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  1. Fact--you people only get power when the GOP base gets fed up of the empty promises and sit home on Election Day.
  2. The only way the Dems sweep the board in 2018 is if the GOP base abandons them for failing to repeal and replace Obamacare, approving the border wall and cutting middle class taxes. A Democrat win won't mean the majority of people now want higher taxes or men in the ladies restroom.
  3. Liberal ideas are very unpopular. That's why Democrats rely on the judiciary to help them enact public policy that would make that vulnerable in the next election.
  4. They are the one race that it's socially acceptable talk ill about in public.
  5. This anti-white rhetoric in the public arena of leftists is concerning. Many have even come up with a theory that whites can't be victims of racism. Yet, Democrats scratch their heads about why whites have jumped shift. Sure, the social misfits and self-loathing types have found a home, but the rest of us feel unwelcome, and even hated, among Democrats.
  6. Leftist Antifas should be on a watch list.
  7. No offense, try as you might, you cannot shield your kids from these sights nowadays. For better or worse, they are commonplace.
  8. As much as it pains me to admit it, Matt is consistent and treats all the sides of the political spectrum the same. I have made snide comments in the past about the board moderators. Some are suspect but Matt is fair.
  9. Any word if the firefighter will lose his job? I know he was suspended without pay upon his arrest. He did get a PBJ.
  10. I did not report it but it was a personal attack.
  11. Both Artscape and the NAACP are good for the local economy.
  12. These agitators will go to OCMD to be confrontational, but then will decry law enforcement attempts to shut them down.