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  1. That big barn place across the street from McDaniels has good breakfast.
  2. It was from a series called masters of horror. I watched them on demand from netflix. A few were really good. Some of them are on youtube now, no idea how good the quality is. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=oJnz63iJlDo&vq=large#t=11 Oops, its on hulu too, probably a little better quality, but will have commercials.
  3. Dog soldiers, really good for B movie horror. Trainspotting was really good, kind of like "goodfellas" but instead of mobsters its about heroin addicts. Dreams in the Witch house was a made for cable horror movie that I thought was well done, stay fairly true to the Lovecraft story.
  4. Miscreants are not free to pursue their version of happiness. Whats next, supporting NAMBLA?
  5. Oh well, guess there won't be any wedding bells down at the pot luck suck hole.
  6. George Washington was a terrorist too, albeit a more successful one.
  7. What side do all the puerto ricans they hired fall under?
  8. Police don't sign the bills into law that punish home owners. That is all those wonderful one party politicos.
  9. Because lawyers can't make money off him in prison. And Judges are all ex-lawyers.
  10. You honestly believe no one profits from crime?
  11. Because I've never been to the VA or tried to get disability. Doesn't mean I wasn't told how to do it. Its a system like anything else. I'm sure there are a certain number of people who really are traumatized and I'm sure there are a certain amount who just want a check in the mail every month. I'd imagine the police are the same way, there are probably some officers who shoot someone and are very traumatized, and there are probably others who just go through the motions for the paid time off. I just don't put a lot of faith in these kinds of "studies" because not everyone is as emotionally affected as they claim to be, since there are monetary issues involved beyond the mental health aspect.
  12. I joined during the first gulf war. 1992-1996, 18th airborne corps artillery, ft bragg NC. Both my father and wife's father are vietam vets. So yes I know lots of people who are ex-military.
  13. A lot of people in the military know that its easy to get a monthly disability check by saying the right things to the VA. Doesn't mean they are really upset or traumatized, but I know a lot of ex-military who all know what to say to the doctors. They sit around talking about it all morning at duncan doughnuts.
  14. Thats why you keep a throw away with no serial numbers on it.
  15. Yep same as if you are mugged. "Ok man here take my wallet, take everything", as you reach for the gun holstered in the small of your back.