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  1. yeah, i was being somewhat facetious. i just get so tired of hearing these "revelations" AFTER the game is lost. joe: "yeah, we can't throw the ball in the middle of the field in that situation." really?? i am a 35 year old female marketing executive and i knew that.. a long time ago. but apparently, no one in the baltimore ravens organization did. call me before the game, next time joe, eric, john!! have a good night, all!
  2. don't misunderstand me, i like eric weddle, i think he's a great player. i am only singling him out here because his is the most recent example of about a thousand post-game "revelations" that i have heard players spout out. “That’s the deciding play, that’s why we lost,” Weddle said. “It’s an unacceptable play. I’ve got to make the tackle, obviously. I had a good hand on the ball, but I just can’t do that in that situation. I’ve got to get him down.” my question is this (in this particular case): how is it that eric didn't learn this vital lesson someone along the way in the first 158 nfl games he played? this stuff always drives me batty. but better late than never, i guess.
  3. haha. it's almost like cheating. if you've picked cleveland to lose (i always do), you've been right 23 of the last 24 times (96%).
  4. very well stated. my sentiments, exactly. beyond pathetic and inexcusable for a professional team.
  5. they continue to shock me. 12 seconds left, a throw directly to the middle of the field. as soon as it left joe's hand, i knew we were doomed.
  6. joe is better than mallett, case closed. the 2 int's today were off of the receivers' hands. when chris moore is your leading receiver in the game, you have problems. there is plenty of blame to go around today, from top to bottom. there is no excuse for not beating this team by at least two td's.
  7. post of the year. this team keeps outdoing itself for stupidity.
  8. good morning!! bears @ ravens - a blowout would be nice for a change, wouldn't it?? i'm talking 48-3, etc. haha. i think it will be much closer though. ravens 30 bears 17. steelers @ chiefs - again, i'd love to see pittsburgh get blown out but i am going chiefs 31, steelers 27. browns @ texans - best chance for a blowout. what the hell.. texans 78 browns 3. have a great day all!
  9. you're just getting warmed up. i underestimated jacksonville. they are the real deal, particularly on defense. ben looked like a rookie out there today.
  10. oh ye of little faith. great team win today on the road. great job by the o-line and running backs to put it away. solid game by joe, big plays by wallace. no turnovers. no sacks of joe. the d bent but didn't break. and... breshad, 2 catches in one game. what??
  11. i'm feeling it today, i don't know why.. perhaps it is my excitement at gathering halloween decoration ideas by looking at the oakland crowd. afc north: ravens @ raiders - every once in a while, this team gathers its pride, anger and plays lights out. i am picking today. ravens 27 oakland 13. bills @ bengals - i am amazed that marvin still has his job. if only they could play cleveland every week. bills 24, bengals 23. jaguars @ steelers - i would love to be wrong but i think the steelers luck comes through in the end. steelers 27, jaguars 24. jets @ browns - this may be cleveland's best (only?) chance to win a game this year. but i don't think they will. jets 30, browns 24. what do you say, my buds??
  12. great points all around. of course joe isn't the only problem. but he carries a lion's share of the responsibility as the leader with the huge contract. that's life in the nfl. this is what he signed up for. that notwithstanding, football is the ultimate team game, the team is only as strong as it's weakest link.. and we have many weak links. perriman has 2 freaking catches for 11 yards through 4 games in his supposed "break out year". beyond pathetic. the pass blocking has been poor, to say the least. the passing schemes have been poor, no one ever seems to be open beyond 5 yards. on those extremely rare occasions when our receivers actually have a good cushion, joe overthrows, underthrows or the receiver flat out drops the ball. here it is: they play tentatively, rather than aggressively (see steve smith, anquan boldin, derrick mason, jamal lewis, etc.). i see no attitude at all on offense, other than terrance west, when he breaks off a good run. alex collins has been our best player (if you're willing to take the 8+ yards/carry for 1 fumble per game trade-off). ben watson has performed well, too. that's about it on offense. this is a telltale year for harbaugh. if this ship isn't righted by year's end, i believe he is gone and it will be quite a different landscape next year. there is still a lot of football to be played, however. the focus, attitude and execution must be brought out, starting today.
  13. agree, he's our best option. he's 2nd in the league with 8.2 yards/carry. although john did say in his press conference yesterday that alex will be on a short lease, concerning the fumbles. may joe will too, he's turned the ball over in 10 straight games.
  14. danny woodhead, who got hurt on the opening drive of the season, has more catches, yards and first downs than perriman. if you extrapolate out breshad's numbers, thus far, over an entire season, he will have 8 catches for 44 yards and no td's. how could he be this bad after showing some promise last year??
  15. he lost a fumble against cleveland but had 6 yards/carry. it's give and take so far, i guess. i like his style but he has to fix that problem fast.