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  1. I'll join you.
  2. Not to mention the beating she's undoubtedly taking from her own conscience.
  3. They definitely need to make it easier for people to come and go but otherwise, our world is hardly crashing down. There are many more urgent issues that demand our time and energy. Trump uses it to rule up his white folks.
  4. An interesting paradox, considering that freedom of speech is a natural right guaranteed to everyone, while property rights are man-made, in that they are only extended to people who can afford them. I wonder how the Founders felt about freedom of speech and private property with regard to the Boston Tea Party.
  5. It isn't a crisis. It just is what it is, Right-wing racist fodder.
  6. It was certainly easier for you than actually debating the point, which, I gather, you see as being beneath you.
  7. He's like my own personal archivist.
  8. Semi got me banned once, for a couple of weeks, for quoting him "out of context". And, of course, Smokey has had plenty of my posts removed, for hitting too close to home.
  9. "Well I've been around the world And I've been in the Washington Zoo And in all my travels As the facts unravel I've found this to be true Show biz kids making movies Of themselves you know they Don't give a **** about anybody else." Full Story
  10. It always seemed paradoxical, like 'ode to joy', meant with irony, for the sunspots' scold.
  11. It was inappropriate, if these were normal times. Harassing this woman is wrong. However, these aren't normal times. If it helped convince her to quit her job, it would be worthwhile because it would probably save her soul.
  12. Hail to my first, and perhaps only, buddy on Sunspots. I fondly remember early on my messaging you asking if you thought any of the outspoken racists were dangerous. And you said, "only to themselves". And then when we finally met, we sat down over a cup of coffee, looked at each other and just laughed. One of us said a username, and we laughed some more, another name, and then more laughter. Predicates were unnecessary. That was pre-9/11. Simpler times, so it seems.
  13. Or maybe he felt that Trump would be stopped by the FBI upholding the law.
  14. She was eating at a Mexican restaurant, no less. That's rich.
  15. A majority of Republicans, the party of family values, approve of his tearing apart immigrant families. "Cult-like".