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  1. They used Extremeskins which is the small bus of Redskins message boards.
  2. Ken Anderson should be in the Hall. Bradshaw got in because he won four rings so I get that despite his pedestrian stats. That whole team is in, which is a little bit of a joke but whatever. Namath is easily the worst QB in Canton. It isn't even close really. The voters are a lot more discerning these days.
  3. Kubiak's comment settles the question? Mmmkay guy.
  4. No, he didn't crack the top 8, he sat on the edge looking in. Show me all those other wonderful stats I must be missing that show his elite skills. I won't hold my breath.
  5. This is all I am saying. He is a good QB and obviously comes alive in the playoffs but the HoF is just that. Players are judged compared to their peers. I have NY Giants fans telling me Eli is in because he has two SB MVPs. I laugh and remind them he has more years leading the league in INTs. Another note is teams with elite QBs don't have to keep telling themselves they're elite. Patriots, Saints, Packers and Broncos fans just know it is a fact.
  6. No, but in that one season he developed a better statistical resume than Flacco.
  7. You can keep bringing up Griffin if you'd like but it doesn't make Flacco any closer to elite. Here's a list of people you must think belong in the Hall: Jim Plunkett Phil Simms Doug Williams Mark Rypien Larry Brown Desmond Howard Eli Manning You can figure out what they all have in common other than not being elite.
  8. You clearly can't count. I said crack the top 8, ignoring that ESPN's made up QBR is just that.
  9. Now? I'm a Washington fan. Sorry, I didn't check in with you first. You probably weren't born yet when I became a fan. I've never cheered for another NBA team. I also will never call them anything but Bullets. That way I am always reminded of them moving to a better town.
  10. Who said any of that? Unlike Flacco, he has at least been at the top of the league in important statistical categories. Let me know when Joe cracks the top 8 again. Lol
  11. Yeah, just like every other team in football.
  12. The Hall of He's been closer to elite in one year than Flacco ever has (2012). Elite means you've led or been near the top of the league at something tangible that you control. Elite is top passer rating, completion percentage, yards per attempt, TD/Int %, something. People can keep saying Flacco is elite and it won't be any more true than me saying I can fly over and over again. He's good and sometimes very good. He isn't elite.
  13. Oh my God, no. He's been in the top ten in one meaningful number once. If he repeats that, he will join Eli Manning in the Hall of Pretty Good.
  14. Yeah, I think I'm safe here. This stat line is awesome: http://www.nfl.com/player/chrismatthews/2531049/profile Does "------" mean "too awesome to actually put a number down"?
  15. He caught two passes. This reminds me of those guys who go crazy at draft time over some 7th rounder who ends up getting cut from three teams.