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  1. If The Dons can't win with a farm team like Hamilton rec playing and training on its own campus, the program is in serious trouble....sad
  2. Yes....Dotardicus read every page of Mein Kampf....he appeals to race and bigotry without shame, he accuses others of his own misgivings, sins and crimes. He questions the legitimacy of government institutions and he appeals to the less intelligent...those who are easily deceived. The man has broken every law imaginable, is on tape bragging about sexual assault, he praised neo Nazi's, committed treason by collusion, obstructed justice, looted the treasury with his tax cut, he's almost illiterate and yet, he has white men by the millions bowing down to him and loving his every move.....and like Hitler, his fate will be very much the same....he will fail miserably.
  3. YES AND NO......If you are a innocent man and you want to be cleared of any wrong doing then why not talk to Mueller....However, we all know Dotardicus (Trump) is a very guilty man so why in the hell would he talk to team Mueller. I 'll bet you my house, this is how things will play out. Trump will refuse to testify and blame it on his lawyers. He hardly ever takes their advice but he will this time because he's scared as hell and he's a coward. Once he refuses to talk to Mueller, he will sure as hell get subpoena'd in which he will ignore it and force a constitutional crisis. Dotardicus will force the republicans to defend him and over ride an impeachment process.
  4. Tavon is a naturally slot wr who works well in that kind of space....he's also naturally violent but a little too small to line up at wide out in the NFL and be a threat.....
  5. Correct.....Flynn and Pops are felons....its a wrap...once you plead guilty you are convicted of a crime based on your own words.
  6. Interim Coach at Bcc appears to be staying but the Jv hc position is open I think....
  7. Dude...stop it.....its a wrap...the scores are in and it is what it is...CHC 31-Dunbar 6...CHC 29-Poly 0 Gilman 20-Dunbar 2........Gilman 21-Poly8 Loyola 55-Edmondson 12....these are just some of the scores in the recentt years bro....The City league to include Dunbar cannot compete with the Miaa-a....if what I say is not true, I am only asking you to produce once score that suggest otherwise.......JUST ONE SCORE BRO.....if not, let it go man.......
  8. All I can tell you is that Its been the same story with regards to the outcome of City league vs Miaa-a games....the City league always loses and by alot....and the loser almost always lose because there were simply out scouted which led to superior scheming by The Miaa-a schools....simple things such as, 1. The default defensive scheme for the City league school is usually a 4-4 man to man.....The Miaa-a schools know the heat is coming and so they tend to use drag routes to counter the blitz and it works. 2. Miaa-a schools know City League schools tend not to shift their Dlines to protect the weakside, neither do they do much slanting to confuse the Olines ....therefore the Miaa-a schools will often come with offset formations with motion, double te's with multiple shifts and motion to stack up and overwhelm the D......3. If the Miaa-a plays a cover 1 vs City league schools, they tend to swing or roll the safety towards the side of the opposing teams best wr. City league schools will almost always use the cover 1 safety simply to keep a lid on the top or blitz. Miaa'a schools know this and they will most often scheme against it with streaks, drag, screens and delayed dinks and dunks to the rbs....and speaking of Loyola, when they played Edmondson in a 1 and 1 some years back, that did all of the things i just mentioned and both games were running clocks for Loyola.....
  9. where u going with this
  10. Last year, Dunbar struggled to beat BL 12-3...its over man...its a wrap....the Miaa-a rules
  11. we have to go with the results and stats...the Miaa-a has clowned the City league....
  12. I been to enough City league vs Miaa-a games to get the frikken memo and point....While the City league is vastly underrated and always seems to hold its own vs outer league competition, it is a entirely different story with regards to the and statistics say that Big Foot don't exist....there is no evidence that proves my statements are false....the Miaa-a rules....SFA is nationaly ranked and on any given day, Gilman, CHC and Loyola would beat anything the City League has to offer...hands down...if not, prove me wrong.....
  13. Loyola would out scheme Dunbar all day...ok now I will vomit and take a cyanide pill
  14. As much as I hate to agree with this guy on anything, AO calls it like it is....I learned the hard way...The City league just does not measure up to the Miaa-a at all....I see Dunbar beating the bottom 3 teams and I'm really not sure about that excuse me while I vomit first then take a cyanide pill
  15. UUUHHHHHH...DID CHC JUST THROW THE T FORMATION AT LOYOLA.....I'll be damn....ok....have a happy turkey day yall....I'm out....