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  1. Of course, to protect slavery. Can you provide a quote from it that speaks to his idea of a "well-regulated militia"? I can't find it.
  2. I don't doubt it. "Carl Bogus, a law professor at Roger Williams University, has argued that James Madison wrote the second amendment in part to reassure his home state of Virginia, where slave owners were terrified of revolts and wary of northerners who would undermine the system. “The militia were at that stage almost exclusively a slave-control tool in the south,” he said. “You gave Congress the power to arm the militia – if Congress chooses not to arm our militia, well, we all know what happens.”" Link
  3. It really isnt much of a solution, and it probably shouldn't be considered one until it has shown to work. There are so many variables that allow a shooter to get around this problem. It seems like many of them are suicidal, making It rather pointless as a deterrent. Plus, a shooter can always go somewhere else. Then there is the issue around gun accidents, thefts or a teacher himself using it in, shall we say, an unfortunate way. It sounds like a good idea, but on closer examination, it isn't., anfd is more likely a bad one.
  4. What part is that? Now, if you want to say that abortion is legal or illegal based on interpreting the constitution, you have a point. But clearly gun advocates, to serve their purposes, have simply written out part of the text of the Second Amendment.
  5. Interpreting it in a different way than you do now, which, I gather, involves removing the part about a well-regulated militia, is quite a bit easier than repealing it, no? It would simply mean your re-inserting the part you have removed.
  6. It should be pointed out the developmentally disabled are one of the largest segments in our society that is sexually abused. This fact should correct any myth about the victim bearing responsibility, because of the way he or she acts or dresses, for the crime.
  7. The student and his father have been exposed as being dishonest: "CNN says that Stevenson and Colton agreed on one question that Colton would ask, but that Haab's father, Glenn Haab, intervened, sending a lengthy speech (see below) that he wanted Colton to read, which included three questions for lawmakers. Stevenson responded that the speech was "way too long" and that Colton "needs to stick" to the question they agreed on. Glenn then responded that he and his son "are not actors" and that Colton would not participate in the town hall if he could not read the full speech. A CNN source provided Colton's version of the emails, as well as their versions of all of the communications between the Haabs and CNN, to Business Insider. In CNN's version of one email, Stevenson told Glenn that Colton needed to stick to a question that he and Stevenson "discussed on the phone that he submitted." But in the version of the email provided by Colton to Fox and HuffPost, the phrase, "that he submitted" is deleted." Link
  8. It isn't a matter of repealing the Second Amendment, its a matter of how one chooses to interpret it.
  9. There is structure, and this fellow backed out of asking a question he agreed to and wanted to replace it with a speech and a number of questions that they all had not agreed to.
  10. Clearly the scope of the gun problem in this country goes beyond the capabilities of the law enfircement community.
  11. Lol! Liberals don't have the guts to act on the beliefs your paranoid imagination thinks they have.
  12. Of course. The accuser here had agreed with CNN in the question they "gave him". That was the part missing from the email.
  13. Your sides approach to gun policy, or lack of it, is most certainly responsible for the gun scourge in our country.
  14. You knew the truth would come out eventually. What is particularly appalling is that the right-wing does just exactly what they accuse others of doing.