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  1. Attendance #'s are good, but how much money did they have to shell out for the music acts and volleyball tourney?
  2. Very sad, smells of a body hidden after a drug overdose. I would immediately interogate the sister and roomates until someone talks.
  3. Looks like the mom thinks the Older Daughter is hiding a lot. http://www.foxbaltimore.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/wbff_vid_6312.shtml
  4. Well, in movies, you'll see that person who Overdoses on drugs, and then the people around try to hide the body. I guess the Natalie Holloway things is similar. Let's just hope she is mad about something and will turn up.
  5. Obviously this is a sick situation. But Drug dealing is practically legal based on the sentences some of these guys get, and it is a way of life for certain environments. Kidnapping people is just plain sick, and for the violators, you don't want the FBI coming after you, that is serious stuff that you won't get a slap on the wrist for.
  6. Yeah, a good buddy of mine is a Woodlawn beat cop. He tells me about these homes, where woman adopt up to 7 kids. They get $1500 per month from the gov't per kid. The keep the money, drive a Benz, and let there kids rome the streets because they don't care for them. Think about it. If you make 40k a year, you are probably making $2500 a month after taxes. If you have two kids, you are clearing $3,000 a month, plus gov't assistance housing. These people are losing money by getting jobs, and losing money by not having kids.
  7. All problems. If you are dumb enough to have multiple kids through wed-lock at a young age, I guarentee you aren't smart enough to save all the gov't money you get to send your kid to college. The problem is that too many people that shouldn't be having kids are, and it's not a 1 time mistake, there are so many people in these neighborhoods with 5-10 kids, fathers who probably have no idea who and where there kids are, and Gradparents being parents. Let's face it, people lose their edge for strict parenting when they are older, and most Gradparents aren't fit to be the main disciplinarian. We've all taken our dog to our parents house for the weekend, come back, and they are 5 pounds fatter, that is a nut shell into why gradparents are passed their prime of true parenting.
  8. Every problem in this country all relates back to one and only one thing, a lack of Birth Control. There are 25 year olds out ther with no money and 5 kids, what chance to do those kids have of even graduating HS?
  9. 7 kids, she is probably making 6 figures from the gov;t.!
  10. There are many complexes like this throughout the City, many are probably owned by the City. I'm guessing the reason that they came down hard on this place is because the residents of Reservoir Hill complained? If so, great job.
  11. How is Reservoir Hill coming along? I know it was one of the "Hot up and coming Neighborhoods" during the real estate boom. Reservoir Hill is probably the most beautiful architecture in a ghetto neighborhood I've ever seen. Any updates, is this place any bit nice?
  12. My Bad. Geez, good think I am working a lot this year to help pay for all of these needed expenses. Why can't it work like this. If you get Gov't assistance, you have to follow a certain code of Conduct... you know no Police calls constantly at your residence, no committing felonies while in the program. And if you violate, you have to pay rent like the rest of us..... Does that make too much sense?
  13. I don't think that will apply to a private building. If it was public housing, I think it would be another story.
  14. I'm not real familiar with the area. But I worry that the City will auction the property, there will be tax incentives involved in accepting vouchers, and it will end up with an affordable housing landlord again. Same thing just happened at Sharp Leadenhall in Federal Hill.... Sigh
  15. Who cares, it's called America, where you have to figure out to do things yourself sometimes. This isn't a project, it is a private building.