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  1. don't be so negative on him. maybe that same "book" shows that we are in 1st place. maybe undefeated! gimme that book!! i find myself rooting for the browns out of sheer pity for their fans. plus, they've already blown my 83-2 prediction. have a great day!
  2. hahaha. it was an unforgiving female officer. anyway, if this dude reveals his source showing that we are 27th in pass attempts in the league this year, it will explain a lot about his world..
  3. yes sir. i got a speeding ticket one time because i thought the sign said speed limit 82 mph instead of 55.
  4. what was your source for this statement? you were off by 20.
  5. you are correct. the ravens are 7th in pass attempts, not 27th.
  6. i'll give him this.. he is definitely the most aptly named poster in here. kudos. i heard that ozzie didn't draft joe. joe just snuck on to the team 9 years ago and no one has picked up on it yet. anyone who says that "flacco is the problem", as if a football team only has one, has forfeited any rights to a rational discussion. just basic common sense.
  7. love this guy!! Collins had six runs of 10 or more yards: 19, 13, 27, 12, 19 and 10. He showed his quickness to get up the field and speed to cutback or get to the edge. Collins also had a knack for churning out more yardage by finding seams near the end of plays. “That run up the left sideline at the end of the game … I thought he was down, but then he was still running for 10 more yards up the sideline,” Harbaugh said. “[It was] a pretty athletic run. He made some really good runs. He had a couple runs where they had him in the backfield, two or three times, where he got positive yards.” Harbaugh is particularly proud of Collins because he worked his way through a tough start to the season. Collins fumbled in his first game as a Raven, just when he was starting to stand out. He lost another fumble two games later in a loss to the archrival Pittsburgh Steelers. That put him on a short leash, but Collins has secured the ball – and his grasp on the starting job – since. After tweaking the way he carries the ball and paying particular attention to it while running, he hasn’t had even a bobble during the past four games. “He’s a vicious runner. That’s how I describe him,” center Ryan Jensen said. “He’s elusive, but he’ll hit it downhill and run some guys over and break tackles.” HELLO NFL, MEET ALEX COLLINS
  8. if i am wrong, someone please correct me. but i believe that this was the largest margin of victory in team history. it was old school ravens football for one night. smash mouth running, some timely completions, a reliable field goal kicker and suffocating defense, which scored 2 td's. it goes to show what this team is capable of when their heads are in it, injuries or not. i will enjoy this one for a week, we've earned a blowout, as fans. going forward, let's see if they can duplicate this type of effort consistently and best wishes that joe is back asap.
  9. dolphins @ ravens - ravens 6, miami 3, in ot. griff surpasses perriman for catches in the 1st quarter. colts @ bengals - cincy 34, indy 13. steelers @ lions - pittsburgh 23, detroit 20. vikings-browns - minnesota 83, browns 2.
  10. i'm not sure what the argument is here. perriman has one more catch than danny woodhead, who played a grand total of one drive. maclin is not the greatest but he has 16 catches, 2 td's and somewhat reliable hands. if anyone is defending perriman's performance this year, it is a waste of time for all. it has been, by any measure, horrible.
  11. boom! 3 for 3. the browns could potentially beat the ravens. particularly if the injuries keep piling up. it's somewhat remarkable that joe hasn't been knocked out yet.
  12. so does jimmy smith.
  13. just doing my job as the stat lady. actually, he made one hell of a diving catch. the offense played as well as could be expected under the circumstances. how many times has joe been sacked on 3rd down this year? we may be setting an nfl record..
  14. griff "i never heard of him until 3 days ago" whalen has tied perriman for catches.
  15. haha. "sugar coated snark", that's me. i hope you're right, mister!!