the hands of better options, or at least trying to. Of course it was a lucky RESULT to convert a 4th and 29 like that, but it was made possible by at least putting the ball in the hands of a guy who COULD make something out of nothing. The miracle at Denver, they needed to score quickly (not just get a 1st down), so they sent a fast WR deep and Joe chucked it up. It's not the result alone, but the nature by which they go at it. Throwing short passes to Ben Watson when you need to go a long way really fast or your season is over... shouldn't even BE an option. Send 4 deep and go underneath to Alex Collins, okay maybe. But Ben Watson is never going to be that guy. That starts on the sideline. And it's not just that drive, it's a common theme in recent years, when they've had opportunities to ice a game offensively, like the PHI game last year, the most ludicrous things come in from the sideline (which Joe seems to just go along with) that usually just wind up giving the opponent new life.
  7. Marc and Marty have run an offense here for the last 3 years that doesn't play to what their talent does best, including Joe. So everything and everyone is going to look and perform under their capability. Probably won't change next year either... Used this example a couple weeks back, but using the "lucky plays" in their favor as an example... The 4th and 29, Joe put the ball in the hands of Ray Rice in space and he had a chance to make a play. Lucky result or not, Rice in the open had a chance to make people miss and shed tackles, it's what he did well at the time. The miracle bomb, you needed big gains quickly, so Joe used his big arm to throw a rainbow to a very fast WR streaking deep down the sideline. Reasonable risk. At the end of the CIN game, needing big yardage quick, their final possession started and ended with very short throws to a speedless Ben Watson. An OC has to keep that from happening before the snap. That wasn't a common occurrence or problem before 2015, and it's been a rampant problem since...
  8. The Titans became one-dimensional, which leads to the Pats pass rushers not really worrying about the run as a serious threat, makes it a lot easier to rush the passer. It's what the Ravens offense does to itself to hinder the OL's chances of dominating the LOS.
  9. Yeah, Decker gets called for an OPI that never gets called the other way... a procedure penalty changed to encroachment... the next time I hear a Pats fan whine about the league somehow being out to get them, I'm going to slap them.
  10. The big gainer and the TD "throw" were simple little tosses off misdirection fakes. Something the Ravens seem incapable of installing in their offense. The inside shovel to the back heading for the pylon is something Collins could convert with regularity. Two completions, a bunch of yards, another TD throw for the stat book, and the ball average length of throw was probably the LOS.
  11. On the Ozzie got lucky front, I can't quite buy that. 22 seasons, a lot of good draft picks, some future HOFers, a lot of playoff appearances and 2 Superbowl rings. I don't know that it's fair to say the positives were luck and the negatives are his fault. I think the last 3 seasons have been largely an issue of an offensive scheme not suited to the personnel, and limiting what they could have accomplished in the process. Can debate that all day long, but that's just what my eyes see. Even so, I think there's something to be said for building a franchise where a short run of .500 where you're in the playoff picture in week 16 or 17 every year but one, and that becoming fodder for folks wanting to replace the GM, says something for the bar that Ozzie has set for the organization.
  12. Andy inherited a disaster and maneuvered to form a solid core of players that turned things around. Dan inherited that rebuilt core. We'll see what's left behind after Dan is gone...
  13. I would have been happy to see Austin get the job here. Always felt like, during his time here, the secondary played better (especially the CBs) than their collection of talent at least on paper would have suggested.
  14. Well, everybody said that about Cleveland after last year's 1-15 campaign. So never, ever assume anything positive about the Cleveland Browns.
  15. Every kid in high school should be forced to take a basic economics class that focuses on the idea that interest owed is universally NOT a good thing for the average consumer, avoid it at all costs with rare exceptions of buying a home and a car. And anyone who wants to argue that it is a good thing has some vested interest in profiting off those who owe interest. Anecdotes aside, I agree that the amount of money many people waste every year on their cell phones and cell phone plans, which typically come with a contract you're stuck in for some long period of time. Talked about this before, but a friend's daughter went to visit a private out of state University years ago and fell in love. She wanted to go, she got in, and four years later the parents are still paying off big loans that have kept them from doing anything else basically the whole time, added stress to the relationship, and the husband recently walked out cause the wife's always working (at least that's the excuse!). Meanwhile the daughter is going in to education with her own considerable student loans to pay off... sort of like gifting yourself a small mortgage payment to make every month... before you're even making enough to buy a house. She could have gone to a state school and been a great teacher someday anyways for 15% of the cost. This has little to do with true poverty, but is an example of the foolish ways even educated adults throw money away. Loans that don't justify the value returned. Mortgages without the ability to afford them should any small unfortunate lifestyle change occur.
  16. Maybe these things work differently for different groups, especially WRs. If they always do it this way, I'd assume they did the same before frigid cold road wins at Denver and at New England back in January 2013...
  17. Sometimes things leave me speechless that the league didn't at least review something. Today it was that Brees throw on 4th and 2 late that was intercepted and fumbled out of bounds. The announcers didn't question it, so there was no review. Later, when the announcers questioned why the 10 second run-off wasn't being enforced, the league managed to send some mysterious sideline bonus ref out to correct the mistake. Watch that play and ask yourself... if that same ball was thrown and a WR hauled it in instead of a DB... would the refs have called it a completion and let the next play go off without review? He only had it for a fraction of a second before it came out. Under two minutes, CAR couldn't challenge it themselves even if they had 10 timeouts (which is hands down the stupidest aspect of the NFL's ridiculous replay rules). Personally, you could never convince me that if the announcing crew had quickly questioned whether that was REALLY a completed catch, that the mysterious bonus official wouldn't have somehow stopped the game and at LEAST initiated a review.
  18. Maybe. In which case you probably would have seen Joe drop back 45 or 50 times, and the backs get maybe 20 to 25 touches. That's how Marty works, call a game where you have a fairly stationary pocket QB drop back 2 out of every 3 snaps against a good aggressive D that isn't the least bit concerned about getting caught off-guard...
  19. Didn't see the play live and only a few quick replays. Did they really blow the whistle that quickly? And I thought the league had added an exception a few years back that a fumble recovery could be allowed to stand even if the ref blew the whistle too soon if it's a clear recovery of some sort??? Either way, it's shameful...
  20. When asked about coaching changes, sounded to me like he said there wouldn't be any other than Pees' retirement. Joy.
  21. I started the post-bye scoring drive analysis. Haven't finished it yet, but it's VERY heavy on short drives starting in GREAT field position. This wasn't an offense that suddenly showed a big uptick in long scoring drives, they just stopped turning the ball over as much and didn't blow great field position as frequently.
  22. I've never put much stock in what he says to the media, he never really throws players or coaches under the bus publicly no matter how they perform. And I get that, you don't foster much goodwill in the locker room if you do such a thing. But replacing Marty is so, so, so much the right thing to do... it's mind-boggling to not pull the trigger on that. You can be complimentary and apologetic and whatever else, but he has to go. His system doesn't work with a QB of Joe's make-up. His resume is long and clearly shows success with a different style of QB, the kind that we don't have here. He won't change his system, and Joe's not going anywhere for at least another year. So they're basically, in all likelihood, throwing away the 2018 season offensively too. So much of their "offensive surge" the second half of the year was thanks to the defense scoring or setting them up in GREAT situations to score. But it seems that the "surge" will save Marty for another year. Bummer... major bummer...
  23. Lots of great points cp. I was going to do a game-by-game review of where / how a lot of those points came down the stretch. Won't get in to ALL the details, but they were +13 in turnover margin after the bye (16 to 3 on take / give). A lot of those points were either scored BY the defense, or set up in good / great / ridiculously great field position by the defense / special teams. If you go +13 in turnover margin over 7 games, you SHOULD be scoring a lot of points. I recall 5 take-aways at Green Bay, and a game that still wasn't out of doubt until the late... where the Ravens scored 23 points, 6 of which came on two FGs on drives that started inside the GB 30... and 7 more on a "drive" that started on the GB 3. 13 of those 23 points were set up by the D / ST... and were basically a gimme as long as they managed to not turn the ball over. They scored 10 on offense truly of their own accord. Marty finally got Collins a little more involved later in the year, which was an improvement, but it still wasn't enough of a role. I noted Marty's offenses have never been consistently productive without a mobile QB throughout his career. I heard Cerrato on 105.7 today make the most ridiculous point about Trestman winning a Grey Cup in Canada, and that he couldn't have won that Grey Cup with Flacco at QB. Yeah, Joe could put together one of the best post-season runs of all time and win a Superbowl title (and Superbowl MVP), but he couldn't win a Grey Cup. I hate having to constantly qualify this point, but if I don't some folks will act like I'm blind and think Joe can do no wrong. Far from it. His footwork can be better, his accuracy isn't pinpoint (never has been), and his decisions / trigger finger is a fraction of a second slower than the true "elite" QBs. But in the right system, with the right talent around him, and the right scheme / calls... it seems he has the ability to outplay a Tom Brady (in two straight AFC title games even though they lost the first one)... and has the ability to win a Superbowl. That's still more than MOST NFL QBs can say, and nothing to discount too quickly either in my opinion. The OCs of the last three seasons haven't molded their systems to fit the QB, and instead have tried to get the QB and supporting cast to play to their system. It's not really working. It's not GOING to work either. And I don't expect either aspect to change unless the OC changes, again.
  24. Assuming you're talking about Brian Billick... he was a college player, VERY briefly an NFL player, a college coach, briefly an NFL office job, then a college coach again, then an NFL coach, and then an NFL offensive coordinator. While an OC in Minnesota his offense set an NFL points scoring record. As a HC here, whenever he managed to get remotely decent QB play, his teams won a lot of games (and didn't throw away a lot of leads, not at the pace Harbs has managed to do).
  25. And considering what Kubiak's offensive scheme did for Joe and a 29 year-old solid back named Justin Forsett... imagine what he / it could do with a 23 year-old Alex Collins as the feature back...