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  1. I would venture to say it was a good draft for the ravens but it could have been better had they not reached for humphrey
  2. I thought Humphrey was a reach.....I don't understand why The Ravens drafted a cb in a draft so deep in cb's. They could have gotten a top rated edge rusher and still gotten a very good cb in the second round.
  3. Its about to go down....I think The Ravens will wait and see what edge rushers are taken....if the draft board goes wr or cb bonkers, The Ravens will most likely trade down and get a edge rusher, then take the extra picks and get a OL or CB......thats my final line....
  4. is the latest line heading into tomorrow nights draft..... THE RAVENS WILL NOT.... 1. DRAFT RUBEN FOSTER....get it out of you ain't gonna happen.....he stunk up the combines with bad interviews, failed urine screens and sent home because of a fight....No Way Oz takes this guy. 2. Draft a wr with there first pick... If forever reason, there are a good number of edge rushers and OL's still around when the Raves draft, look for Oz to trade down for a extra pick then get his edge rusher later in the first then either trade back up to get a wr or lay low for the high second round pick as wr.....however, the Ravens first pick will not be a wr. 3. STOP BEING THE RAVENS......THE Ravens draft picks cannot be predicted by people with low football I.Q who think fancy playmakers are the answer to winning. OZ is a true Bama player and the last time I checked, The Tide was still winning games because they are bigger and deeper than the opposing teams. Oz will stay practical and slick and pick big physical football players with clean noses. If that Bama Kid Allen is still on the clock when its go time, OZ will draft him with a hard and see.....
  5. All of you made good points....what happened to the Mangold he gonna sign or what?
  6. Salisbury is as backwards as hoochacoochee creek Mississippi...there is a very good chance, the counsel women will be dealt with.
  7. I'm not buying all this Ravens talk about drafting a wr.....I thing its a smoke screen
  8. I'm not a Eli fan but he gets the benefit of the doubt with me....everyone that knows him says he's a honest, clean cut and good person. NO way he knowing did anything wrong....
  9. JDSAMPLE IS RIGHT......there was no real trial..and once again as I said before, 99.99% of Americans do not understand what impeachment is not a trial but rather a process of Abraham Lincoln once said,"I am a PRESIDENT cloaked in immense power" . You just can't haul a president off to court. During the impeachment process of Clinton, the entire fiasco became mired in a ball of confusion which amounted to, 1. What is the correct definition of sexual intercourse. Neither the courts or senate had any real determination of what constituted sexual intercourse. Clinton was a lawyer by trade and he new the law. What he knew about the law was that sexual intercourse was based largely on the view of the person having sex. He basically said indirectly, that I had he encounter (********) with Lewinski, however, the law does not stipulate that a ******** is actually sexual intercourse (actual penetration). This was the start of the impeachment process becoming a failure because in actuality, Clinton was right. That's how he earned the nickname, "Slick Willy" . 2. It was Clinton's word vs Monica Lewinski's word and she was not seeking to prosecute him, neither was there any DNA evidence proven or held against him. 3. There was no law, rule or ethics code in place that addressed the accusations against Clinton. Therefore, the process against him became nothing more than a partisan witch hunt in which the republicans lost a war but was able to save face by more or less suing for peace as they settled for Clinton agreeing to be disbarred. may have watched the entire ordeal on cable but you really missed the underlying theme (Witch hunt...Republicans keenly outsmarted and made a fool of) as well as what was actually going on. You appear to be describing a trial that never happened. The senate was simply voting to move on because they could not find anything to really nail Clinton on. They settled man...the trial was a settlement based on Clinton agreeing to certain terms to include disbarring.
  10. He's right......He is immune to lawsuits....more than less......he cannot be charged with a crime....however, he can be subjected to an impeachment process but 99.99% of all Americans do not comprehend or understand what impeachment really means. IMPEACHMENT IS SIMPLY A PROCESS AND NOT TERMINATION OF ONES OFFICE OR DUTIES. Most think that it means the President is fired or charged with a crime. Impeachment is actually a process of censorship, where the President must answer certain questions. He can settle with the senate as did Clinton did when he agreed to give up his law license and forfeit speaking engagements and all legal consultation for like 10 years. He also paid a huge fine to the state bar or something like that. Even if a president is found guilty, he/she can ride out the impeachment process, especially if their approval ratings are good and the house is controlled by their perspective party. Nixon avoided the impeachment process and simply resigned based mainly on the fact that his approval ratings was very low and it was the republicans who were more interested in watergate than the democrats. Nixon also knew that if he was to allow himself to be censored, he would have to admit to a felonious act or commit perjury by denying he was involved in the watergate break ins. Had his approval ratings been high, he stood a small chance of remaining as president despite being impeached.
  11. I strongly recommend Greyhound alumni for the job...... The hounds def need the win and he would damn sure make sure they get it.....I couldn't resist
  12. NO....THE US IS NOT PREPARING TO ATTACK N.KOREA.... 1.I live in the tide water area and you always know when a big time military confrontation is about to go down because the naval bases start moving jets around and there would be an increase training sorties. I can't say I have seen anything unusual as of late. 2. Any major military showdown with N.Korea would require strategic placement of B52's on the island of Diego Garcia. So far this has not happened. The North Koreans have one of the the biggest arsenals of Artillery and any war with them would require extensive bombing as to soften the artillery attacks the North would rain down on Seoul. 3. Any attack on North Korea would have to be a complete and comprehensive coordinated attack that would include all departments of the military to include assistance from the Brits, Canadians and French. The attack would also require more than just one fleet or joint group....We would need at least 4 air craft carriers and additional frigates. The US Fleet anchored off the shore of North Korea is more saber rattling than anything. The short fat dude is damn sure intimidated because he went from promising a all out pre-emptive attack before the fleet arrived to promising to respond if attacked first after the fleet arrived.....thats a far cry from his original crap talking statements. If Trump just wanted to make the short fat guy pee in his pants, I would venture to say he accomplished his mission.
  13. @Steveg.......What made last years draft so interesting, is the Ravens had a very high pick, but initially, the Ravens draft was circumvented by the loss of Osemeley. However, Oz did lots of wheeling and dealing as to make up for having to draft Stanley. This years is entirely different....The board is breathtakingly deep in all areas...even the qb class is deep with at least 4 projected first round picks.......This years draft is Tailor made for Oz to kill it....while he is still boxed in by the need for a OL, the talent pool is deep enough for him to recover and land far superior talent than last year. Not only that, this years class of top OL's is far more diverse, far deeper and far more talented than last year...when I say diverse, that includes OL's that are very physical as opposed to Stanley and Tunsil, who were more or less drafted because of their range and athletic ability. I am hearing rumors about Mangold signing on as well...if he does and the Ravens get a top flight tackle, it could be whats needed to win games in the 4th quarter.....
  14. Last Night, Racheal Meadows reported the feds arrested a russian hacker in switzerland who had hacked the DNC....supposedly the feds was able to catch him by following the money trail to his wife...she had no idea who they were and proudly told them her hubby was the reason Trump was president....