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  1. What about a 5th amendment tax? Only those who can afford the tax have the right against self incrimination.
  2. Can you imagine Smith opposite of Mosley? A Ravens fan can only dream! If he slips past Miami, he could land with us.
  3. She supports that. Those extra votes are needed to move closer to her socialist utopia.
  4. Here you people go again about the NRA. Those idiots are not responsible for our second amendment rights. The right to bear arms is derived from the Constitution. Their donations to questionable candidates has no bearing on our rights, especially now that we got rid of that anti- gun nutter Merrick Garland.
  5. Again the Constitution is your only avenue. I know that goes against what many Democrats and the media tell you.
  6. Meanwhile you likely think Kang’s nonsensical threads are an asset to this board.
  7. Kang is perfect prey to buy the Democrat garbage.
  8. Your beef should be with the Constitution, not the group fighting that it be honored. Like it not, your beloved Democrats, including activist judges, have zero authority to ban any gun. I suggest you people work to amend the Constitution. That’s your one and only avenue. That may dampen your delicate spirits, but it’s reality.
  9. I am rooting for the Eagles. If New England wins, that may be another nail in the NFL coffin. Many fans are sick and tired of New England. Right or wrong, many view the Patriots as cheaters, who often benefit from controversial officiating. Remember, perception alone can drive people away.
  10. Look at the description under my name. I am a light-hearted person. I don’t take this crap seriously. Likewise I have a good time tormenting you people with my comments.
  11. I know you hold the Democrats in high regard but you should learn their history. Plus they continue to push division in the present.
  12. Meanwhile you put your fist in the for that Egypt character. You are not critical of him in the least.
  13. I was pretty much indifferent to the guy. The more I learn, it’s disturbing.
  14. Democrats, the party of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation, prefer conflict and division. It’s in their disgusting DNA.
  15. The Eagles came into this game focused and with a chip on their shoulder. They were the most disrespected one seed ever. The Vikings look hungover from last Sunday.