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  1. MM & PH both still big time threats to get to Xfinity. Congrats to Woodlawn but with I think they are still the 3rd best team in county.
  2. Why isn't MM in the County game?
  3. Absolute tragedy!!! Prayers to his family and the entire QO community.
  4. Don't sleep on Their "other" QB signee..Tyler Holley from Perry Hall.
  5. This is bigger than coaching and X's and O's - this is a man with a family who just lost his JOB, not just his football stipend, over what sounds like an indiscretion that should have resulted in a "call on the carpet" at best and a suspension at worst. Whether or not he threw the ball too much isn't really important.
  6. That's the nature of the business. Believe it or not, Ambrose was considered as rising star on the heels of the FCS National Championship game and had interest from some BCS programs. I think he was in the drivers seat and Towson was afraid to lose him.
  7. Love the Handle newbie...LOL
  8. All of those coaches are solid dudes AND good coaches. Turning into a bit of a mess, at least on the surface. Curious to see who they bring in??
  9. AMEN to that Brother!!!!
  10. From what I've seen and heard, they are as talented, if not more talented than last year if you add Walker, the 6'8" junior forward....but they do not appear to be AS HUNGRY. Also agree that losing a steady, senior PG form the 16-17 team hurts as well.
  11. I do not disagree with that FB Coach, best make no mistake, McDonogh was dishing out $$ for girls lax players too.
  12. I definitely did miss that! He is going to become an assistant @ Spalding. Now he gets to enjoy just coaching without all of the stress and headaches that come with being the head guy.
  13. Chuck Markiewicz has retired from coaching at Arundel HS. NO ONE who has ever met, played for, played with played against, coached for or against coach Mark can say a negative word about the man. Class act through and through!!! One of the very best our state has ever seen. Enjoy it coach, you deserve a rest!
  14. Curious, what is the major complaint regarding Coach Stitchel? He is a good option guy, which they will need if they commit to running that. All that aside, what is the issue, the way he relates to (or doesn't relate to) the players?
  15. Patriots would utilize his skill set I can promise you that. Wouldn't mind seeing him in Purple and Black either. Better version of Campanaro, who I love, but can't stay healthy.