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  1. Is Sandora returning as the HC or as an assistant to the young guy (his former assistant) sorry, dont know his name?
  2. Return a bunch of very good players (couple with offers already) but lose record setting QB Holley to graduation. Will be solid.
  3. Possibly with Woodlawn but wont know that until 2019 when they come back up and play with the 3A/4A's as they should. Although they do play MM and Franklin I believe early.
  4. Has something happened at Dundalk?
  5. SO now that the MIAA/SFA Fiasco has some closure to it, I'd like to invite those interested in talking Baltimore County Football to weigh with thoughts on the 2018 season. Division 1- Will it still be the Big 3? Can Catonsville crash party with a new HC in place? Division 2 - Is it Overlea and Hereford again? DIvision 3 - Chesapeake was the surpise team last year? New staff there now as well as at NT?
  6. Prayers and strength to the McNair family. Makes all of the other stuff we have all debated on here insignificant.
  7. Where is Mike Savage from? Not familiar. Good hire for Catonsville, can use some young energy there.
  8. What it looks like is the other A conference schools have asked for the last 2 years for the MIAA to step in and police the out of control transfer/poaching actions of SFA. MIAA buried it's head in the sand, so the A conference members decided to handle it themselves because they were left with no other choice. This is all a self inflicted wound for the SFA Coaching staff. Players are unfortunately victims of collateral damage.
  9. SFA

    This discussion will go round and round all summer I am sure as both sides passionately defend their stance/case. To me the biggest difference here is the # of transfers who are upperclassmen. We all know that MIAA schools recruit heavily and we know that the Gilmans, McDonoghs and CHC have all fielded teams that were dominant in recent years. The difference to me is, did those dominant teams bring their kids in as freshmen and develop them (or even lower school kids) or did those teams load up with senior and junior transfers who were already established at other schools? That is the big difference here to me. That to me is the problem. When I read the letter posted by Coach Nixon at Mervo, that pretty much sums it all up. That is unethical and disrespectful.
  10. SFA

    PLEASE stop with this "out recruiting" nonsense...it's not recruiting when you bring in 20 junior and senior (and redshirt senior) players, many of whom have offers already. That's not recruiting. Not sure what to call that...poaching? Recruiting is when school A and B both covet an incoming freshman and school A beats out school B and DEVELOPS THAT PLAYER from JV up to varsity.
  12. Enough of this "it's a race thing because it's happening to SFA" and "it was ok when Gilman was doing it"....Gilman certainly bankrolled some studs but they never overhauled their roster every year with 20 PLUS transfers who were key players at other schools. This circus has brought in 20 plus transfers the past 2 years. If they have such a great coaching staff then build a program starting with FRESHMAN.
  13. Always heard Russell was a stand up guy. Not impressed with that Tweet.
  14. SFA

    The most laughable part of this is how Poggi and all of his cronies lacked the foresight to see this end coming - as many of predicted a couple of years back.
  15. SFA

    BINGO!!! Loyola was the first to make a move to eliminate SFA - not saying that is the best course of action - but believe they will not be the last team to say enough is enough.