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  1. She is a sickly woman. The corrupt media tried to censor her health concerns. Despite their efforts, America saw glimpses of ailments.
  2. Unfortunately, the woman you are so fond of has abused her authority and called into question the integrity of the SAO.
  3. Like you care. Leftists like you would complain even if he brought flaming cross dresser to meet the Pope. All of a sudden, you people would turn against a member of a targeted Democrat demographic.
  4. Most people voted early so hopefully he wins and then resigns. Don't want a Nancy Pelosi-discipline in a conservative district. Not that I condone violence, but this reporter look like the typical vagina-hat marching leftist.
  5. The Vatican won't behead women for failing to submit to a 13th century mentality. Stop making correlations between Radical Islam and Christianity. Against your hopes and politically correct wishes, one is more dangerous than the other.
  6. Your girl Mary, with support of Democrats, sure tried to. It is obvious she harbors bitter disagreeable feeling towards Judge Williams.
  7. It's the narrative the left has bought into. They are such gullibles.
  8. Mosby made the same claim about LEO's in her family. Of course we found out they were weeded out of the profession because of corruption. That left little Mary with a disdain for people good enough to serve as police officers.
  9. But it is Mosby and Democrats who tried to make it equate to a criminal offense. You people wanted these officers in prison. Mosby belongs there herself for malicious prosecution.
  10. Violation of a work policy does not constitute a criminal offense. I know you want to be a good Democrat and side with St Freddie, but you people have tried and failed to make a criminal case out of it.
  11. V does what he usually does. He is race-obsessed.
  12. Nope. I am very happy. Life is good. Meanwhile, the stress level in the Mosby home must be sky-high. She still has an ethical cloud hanging over her. She's become a national laughing-stock. I am sure Mr. Marilyn Mosby has to endure her nightly tantrums.
  13. As usual, you try to divert a conversation by injecting race into the discussion. Admit it, the one who you gloated about after her victory in June 2014 has turned out to be an unquestioned failure.
  14. ^^^Coming from someone who tried to justify the riots as a cry for help. Give it up, "bogart."