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  1. I still tip the same. The servers still get taxed the same by uncle sam based on sales no matter if it is regular sit-down service or a buffet. I'm not going to penalize the server just because he/she happens to be working the buffet. Of course that's my years of serving experience speaking.
  2. For me it's any of the Stars Wars movies ... they bore me to death. I was I guess 6 when it came out. I saw the 1st one when it came on regular TV in the late 70's or early 80's and it did nothing for me.
  3. In my neighborhood, there are countless parking spots taken up by snow because those spots weren't occupied when the first storm hit and those spaces are simply where the plows and front loaders put the snow. Residents then started to add to them because there's just no place to put this much snow!!! Some of these piles are 3-7 feet high, times the width of one or two parking spaces. That much volume of snow doesn't motivate me too much either to shovel out a spot to help open up some room... Besides, there's no place to put it if I did shovel it!!!
  4. I agree. I used one with my daughter... she would like to go for walks around our neighborhood, so we'd use it. She loved it ... it was a little doggy (I think you can get it in a bear or a monkey too) backpack with a leash on it. Occasionally we'd use it when going out. She didn't want to be in the stroller and didn't want to hold mommy's or daddy's hand and she wanted to be independent.
  5. Yes some folks have no clue what is going on when they see things like this. Same thing used to happen to my wife all the time. She worked at KKI with autistic kids from '99-'05 and they would take some of the kids out for interaction in public places. If one of the kids acted out, depending on his/her behavior, some of them had a personal protocol that called for a basket hold. On several occasions, people would intervene, trying to physically break it up, or yell at my wife and the other staff members, or even call the police. OK, sorry to hijack.... I now return you to your regularly scheduled thread...