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  1. Hellickson, who wasn’t worthy enough to return to the Orioles, lowered is ERA to 2.13 after tonight’s start.
  2. Probably Jim Smith. They love recycling has-beens in politics.
  3. Schoop is off limits with ownership. Instead they will carefully consider offers for Jace Peterson.
  4. These doctors are very complimentary of the Angelos boys. What other qualifications are needed?
  5. Again, watch this video.
  6. Actually communism is more appropriate. Read the Communist Manifesto. It’s very similar to the “Democratic” Party platform.
  7. I have conceded that we will suffer so long as the Angelos family owns this team. Albert Belle, Brian Roberts and now Chris Davis should show the old miser that he does not have any ability to project the future value of his players. The same goes for the boys. It took Lewey five years to pass the bar exam after law school. True story.
  8. Note the similarities
  9. Communist Manifesto or “Democratic” Party?
  10. The Communist Manifesto looks like the 2018 Democratic platform.
  11. They are very patient. One small step at a time. Alinsky tactics in action
  12. Democrats don’t care about that. They are too busy trying to import enough low income people who will help lead us to socialism.
  13. Peter and his imbecile sons fell in love with Davis. They did the same with Brian Roberts. The consolation is they now must pay for their boneheaded decisions.