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  1. Anyone have a Franklin v MM score?
  2. Poggi is a *****. Any moron on this board could coach that team to the same results. Congrats buddy, you went out an bought/assembled an interstate all star team to inflate your already gigantic ego and to ultimately get "payback" against the school that scorned you. Well done. The MIAA has no balls and your season is almost over. Time for the real drama of the public playoffs to begin.
  3. Baltimore Sun - Hire this dude as your adjunct HSFB reporter ASAP!!!!!
  4. PH 50. Kenwood 29
  5. You are correct on everything but the 8 teams. That proposal was still with 16 teams per classificiation.
  6. SB -I agree with most of what you say regarding the county schedule but I have to disagree with going BACK to to 8 teams per classification and only 3 weeks of playoff. We did that for a long time and it always left 8-2 and even 9-1 teams (occasionally) out. The 4 week format with 2 regional rounds is very appealing to the fans I think.
  7. Wrong. If there is an official in the booth operating the clock -there is in most HS games- then the scoreboard clock IS the official time.
  8. No, they are not for real. They have been gifted a JOKE of a schedule. Baltimore County Football is not very good right now. Its Franklin, then MM, then PH, then a significant drop off to a bunch of mediocre teams, then a bunch of programs on life support. Id put Towson in the mediocre group. The idea of putting Towson (3A) in the lowest division to help resurrect the program is working, but at what expense. If they make the playoff s, they will get embarrassed and the county looks even worse. JMHO.
  9. Agreed, as I posted earlier, I was At the PH Towson game and Im not even sure who this kid is because they were totally shut down, save a couple of times when they caught PH with a single wing PA pass. What # was he? 10? 2? 6? I mean, they got completely shut down!!! 40 to 0, and PH cleared the bench in the 2nd half. As for the Towson staff and college connections...they hired a rec coaching staff -literally, their head coach only has rec coaching experience- who runs a rec offense. My guess is that they have zero relationships with any colleges. Turd..your son is probably a good player, but he's a small fish in a big pond!
  10. Turdboy....NCSA is a cash grab and they saw you coming a MILE away! Ill give you Donnie Zimmerman's info if you JUST STOP with this nonsense.
  11. Umm Turdle....I was at the PH vs Towson game last week...you know the game where Towson got whipped 40-0. What did this phenom do last week? New coach has them pointed in the right direction but slow your roll a bit.
  12. Early game...PH 49. Patapsco 0. Patapsco had about 20 dressed due to suspensions from last weeks brawl @ Dundalk. Big showdown next week vs MM.
  13. This F×××ing private school banter is getting tired.
  14. Perry Hall 40, Towson 0. All 6 of PH TDs over 30 yards. Holley throws 4 TD and runs for 2.