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  1. The left prefers more soft-spoken men. They want ones who will cross their legs when in talks with foreign dictators.
  2. Wouldn’t it be something if the fake news outlets bit on another phony story? I guess we shall see.
  3. That’s assuming Roch was being truthful when writing this press release on behalf of the team. Remember Roch spews team propaganda and not necessarily hardened facts.
  4. Yep. And they repeat whatever Petey and Lewey want to hear.
  5. Tillman allows 6 walks in 2 innings today. On the other side, Lance Lynn strikes out 5 Orioles in 3 innings.
  6. Agreed, although I am not optimistic of it happening. I wonder if the new AD will spawn a change? I do question if the job is as attractive as 10-15 years ago.
  7. Future Democrat voters. These “dreamers” are quickest way to socialism.
  8. Not me. I am on Sling and going with mlb tv.
  9. State-run media
  10. Even the NIT rejected Maryland.
  11. Don’t you ever get tired of playing the race card?
  12. Maybe Jill Abramson should ask her little Obama doll why this happened while he was President?
  13. Can you say “psychiatric intervention now?!?” When I saw this initially, I didn’t believe it. Then, I discovered it was true. When I found the story on a liberal outlet like NBC, I figured that was the confirmation many on the left would need to see it’s true.
  14. But many of us don’t believe the Orioles even made an effort.
  15. I will stick with my team but it’s getting hard continually supporting an organization that does not even make an effort.