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  1. What happened to Michael Wagner? His threads moved every other topic to page 2.
  2. It didn't used to be this way in our country, certainly it was never the greatest predictor of success, and we never had communism.
  3. I know a lot of people who work hard, but don't see their families getting ahead. I mean, let's be honest, the "big three" automakers used to be the biggest employer in this country. Their workers were unionized and they made enough in wages and benefits to move ahead, retire and afford to send their kids to college. Now the nation's largest employer is Walmart, and many of their employees have to rely on food stamps.
  4. I find it difficult to dispute their point, and I haven't seen anyone here try to do that.
  5. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/05/arrogant-nancy-pelosi-dodges-questions-pakistani-staffers-investigation-video/ Yesterday, TGP reported on a Daily Caller exclusive: former Chairman of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with ‘consequences’ for holding equipment that she says belongs to her in order to build a criminal case against a Pakistani IT staffer suspected of massive cyber-security breaches. Wasn't your last story debunked?
  6. Do you think it should be changed?
  7. I feel so terrible for a young woman who gets pregnant in high school and decides to have the baby. It is so tragic. Her chances of living in poverty, if she isn't already, are so magnified.
  8. Unfortunately, the greatest predictor of success in this country is the family you are born into. This would seem to contradict everything we are about, and what we rebelled against.
  9. I found the part about the dehumanization of undocumented immigrants to be the most disturbing part of the article. Trump demonizing Mexicans in his speech declaring his candidacy was shades of Hitler. Yeah, people criticize any comparison of anything to Nazis, but the question is, why go there at all? Why characterize people in such a negative way? The comparison to Nazis is just highlighting the fact that such a thing is a well-trod path to power. But certain strategies should give way to common decency. Now we have a congressman who assaulted an individual. Is this really the way we want to go?
  10. http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2017/05/25/trump_reportedly_wants_to_stop_germans_from_selling_so_many_cars_here_where.html Its all good. Fox News and his base will eat it up. I see why the right-wing reports false news. Their president makes so much of it.
  11. It seems unlikely that the Democrats would ever nominate a psycho like Trump for president.
  12. Afghanistan costs the NATO countries. That's the point. Obama praised dictators, told them they could do what they want to their people and we don't care? Not likely.
  13. Gerson's illuminating article links right-wing conspiracy mongering to immigrant bashing. Both are dehumanizing, and are poisoning the minds of conservatives. I only hope he is correct in his prognosis. I feel like I have seen this attitude in right-wing criticism of undocumented immigrants. Like they are evil, nefarious and up to no good. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-conservative-mind-has-become-diseased/2017/05/25/523f0964-4159-11e7-9869-bac8b446820a_story.html?utm_term=.3abb91cfcffe