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  1. Riverdale, Maryland: The brutal Central American MS-13 gang is recruiting children from the William Wirt Middle School, located just 10 miles from the White House. Fights occur almost daily at the school, knives and a BB gun have been confiscated, and some parents are afraid their children will be killed. A 14-year old girl reported that she was raped by a gang member. Police had been called to the school 74 times since the school year started. The school’s population jumped by 50% in recent years due to the surge of immigration from 2012 to 2016 under Obama’s unaccompanied children program. Most MS-13 gangs are concentrated in Long Island, Boston, DC and Houston. https://needtoknow.news/2018/06/ticking-time-bomb-ms-13-gang-threatens-middle-school-10-miles-white-house/ Here‘s what you need to know about the gang whose motto — “rape, control, kill” — has created fear in Washington and nationwide. https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-buzz/post/ms-13-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-mara-salvatrucha-street-gang/2011/11/14/gIQAqituKN_blog.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.0a5a71d87c1a .
  2. Lol! The attack on the USS Liberty was no accident. Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty knowing it was an American ship and with the intent of sinking it leaving no survivors. No "agenda" here ... just the facts from reading numerous books and articles. The Israel apologists should try it. .
  3. "stuff happens" implies this incident was an accident the result of misidentification. That's the big lie told and accepted by the governments (Israel and the US) that were involved. Truth is ... the USS Liberty had been identified as an American ship prior to the attack. The IDF then began the attack of the USS Liberty with unmarked jets with the intent of sinking the American ship leaving no survivors. With no witnesses to say otherwise, Egypt would be blamed and LBJ would attack Egypt and join with Israel in its war against its neighbors. .
  4. So-called USS Liberty investigations ... cover ups and BS! http://www.ussliberty.org/wrmead03.htm .
  5. No, the issue has never been settled by a Congressional investigation. The U.S. Naval Court of Inquiry in June 1967 took only one week. A complete and honest effort it has been said by people involved would have taken 6 months. Testimony from the survivors that spoke to the brutality of the Israeli attack and the machine gunning of the life rafts was purposely omitted so as not to "embarrass" Israel. LBJ wanted the whole incident covered up. So-called USS Liberty investigations ... cover ups and BS! http://www.ussliberty.org/wrmead03.htm .
  6. Our Government immediately at the time and to this day has covered up this disaster and, at the time, actually placed everyone involved under orders that they could not speak of any of it to anyone. And the Israelis LIED about what they did. They had identified the ship as American; they then attacked it with unmarked jets. They claimed it was a warship moving at aver 30 knots; they claimed their soldiers were being shelled by a ship from the sea and then they actually claimed the USS Liberty was mistaken to be a broken down horse transport ship ... LIARS! No, the issue has never been settled by a Congressional investigation. .
  7. Moreover, the cover-up of that event still contaminates the relationship between the two countries as noted within this book, through such insidious manifestations as the Naval Academy’s instruction to midshipmen to avoid even talking about it, especially in the presence of the Israeli ambassador. During his term as the Israeli ambassador, Mr. Oren spoke to the midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy, evidently arranging with officials to order the students not to ask any embarrassing questions about what happened forty-five years earlier. This incident was reported in an article by award-winning journalist Thomas E. Ricks, titled “Was There Academic Freedom at Annapolis during the Israeli Ambassador’s Visit?” in the January 23, 2012, issue of the magazine Foriegn Policy – National Security. “ … students were instructed not to bring up the USS Liberty incident, reports one midshipman. The midshipman says the pre-visit instructions were along the lines of, ‘It is not appropriate, in a setting like this, to bring up any major points of contention during conversation, current or historical. It is okay to talk about issues like Iran or the two-state solution, where our nations have a largely common view. But it’s not okay to bring up grievances like the USS Liberty, if you are familiar with that incident.” 2 The fact that the midshipmen of this institution had to be ordered to keep their lips sealed regarding the attack on the USS Liberty so as not to “embarrass our ally,” suggests that it may have become a permanent, standing order. Gallo, Ernest A.; Kukal, Ronald G.; Nelson, Phillip F.; Tourney, Phillip F.; McGovern, Raymond. Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas (p. 150). Trine Day. Kindle Edition. .
  8. The captain of the USS Liberty was given the Medal of Honor but only after the Israelis were asked if they would be offended by the giving of that award. .
  9. So who is to blame? The USS Liberty was ordered by our government to be where it was exactly when it was. EC-121s were overhead collecting all electronic communications ... the USS Liberty was not needed to be where it was (a sitting duck). Who is responsible for this disaster ... it certainly is not the USS Liberty and its crew. They are the victims in this and the survivors are entitled to answers. .
  10. The IDF deliberately murdered 34 Americans and deliberately attempted to sink an American ship leaving no survivors. Lyndon B Johnson and Robert McNamara recalled rescue missions and forbid any attempt to help the USS Liberty and its crew while the ship was under attack. A yearly reminder is with the hope that the long overdue Congressional hearing will finally expose the truth. Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd was ordered to deliver this warning to the surviving crew of the USS Liberty after he listened to their individual reports of the incident Ok fellas, now I’m an admiral again and I want each and every one of you to understand something. We’re talking about National Security here, not your personal feelings, not what you did or did not do… I could really give a **** about any of that. You listen to me once, because this is the only time you’re ever going to hear it. You are NEVER to repeat what you just told me to ANYONE – not your mother, your father, your wife – ANYONE! Including your shipmates. You are not to discuss this with anyone, and especially – ESPECIALLY – not with the MEDIA, or you will end up in PRISON, or WORSE! – Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd Jr., to USS Liberty survivors Gallo, Ernest A.; Kukal, Ronald G.; Nelson, Phillip F.; Tourney, Phillip F.; McGovern, Raymond. Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas (p. 89). Trine Day. Kindle Edition. "National Security" ?? ... BS! .
  11. One of the attacking Israeli pilots, Evan Toni, told Congressman Pete McCloskey that while on air patrol on June 8, 1967, he immediately recognized the USS Liberty, informed headquarters of its status, and was told to ignore the American flag and attack. When he refused and returned to base, he was arrested on the spot for refusing to follow orders. Another pilot confirmed this report, stating that orders came directly from IDF – the Israeli Defense Force – to attack the Liberty, and when he said that he saw an American flag, they once again told him to “attack it.” 1 A similar, compatible story, separately and independently reported by the former (1967) American ambassador to Lebanon, Dwight Porter, stated that the following exchange of radio communications, between one of the Israeli pilots ordered to attack the USS Liberty and the war room of the Israeli Defense Forces which managed that operation, was intercepted by the NSA aircraft flying high above the Mediterranean Sea at 2 p.m. local time on June 8, 1967. It was routinely deciphered, typed up, and then, inadvertently, cabled to CIA station chiefs around the world: Israeli pilot to IDF War room: “This is an American ship. Do you still want us to attack?” IDF War room to Israeli Pilot: “Yes, follow orders.” Israeli pilot to IDF War room: “But, sir, it’s an American ship – I can see the flag!” IDF War room to Israeli Pilot: “Never mind; hit it!” Gallo, Ernest A.; Kukal, Ronald G.; Nelson, Phillip F.; Tourney, Phillip F.; McGovern, Raymond. Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas (p. 133). Trine Day. Kindle Edition. Why was the USS Liberty ordered to the Eastern Mediterranean? Communications intercepts by EC-121 (Elint) planes were intercepting communications from a much safer vantage point. Why were two rescue missions from aircraft carriers recalled immediately by McNamara and by LBJ while the USS Liberty was under attack? A cynical person could conclude that the USS Liberty was to be sacrificed so that Lyndon B Johnson would have American public outrage to justify the US joining Israel's war and the US attacking Egypt. Remind one of LBJ's false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident? People should to do some research regarding LBJ's mental stability. .
  12. The Israelis murdered 34 Americans in their attempt to sink the USS Liberty and leave no survivors. The attack began with unmarked IDF planes to conceal the identity of the attackers. If the USS Liberty had gone to the bottom of the Mediterranean, Egypt would have been blamed. While the Liberty was under attack A4 jets with nuclear weapons had been launched and were on their way to Cairo. They were recalled when it became known that Israel was the attacker of the USS Liberty. And when the sinking of the USS Liberty did not happen and planes were launched from carriers to help the USS Liberty ... Johnson decided that only he could frame the order emphatically enough to get the message across to this wayward rook: “I want that ******* ship going to the bottom. No help. Recall the wings.” LBJ had a remarkably unique way with words, and for Admiral Geis to recall that kind of profanity and treachery, and thereby ensure that they would eventually become part the future record of this despicable event, is proof enough that such a sentence could only have originated with him: no one else could have possibly uttered such a thing, a point that helps to prove everything else regarding his delusions and deceitfulness, which still comes as a stunning shock to most people who have never before been exposed to Lyndon Johnson’s real legacy. Gallo, Ernest A.; Kukal, Ronald G.; Nelson, Phillip F.; Tourney, Phillip F.; McGovern, Raymond. Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas (p. 205). Trine Day. Kindle Edition. .
  13. Declaration of Ward Boston, Jr.,Captain, JAGC, USN (Ret.) Counsel to the U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry’s investigation into the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty For more than 30 years, I have remained silent on the topic of USS Liberty. I am a military man and when orders come in from the Secretary of Defense and President of the United States, I follow them. However, recent attempts to rewrite history compel me to share the truth. … http://ifamericaknew.org/us_ints/ul-boston.html .
  14. The men of the USS Liberty represented the United States. They were attacked for two hours, causing 70 percent of American casualties, and the eventual loss of our best intelligence ship. These sailors and Marines were entitled to our best defense. We gave them no defense. The American people deserve to know the truth about this attack. We must finally shed some light on one of the blackest pages in American naval history. It is a duty we owe not only to the brave men of the USS Liberty, but to every man and woman who is asked to wear the uniform of the United States. – Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Ret.) Gallo, Ernest A.; Kukal, Ronald G.; Nelson, Phillip F.; Tourney, Phillip F.; McGovern, Raymond. Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas (p. 133). Trine Day. Kindle Edition. America's HIghest Ranking Naval Officer Admiral Thomas Moorer (1912 - 2004) Former Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Rejects the Israeli Excuse I have never believed that the attack on the USS Liberty was a case of mistaken identity. That is ridiculous. I have flown over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, thousands of hours, searching for ships and identifying all types of ships at sea. The Liberty was the ugliest, strangest looking ship in the U.S. Navy. As a communications intelligence ship, it was sprouting every kind of antenna. Israel knew perfectly well that the ship was American. … http://www.ussliberty.org/moorer3.htm
  15. LBJ and his "Jumbo" ... he was a loathsome pig. https://newrepublic.com/article/131117/presidential-penis-short-history Lyndon Johnson was always eager to let those around him know that he had an unusually large penis. Reviewing a biography of Johnson in the New York Review of Books, historian Marshall Frady noted: He early became fabled for a Rabelaisian earthiness, urinating in the parking lot of the House Office Building as the urge took him; if a colleague came into a Capitol bathroom as he was finishing at the urinal there, he would sometimes swing around still holding his member, which he liked to call “Jumbo,” hooting once, “Have you ever seen anything as big as this?,” and shaking it in almost a brandishing manner as he began discoursing about some pending legislation. At the same time, he would oblige aides to take dictation standing in the door of his office bathroom while he went about emptying his bowels, as if in some alpha-male ritual assertion of his primacy. Even on the floors of the House and Senate, he would extravagantly rummage away at his groin, sometimes reaching his hand through a pocket and leaning with half-lifted leg for more thorough access. .