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  1. I assume that we all understand the difference between hand timed and laser timed? many of these "unicorn" times (love that term btw) are hand times I would assume. Margin of error between hand and laser is typically 3 tenths of a sec (.3) which is a big difference.
  2. Any idea where this young man is going to school next year yet??
  3. Is the 4A tilted to only allow a few teams to have a shot?
  4. I think a few of their OL are in the DL rotation.
  5. MM is well coached as is Linganore - Coach Conner has been there and done that as they say. MM is big and strong with some physical backs as is Linganore. I also think that basing your prediction off of a common opponent that MM played week 1 with a QB who is a converted RB is not very reliable. Both teams are playing well and both teams are confident - as they should be. Should be a great game.
  6. I second that! Too funny
  7. Where and what time is the game on Sunday?
  8. That's the part that I don't get. Why would a HC use a player FOR THE FIRST TIME in a playoff game? Your team was good enough to make the playoffs with the guys that played weeks 1-10 without this cat, then in week 11 you play him - at the expense of another kid who was there all year? And because of that all of those players - the ones that helped you get into the playoffs, pay the price!
  9. Where is the parental guidance? 3 schools in a 3 month period?
  10. Please explain...when did this kid play for Dunbar? This year? Then what...he moved? Quit team? Kicked off team? Why isn't he still playing for Dunbar?
  11. Just plain arrogance and ignorance. How the hell do you do that to your kids?
  12. I think when the dust has settled and the playoffs are over.....Howard and River Hill meets in a park and settle the score for the REAL HOCO 2017 Champ!!
  13. City Division II is NOT GOOD football. That doesn't mean R. Lewis sin't any good, but they have not been tested.
  14. Chesapeake v Dunbar I totally agree with. As for Edgewood v Franklin, I dont think Edgewood has face anyone with size or speed of Franklin. I have not seen Edgewood play but I think this is a 2 TD victory.
  15. Both! Harford County was NOT a tough league this year.