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  1. Imagine government forcing businesses to give workers bathroom breaks. Oh, the humanity. It's worth noting that the greatest middle class the world has ever seen was built in a highly regulated economy and strong unions. So while your ideology, which translates into policy that even the Dark Prince referred to as "mean", because it throws tens of millions of Americans off their healthcare, serves to destroy all that, but keep your libertarian soul pure.
  2. This would get rid of workers having to pee on themselves? Your utopia is more like the cause of it.
  3. Workers forced to wet their pants, be damned. What a beautiful vision!
  4. The right-wings interest in workers doesn't seem to extend beyond how easily they can be fired.
  5. "This week in Denver, July 19-21, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will welcome Republican state legislators and its corporate funders, including Koch Industries, ExxonMobil, K12 Inc., Peabody Energy and PhRMA, to vote on corporate legislative priorities and create cookie cutter “model” bills in task force meetings that are still closed to the press. On the agenda for debate and discussion? A model bill to repeal the 17th Amendment, which established the popular election of United States senators in 1913. Previously, US senators were selected by state legislatures and political party bosses beholden to powerful industries. The corruption scandals erupting from the wheeling and dealing fueled some of the great muckraking investigative journalism of the early 20th Century. In 1912, progressive Republican US Sen. Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follettecampaigned for the popular election of US senators as a means of cracking down on political corruption and corporate control of the democracy. Reformers introduced direct primary elections, ballot initiatives and recall votes, in the same time period." Link Their only interest is in absolute power.
  6. How is it goofy beyond showing that right-wingers approve of repression?
  7. I count you among those that approve of Trump. You just wish he would keep his lunacy hidden by not tweeting so much.
  8. This comment is buffoonishly naive in light of the title of the thread. Beyond that We have a president who only cares about what advances his personal power and profit without regard for the country. He employs family members who profit through their public service. He fires those who are not personally loyal to him and attacks those, like judges, that he can't fire. He disregards political customs and democratic norms. He pursues a media strategy that benefits him and drives the country apart. He sees western tradition based on blood and soil, not Enlightenment ideas. He suggested registering Muslims. He wants to ban them. He tears families apart to deport Latinos. He wants to further empower police in their franchise of violence. He has a committee that plans to take aggressive actions against voters that are likely to oppose him, and questions the validity of the last election results. He encourages a foreign enemy to become involved in our elections and benefits from them. He is supported by a political party that opposes higher education and steals a Supreme Court seat, its elected members saying it may never confirm any Democratic president's choice for the court. His political party sees political ideas that do not conform to their own as illegitimate ideas that must be destroyed, not respecting the pluralism which is essential to a liberal democracy that says different ideas are important and need to be debated. He and his party only see voters who support them as "the people". But there is nothing to see here folks, just business as usual.
  9. It is fascinating to see the number of people here who are fine with corporate repression. Is it any wonder we have a president who is an authoritarian wannabe?
  10. It used to be: "Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel" You seem resigned to putting that one to bed.
  11. I have laid out many times the efforts of Trump and the GOP to create a one party state. You yawn and claim they are no worse than anyone else. You are just as responsible as the Trump supporters.
  12. Abandoning the point of your thread? Good move.
  13. Your source points out, undercutting your, and, perhaps, his, argument, that Obama, despite how much one might oppose what he did, had a legal basis he could point to. We have been through this before. But then, when it comes to your arguments, what haven't we been through before?
  14. At least you're trying. That's an improvement. Your posts that Trump's and the GOP's efforts to create a one party state with absolute power is no worse than the other side is the kind of thing that allows it to happen. You own Trump, along with his his most die hard supporters, because your attitude gives them the room to flourish.
  15. More blind ideology. The irony of this is that Obamacare, being a market-based reform, is from your side, not mine. Single payer is what we want, and it is very effective throughout the western world.