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  1. Link Mitch McConnell and the GOP's destruction of our democratic traditions in their quest for absolute power, wielded by the incompetent. Maybe Senator Roy Moore can coach him in the nuances of breaking constitutional law.
  2. Link A woman's word and dignity is worth a senator, but not worth a president.
  3. Who is found guilty? And of what? And why is it essential?
  4. People who continue to support Trump despite realizing they've been lied to are still impressed by his nasty, fearful demeanor.
  5. She makes a good point. After all, that is Putin's goal: to undermine our faith in the democratic process. The question becomes, what is our government going to do about it? Our president is more interested in exploiting it for his personal use than in protecting the American people from further attacks on our democracy.
  6. You want to play this game, what do you think of Clarence Thomas and Donald Trump now? After all, they hold real power, Clinton does not. The voters, in general, punished the Republicans for going after Clinton. It was difficult to oppose Clinton when you knew it was clearly part of a bigger hit job to impeach him. Now, with that over, I have no problem condemning him and arguing that he should have resigned. But so what? He's gone. What of those who hold real power? Franken faces an inquiry, which I welcome, So what about Trump? No inquiry, no nothing. The Repubs not only clapped for him, they voted him into office. Clarence Thomas too. A more ringing endorsement, one could not find.
  7. In the case if Trump, he gets caught bragging about them. In the case of Moore, the Washington Posr sends a team of investigative reporters to look into allegations that have hung around in the background for years. Generally, they don't come about based on a politician posing for pictures that people find amusing. When they come from women who work for the opposition, some skepticism is not unwarranted.
  8. When you get accused of sexual harassment without the sexual, along with "The Republican Party’s latest release from the archives of Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken’s past is a 13-year-old...", it should raise eyebrows.
  9. Two of a feather...
  10. Wow. It's looking more and more like a GOP hit job on Frankin.
  11. Yeah, whether or not he touched her, the fact that anyone thought it was funny, and apparently, a fair number of people seemed to think it was, is disturbing. Beyond that, maybe she is a liar.
  12. It is interesting that he posed, that someone took it, and put it on a cd and passed it around as though it was just a gag. Just a small memento in a bigger package. Nothing particularly remarkable. No one ever thought it was inappropriate and demeaning until now. That's sad, or weird. Or both. I get that comedy, like vaudeville has included such schtick, but now? In this day and age? I'd thought we passed that stage. Its considered normal more than we'd like to think. And the Moore matter reminds me that the southern United States leads the world in child marriages.
  13. It didn't stop most white women for voting for Trump.
  14. It is similar in that they both degraded women because they are women. However, there are important distinctions. Especially the targeting of children by Moore.
  15. Not much sexual in this harassment.
  16. It is more than disgusting, its immoral.
  17. It isn't different at all, except that Trump's behavior can be recognized as chronic.
  18. I'm pleased that his apology wasn't directed to "those who may be offended." That's progress. If he has to go down, he has to go down. His predicament illustrates that being an advocate for women's rights doesn't matter. Its no excuse. In fact, his situation may be slightly different from most in that he wasn't trying to get his rocks off, but it doesn't matter. He degenerated a women because she is a woman, And that is NOT okay.
  19. Because as a former comedian, he worked hard to change that kind of image, and he did a good job of it. Why risk it all for a gag?
  20. Its disgusting and not funny. I though Franken would be above this sort of thing.
  21. Something more than this: Trump: "I Might Have Made A Mistake" Endorsing Strange
  22. The elimination of Trump isn't going to make Congress any less incompetent.
  23. A lot of waste in the military.
  24. Pentagon waste stands at $125 billion.