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  1. E. T.
  2. goodfellas
  3. "You suicidal"? "Only in the morning"
  4. I killed my brother with malice in my heart. Hatred destroyed my family
  5. Why was this piece of trash granted bail?
  6. Donnie Brasco
  7. So that's an uncle and an aunt. Where are the sorry, no good failures that produced and raised this animal?
  8. Ace Ventura?
  9. Animal House?
  10. Now that was a good one. Love that movie
  11. He was real cool right up to the point when Hans put a hot one in his head
  12. Has anyone heard any updates on this story. It seemed to have just gone away.
  13. I am so glad I read this. I am going to go there and get some hog mawls and chittlins today. BTW my 7 year old loves Lexington Market. I just found out she like fried gizzards
  14. Once upon a time in America is a classic "Noodles I forgot to duck"
  15. This is where they fought the battle of Gettysburg. Fifty thousand men died right here on this field, fighting the same fight that we are still fighting among ourselves today. This green field right here, painted red, bubblin' with the blood of young boys. Smoke and hot lead pouring right through their bodies. Listen to their souls, men. I killed my brother with malice in my heart. Hatred destroyed my family. You listen, and you take a lesson from the dead. If we don't come together right now on this hallowed ground, we too will be destroyed, just like they were. I don't care if you like each other or not, but you will respect each other. And maybe... I don't know, just maybe we'll learn to play this game like men