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  1. I value your input and the information you provided warrants a judiciary senate committee is interesting....I'm on it...
  2. AO signs on to DW twitter account for life...hashtag, He's nuts but he's on to something mane
  3. DAMN GOOD STUFF BRO......I knew something was up....the score of that game is in actuality the most horrific and eye opening thing I have seen since, "RISE OF THE GOOD COUNSEL FALCONS"....remember way back in the day just before the Falcons started punching DM in the mouth and taking their lunch money...I RECALL the day they showed up at Loyola for a scrimmage looking like The Ravens and just doing Gawsh awful things to the Dons....
  4. There are 3 things that can steal the heart of a team before they even kick off.....1. A very good starting qb thats unable to play. 2. Extreme inclement weather, hot or cold. 3. Tired legs from over practice. I would venture to say City was feeling shy about Bond sitting on the bench and worn the hell out from a over eager coach over preparing his team.
  5. No major college football team would go so far as to reveal the real extent or nature of a long as the kid has any chance of playing, they will hide the real issue until he has healed well enough to play or is simply ruled out for a guess is the injury is a day to day thing....
  6. I think Wade beat up on them too much before the game.....they looked as if they did not have legs...thats not good
  7. In the spirit of the board...Md has no business in the big ten....they are far out of recruiting range and cannot win with a gimmick O in a cold weather conference....Until they play power football with double tightends and power backs, they will never win in the big Ten....THERE U GO TOMSLICK.....have fun
  8. YOU JUST DO NOT GET IT.....Its my job and sworn duty to this board to help any thread make it....if I so choose this thread will become the number one thread on the board...if I so choose, it will sink and return no more....think it over bro....I'm driving this bus and believe and I dont mind taking you for a lil spin...but show respect to AO bro....
  9. With Bond at QB....City beats both Dunbar and Mervo....what the latest on his return
  10. ITS ALL GOOD....but just so you know, I don't take meds....but I sure as hell sip lots of brandy.....
  11. In the end, it was a good idea...but Tomslick thought it over...he took a deep hard look at it...and thought to himself...."I would have taken that bet but 20 bucks sure is alot of money"...............This was the short and sad story of Tomslick....The md terp fan....THE END.
  12. while you are asking can I ask you to bet me 20 bucks, this thread goes nowhere...nobody here gives two f...s about Md we have a bet....if not, stop polluting this board...we work hard to keep it clean bro....
  13. I think the truth is somewhere in between the both of us....I see your point and hopefully you will get mine....Dad provided the keys to the car, pocket change for pizza and told the kids to have fun.....and fun they had.....without him in the car...I Know they could not have done it without him but never the less they still had fun.....lets leave this alone...its a moot point. Thank u