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  1. Interesting message for the pro-life crowd: "The battle to end abortion is every bit as much cultural as it is political or judicial. For the sake of electing a single junior senator (a man who’s not even a swing vote) to serve one-half of a Senate term, pro-life Republicans would make it more likely that Republicans lose the upper chamber in 2018. In 2012, the Left hung Todd Akin around Republican necks like a millstone. Moore makes Akin look like a gentleman and a scholar." Link
  2. We have two examples of Fox News doing this, once on Friday and once yesterday. Feel free to provide examples of other networks doing this ever.
  3. How long should the government wait to get rid of a high-level security personnel after it has been learned that he is compromised? How long would you wait? Had it not been reported, it might have gone on indefinitely.
  4. Then their lying columns should appear under "Opinion", but they don't. Even then, opinions should be informed, not propaganda. Fox News is nothing more than mindless, knee-jerk propaganda for Trump, printing lies and passing them off as news.
  5. But he's not on a ballot, Moore is. A Republican mine owner responsible for the deaths of 28 people will be on the ballot soon too.
  6. From what I can tell, following the Fox News link, the original CNN article said as much.
  7. If it was all about you, you might be able to. But then, he's a narcissist. You're not.
  8. Fox simply makes them up, and doesn't retract anything when they are caught lying. That is worse, they are just spreaders of lies and propaganda in the president's service, but you give them a pass.
  9. News organizations, even Fox News, are supposed to report facts, not speculation as facts.
  10. The only thing we know for sure: Fox News lied about her act of "forgery".