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  1. This is interesting...please xplain
  2. Trump is dragging America through the gutter.....
  3. The very narrative that the ACA is a failed law and needs to be repealed and replaced is an outright GOP manufactored lie the first place. The ACA is actually doing very well and simply requires tinkering and upgrades. The proof that what I am saying is true is easy to see....The GOP have control of the WH, Congress and Senate houses and cannot find a way to replace the damn thing. To this day they cannot find a way to replace it because the law is simply not bad enough or weak enough for them to pull it. Each and every day, the Republicans suggest changes to the ACA that offers nothing but an eventual duplication of the original bill. A simply solution in which everyone gets what they want to include republicans and the American people is just to change the name of the Law to Trumpcare and pass it back through the senate.
  4. Trump supporters simply don't get it and neither do they want to get it. Most of them are uneducated and easily duped or white men who bought into Trumps scam of a nationalist white pride movement. As if they were lacking something as it regards their 99.99% ownership of the nations wealth and overwhelming police protection. Lets see how much they like him when he cuts their medicaid, abandons his b.s "bring back coal" experiment and gets charged with treason.
  5. THERE IS THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY AND THE HORRIBLE..... The Good if there is any good that comes of this is that Trump appears to have or had a widespread and cohesive campaign/mission to establish ties with Russian officials in what looks like an attempt to garner support for the purpose of doing exactly what he is accused of doing.....colluding with the Russians and undermining a sitting President. Because of the sloppiness and widespread contacts, if there was wrong doing, it will be found out and the case against Trump should be a open shut one. There will be no question as to what actually went on. The Bad is the g20 meeting between Trump and Putin appears to have been nothing more than a mafioso style photo opt where Putin pretended not to own the President of the United States and Trump pretended not to be owned by a murderous gangster and Dictator of a corrupt country. The Ugly....most Americans don't really understand what is going on here and Trump supporters don't give a rats *** even if they did understand that whats going on is twofold...1. There really is no Russian Government.....Russia is a highly corrupt rogue nation of rich and ruthless Oligarchs who kill at will and do whatever they want as long as they don't cross Putin. Americans do not understand that Russia is not a capitalist society where the banks, legal system, departments of energy and whatever else are separate entities or departments of the government itself. However, Trump understood that by doing business or establishing ties with any entity of Russia, it could and would eventually lead him directly to Putin. 2. The reason why it is easy to see or say that America is simply not getting it is because when most, mainly the press refer to Trumps alleged involvement with Russia, the term most often used is possible collusion. Why not call it what it is....TREASON.....ANYTIME YOU INVITE KNOWN RUSSIAN SPIES INTO THE OVAL OFFICE and brag about firing your own head of the FBI, well this not Treason. You can rest assure and even bet money that one of those so called Russian friends of Trumps that he entertained in the Oval Offices damn sure placed a bug somewhere near the desk of the president. The Horrible....Putin was actually blushing when he met Trump at the G20 meeting....because he knew he had pulled off the single greatest heist in the history of the entire planet....yes Putin owns the leader of the greatest country in all of history and he is owed substantial payment, tremendous concessions, Big time favors, special consideration and leeway that Trump is bound to pay because he has no choice. The same way that Putin helped him is the same Putin can utterly destroy Trump...and Trump knows this. That is why he agreed with Putin that there was no meddling in US elections and openly discredited his own intel agencies that work for him and the best interest of the United States. This entire ordeal is thee single most saddest of times in our country's history. 911 was an attack by foreign agents and the civil war was a deep rooted conflict of political and cultural ideology...but to see the President of the United Stated made to bow before a foreign leader and serve at his bidding is utterly heart breaking and beyond words....meanwhile his supporters just love him despite what a fool he makes of the country they claim to love so much. The GOP continues to turn a blind eye as Trump does all this.
  6. THE GOP HAS FOUND THE ULTIMATE ANTIDOTE FOR WINNING ELECTIONS......and just about every republican candidate that runs for office all over the country have joined the secret club....its starts with this campaign slogan that nearly all of them have honed in on..."The Dems will raise your taxes, go soft on terrorism and let crime run rampant in your community". TRANSLATION: 1. The Dems are all about socialist reform (redistribution of wealth) and will use your hard earned tax dollars to fund inner city programs and welfare for blacks. 2. The Dems will let the muslims invade our country and take over the white has already started with Obama. 3. The Dems will turn a blind eye on crime and let black men rape white women and rob you at will. Because Trump is the low life that he is, he used this narrative and purposely targeted whites 55 and up in rural areas and they fell for it lock stock and barrel. Trump never offered real answers, solutions or innovative ideas that demonstrated he had a vision for America. The entire campaign was a scam from the start to the finish. He appealed to the lowest and darkest instinct of white america and they went for it. It did not matter to them that Obama had evened out the economy ....or that he a bullet hole between Bin Ladens eyes in a daring raid that could have cost him his job if it had failed. He showed terrorist the ultimate disrespect by dumping Bin Ladens body in a place they could never reach or find to worship the man in martyrdom. It did not matter that Obama was tough on Putin and refused to allow him to have his way with Ukraine and other parts of the slavics. It did not matter that Obama through his tough sanctions on Iran, was able to lower gas prices to a record low. HOW SO YOU ASK?...BECAUSE OF OBAMA'S SANCTIONS,The Iranians were unable to sell its oil on the open market and millions of barrels were stockpiled in their ports. The Iranians had no choice but to stop making nuclear materials because if they were found to have violated the sanctions, it would have taken just one sidewinder missile from a US fighter jet...or cruise missile...or special ops fire cracker and their entire stockpile worth billions in oil would have gone up in flames. in the absence of Iranian oil on the open market, other country's like Russia, just to name a few moved in and filled the vacant orders, thus causing a oil glut that lead to a huge drop in oil prices. Obama sealed the deal for permanent lower and fixed oil prices by further glutting the open oil market with US oil. It did not matter that Obama pushed and passed the ACA that led to 1/3 of the nations deficit disappearing overnight and by the way benefited the poor white 55's and up more so than any other people in the country. Trump new Obama was a hard act to follow, so he ultimately pedaled the only thing he had to offer....he went after white males and fed directly into their fear of blacks, muslims and anyone of color. He mocks the mentally challenged, encouraged violence against protesters, blacks and brags about sexually assaulting women and somehow, whites 55 and up, to include evangelicals nationwide somehow see him as their savior and they go out in droves and vote for him. It is a very sad day indeed and darkest of times in America when white people are so full of fear, selfishness and hate, that they allow a uneducated moron with no answers or vision for america, sit in the oval office and tweet all day then go out and play golf for the remainder of the week. Too many white men all over America are sniggling and laughing at his childish antics while feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride with each time a white policemen is acquitted on charges of killing an unarmed black man. I already know someone will respond to this post by bring up the folly of Hillary Clinton and question her qualifications as an alternative choice. I never said Hillary was the better choice. All I am saying is if you gonna vote...don't vote out of fear. YES....THE REPUBLICANS HAVE THEIR NARRATIVE...AND IT WORKS....AND THEY ARE WINNING ELECTIONS LEFT AND RIGHT BECAUSE OF IT.....BUT AT WHAT PRICE....THE ENTIRE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT US...BECAUSE THEY SEE THE COWARDICE....
  7. What did you mean by Poggi/SFA and a Richmond pipeline....I live in Richmond, just curiousĀ 

  8. A City of Baltimore Treasure he is.....almost 50 years in one place, doing one thing.....making Baltimore a better place to live via his product....Bcc scholar athletes.
  9. Please allow me to put this vain and needless thread to rest......By all means I am no fan of the Moron Trump but I call it like it is...there is no way that Trump revealing the location of nuclear submarines of any class is somehow a breach of any kind based upon..... 1. Who is to say that he was telling the truth....although we know he's a moron who most likely did in actuality, reveal top secret information, who is to say that what he did wasn't a counter intelligence move. He could always say such a thing which makes is almost impossible to say that he broke rules. 2. It is the discretion of the President to decide what is and what ain't classified or top secret. The rules only apply to everyone else. Howbeit, the rule makers did not consider the notion that one day we would have a president who would be a Big ultra contorted pretzel and ball of confusion to include being a sociopath, obsessive compulsive, coke sniffing borderline personality disorder and narcissist. Yes I said a licensed mental health therapist, that is how I would diagnose him. But no...he did not break the rules. He's stupid and too much of a idiot to knowingly break the rules anyway.
  10. I would venture to say it was a good draft for the ravens but it could have been better had they not reached for humphrey
  11. I thought Humphrey was a reach.....I don't understand why The Ravens drafted a cb in a draft so deep in cb's. They could have gotten a top rated edge rusher and still gotten a very good cb in the second round.
  12. Its about to go down....I think The Ravens will wait and see what edge rushers are taken....if the draft board goes wr or cb bonkers, The Ravens will most likely trade down and get a edge rusher, then take the extra picks and get a OL or CB......thats my final line....
  13. is the latest line heading into tomorrow nights draft..... THE RAVENS WILL NOT.... 1. DRAFT RUBEN FOSTER....get it out of you ain't gonna happen.....he stunk up the combines with bad interviews, failed urine screens and sent home because of a fight....No Way Oz takes this guy. 2. Draft a wr with there first pick... If forever reason, there are a good number of edge rushers and OL's still around when the Raves draft, look for Oz to trade down for a extra pick then get his edge rusher later in the first then either trade back up to get a wr or lay low for the high second round pick as wr.....however, the Ravens first pick will not be a wr. 3. STOP BEING THE RAVENS......THE Ravens draft picks cannot be predicted by people with low football I.Q who think fancy playmakers are the answer to winning. OZ is a true Bama player and the last time I checked, The Tide was still winning games because they are bigger and deeper than the opposing teams. Oz will stay practical and slick and pick big physical football players with clean noses. If that Bama Kid Allen is still on the clock when its go time, OZ will draft him with a hard and see.....
  14. All of you made good points....what happened to the Mangold he gonna sign or what?
  15. Salisbury is as backwards as hoochacoochee creek Mississippi...there is a very good chance, the counsel women will be dealt with.